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Ten great places to visit in 2017

Adventure Travel is as popular as ever. But people's travel habits change. Countries fall out of favour, while others become popular. A few years ago Myanmar was all the rage. Then Ethiopia saw a surge in bookings (until the unrest hit). So what are the destinations to watch in 2017? Find out what we believe are ten great places to visit in 2017.

Albania A country of ancient traditions, splendid historical sites and timeless villages, Albania is a destination unique in Eastern Europe. The capital Tirana is one thriving city, the beaches easily rival any of those in the Mediterranean and the mountain scenery is simply stunning. Down in the deep south are ruins from the time when Greek colonists made their home here, while nearby Gjirokastra sports a spectacular fortress and Ottoman-era mansions. And to top it all off, relax on the stunning beaches of the Ionian Coast.

Canada Lonely Planet listed Canada has the best country to visit in 2017 for all the right reasons. And we agree, although we may be slightly biased. And what better reason than that our country is celebrating its 150th birthday than to stay at home? Check out our trip up the Labrador Coast to the Torngats and 14 other trips that will make you want to explore right here.


Welcoming, sophisticated people, epic scenery, timeless colonial towns and outdoor adventures galore, Colombia has been waiting to be discovered. From the cloud-forested mountains of the Andes to the jungles of the Amazon, from the gorgeous old town of Cartagena to the Lost City and from the pretty coffee plantations in the highlands to the palm-fringed beaches of the Caribbean, Colombia is one varied, fascinating country.


An easy stopover en-route to Europe, or a destination in its own right, Iceland is one the most interesting countries in the world. Whether you go for world-class hiking, to admire the scenery, taste its food, or see the Northern Lights, Iceland is a destination for all seasons.


Off-limits for many years, the easing of tensions between Western Powers and Iran has seen an uptick in visitor numbers. But you will still have this fascinating country to yourself. Meet the friendliest people the world has, see the stunning architecture of the cities of the Silk Road and be absorbed in its history and culture.

Italy - Puglia or Veneto?

Italy is firmly on the travel map, yet new areas are being discovered all the time. Hip magazines like Condé Nast Traveler are plugging Puglia at the moment and it is indeed a lovely area. (Check it out here on this video). But an area just registering on people's radar are the picture‐perfect terraced steep vineyards of the Prosecco Hills north of Venice. It is giving Puglia a run for its money.


Right off the beaten track but known for its fantastic scenery, fascinating history and welcoming people, Mongolia is now easier to get to than ever. Six flights weekly fly you from Toronto to Seoul and on to Ulaan Baatar. Of course you can always elect to come back the long way - by train through Siberia and European Russia!


Rocky mountains and rolling hills, castles and medieval towns that time forgot, beautiful churches and monasteries, nature, wildlife and outdoor activities and a thriving folk culture - Romania is like stepping back in time.

Sri Lanka

An enigmatic blend of forested mountains, tea plantations, ancient history, thriving culture, fantastic food and beautiful beaches, Sri Lanka is like no other country on earth.

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