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New Peregrine Adventures for 2018

Australian adventure operator Peregrine Adventures is best known for their comfortable small-group tours. Staying in 3 and 4 star hotels you get to experience a destination up-close without sacrificing on comfort.

Here are the best new Peregrine Adventures trips for 2018.

Borneo Adventure

With its dense rainforests, tropical coastal islands and mysterious jungle valleys, Borneo is a rare destination these days. It’s a place where you can still encounter nature in its truest form, with a rich variety of colourful and endangered wildlife amidst amazing natural scenery. This trip to the Malaysian state of Sabah and Sarawak takes you face to face with many unique species, including orangutans, proboscis monkeys and hornbills. View tour

Nepal: Vintage Nepal

This adventure encompasses much of what makes Nepal so beloved by travellers. Whether you’re exploring the exotic capital of Kathmandu, discovering Pokhara, beneath awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks, or exploring the rural beauty around the hilltop village of Tansen, finding spirituality in Lumbini - the birth place of Buddha or exploring Chitwan National Park in search of big game. Undoubtedly the amazing flight to view Sagarmatha (Mount Everest) up-close will take your breath away. Nepal is incredible. You’ll be left with no doubt why so many return to the country time and time again. View tour

Nepal: Annapurna & Everest in Style

Surround yourself with the greatest mountain scenery in the world on this immersive Annapurna and Everest trek. Combine an incredible sense of accomplishment with landscapes that must be seen with your own eyes to be truly appreciated. Starting in legendary Kathmandu, trek through tranquil forest, along alpine ridges and through small villages, taking in sensational views of the great Himalayan peaks. Meet Sherpas, monks, farmers, Garung people and more, ending each day with new achievements and retiring to first-rate mountain lodges. This is what adventures are made of. View tour

India: Wonders of India

Immerse yourself in the wonders of India on this unforgettable journey from New Delhi down to Kovalam. Discover the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, witness the Mughal splendours of Delhi and Agra, safari through Ranthambhore National Park in search of tigers and soak up the ambience of holy Varanasi. Travel on to Chennai, and to the depths of the lush, tropical south, exploring quaint fishing villages and scented spice plantations. Stroll the French Quarter of Pondicherry, learn Ghandi’s story in Madurai, discover traditional dance in Kochi, cruise the backwaters of Kerala and finish in the beautiful seaside town of Kovalam. View tour

India: Golden Traingle & Varanasi

Visit India and explore the highlights of the north on this adventure tour from Delhi to Varanasi. Discover the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, witness the Mughal splendours of Delhi and Agra, safari through Ranthambhore National Park in search of tigers, and soak up the ambience of holy Varanasi. This wonderful introduction to the magic of India includes lavish palaces, vibrant bazaars, Bollywood blockbusters and the incomparable Taj Mahal. Packed with highlights and hidden gems, this is your chance to discover the beating heart of India. View tour

Greenland: Whales and icebergs of Disko Bay

Take flight from Iceland and explore the real land of ice – Greenland. Set sail around Disko Bay along the west coast of this extreme outpost of Europe, exploring the small Inuit communities that call this arctic island home. Cruise between the towering walls of Itilleq Fjord, explore the surprisingly colourful tundra, and watch and feel the glacial ice of the Ilulissat Icefjord calve into the bay. Board Zodiacs to trace the spectacular, gleaming-blue front of the Eqip Sermia glacier and explore the town of Uummannaq, dotted with coloured houses and looked over by heart-shaped mountains. Hike among the volcanic rock formations of Qeqertarsuaq, kayak on the pristine water, and look out for the whales that navigate between icebergs. For unspoilt landscapes, ancient culture, and incredible wildlife sightings, this is the Artic trip not to miss. View tour

Greenland's Valleys and Fjords

Embark on an epic adventure to the extremes of Europe, setting sail from Iceland to the island that actually embodies that name. Greenland is a world of ice, home to endless glaciers and surrounded by glistening icebergs. Cruise around the southern tip of this vast island to take in its stunning sea and landscapes. Land at the abandoned settlement of Skoldungen, kayak silently between icebergs, and soak in the steaming hot springs of Uunartoq. Meet the locals as you call into small villages and the capital of Nuuk, delving into the history of areas that have been inhabited for more than 4,000 years. Board Zodiacs to explore between the towering walls of deep fjords, hike the colourful tundra, and witness massive shards of glacial ice crash into sea, all before taking flight back to Reykjavik. This trip is the best way to sample the rich history and diversity of this beautiful and dramatic country. View tour

Central Europe Unveiled

From their Bohemian roots to the best of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau, these eastern European countries offer such a rich tapestry of culture and history – to say nothing of their world-class cuisine and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore mysterious castles, visit colourful small villages, tackle mountain trails and taste exquisite local food and wine on this epic detour from Prague to Berlin. View tour

Scotland: Scottish Highland Games

With jagged mountains, tranquil lochs and rolling greenery throughout its national parks, the Scottish Highlands are a place of enduring charm. Yet this endurance doesn’t simply end there – it’s a part of the Scottish spirit. Traditions such as the Highland Games have lasted before recorded history even began and have gone on to influence on a global scale – even playing a part in the revival of the Olympics. The kilt, a distinctive part of Scottish culture, returned as a bastion of clan and highland culture after 35 years of oppression by British law. Highland dancing, bagpipe performances and tests of strength all feature heavily on this adventure, showing the undying fortitude of the Scottish spirit as you experience the Highland Games and the culture surrounding it. View tour

Morocco: World Sacred Music Festival

The location of Fes was chosen by Moulay Idriss based on the abundance of springs, which serves as the perfect metaphor for the river of culture that has since flowed from Morocco’s first capital. This culture now pools into a single event, the UNESCO recognised Fes Festival of World Sacred Music which serves as the heartbeat to Morocco’s artistic body. From Casablanca through to Marrakech with a stop at this world class festival, experience a rare insight into both Moroccan and world culture on this enlightening adventure. View tour

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