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Cycling with a little help - try an electric assist e-bike

Imagine yourself on a bike trip in a hilly country - sometimes your legs are just not up to the test and you find yourself walking or even boarding the support vehicle.

Or picture yourself with your husband on a bike trip. You are a keen cyclist but him? Not so much. He likes the downhills and the long leisurely lunches but on the uphills he falls well behind. And so cycling trips are not really for you as a couple.

Well, we have a solution - introducing the electric assist bike or e-bike. E-bikes are regular bikes fitted with a small battery-powered motor which when engaged gives you a boost on uphill or windy stretches. No more wheezing, no more tired legs, no more walking and no more jumping on the support vehicle.

E-bikes are available on an ever-growing list of hundreds trips, including the following:

South America




E-bikes are also available on a large number of self-guided trips - contact us for details.

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