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The best new adventure holidays to travel on in 2019

Adventurous travellers look to Adventure Coordinators for advice on all travel-related matters, especially on where and when to go and what tours are best. After all, we have personal experience of over 100 countries.

Here is our choice for the best new adventure holidays to travel on in 2019.

Wellness Iceland 7 days from CA$3284 Rated average, 3 out of 5 The otherworldly landscapes of Iceland offer perhaps the closest thing one can have to an out-of-body travel experience. Equal parts rugged and tranquil, the country’s beauty offers the perfect sanctuary from daily distractions back home. Your soothing journey across the country’s southern coast starts with a hike up Öskjuhlíð Hill overlooking the mosaic-like architecture of Reykjavik. Private transportation offers you the luxury of time to see the iconic sights of the Golden Circle and Thingvellir National Park before heading to the stunning black-sand beaches of Reynisfjara for a unique yoga session. And, of course, a visit to Iceland wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Blue Lagoon, a naturally-heated hotspot for travellers willing to go halfway around the world just to unwind. Wellness Iceland is a great way to discover this country

Copenhagen to Northern Norway 15 days from $6,350 Physical rating 2 out of 5 From beautiful cities that seamlessly blend historic architecture and modern design to sprawling landscapes of pristine natural beauty, Scandinavia has a lot going for it. This 15-day journey through Sweden, Denmark and Norway begins in stylish Copenhagen, where the streets are made for cycling, the boutiques are plentiful and the cuisine is world-class. Discover the neoclassical architecture, leafy boulevards and delicious hagabullen (giant cinnamon buns) of Gothenburg before escaping to the serene beaches and nature reserves of the Gothenburg archipelago. Have your curiosity piqued at Oslo’s eccentric museums and discover endless photo opportunities in Trondheim, one of Norway’s prettiest town. Explore the majestic mountains, deep fjords and untamed beauty of Norway’s north while hiking and kayaking around the Lofoten Islands. Then wrap up the adventure above the Arctic Circle in Tromso, a town famed for its Northern Lights displays. Take me from Copenhagen to Northern Norway

Fall of the Berlin Wall: Limited Edition 10 days from $4060 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and this trip is an opportunity to not only discover the context of this turbulent time in European history, but also celebrate hope with those whose lives have been most affected. Begin and end in Berlin, where you'll tour Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Memorial and take part in official celebrations on the day the wall fell. Travel to Gdansk, where a spirited resistance to communism ushered in the fall of the Soviet Union, and Prague, where a mass exodus of East Germans sought refuge. Along with a fascinating insight into the sobering events of this period, you'll also be immersed in the food and culture of these cities that have become modern metropolises, some, like Dresden, rebuilt from ashes. Let me fall for the Wall

Trails of the Swiss Alps 8 days from $2,565 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 Located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland, where the great arc of the Alps culminates in some of its highest and most spectacular peaks, Kandersteg is a walker's paradise. This area epitomises the 'chocolate-box' Alps: lush green meadows bright with wildflowers, against a backdrop of rugged, wild mountains, topped with glistening glaciers. We stay at the charming Hotel Alfa Soleil, owned by the Seiler family, and discover the best of the region offers, including towering cliffs, a hidden valley headed by a glacier, a sheer gorge carved out by glacial meltwaters and more. I want to walk the Trails of the Swiss Alps

Wellness Italy - Rome & Tuscany

7 days from CA$2519

Rated average, 3 out of 5

If serenity has a palpable form, surely it can be found under the Tuscan sun. This seven-day tour of Italy will have you second-guessing your departure date from the moment you land in Rome. After a morning yoga session and a leisurely day on the grounds of Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, your path will take you to lush landscapes of Tuscany. There, you’ll have ample time to saunter through welcoming villages, taste exceptional local food and wine, and cycle your way through the Tuscan hills. A dip in healing thermal waters will leave a rejuvenating warmth radiating through both body and mind long past your final stop in Florence.

Cycle the Balkans 15 days from $3,325 Rated Moderate/Challenging, 4 out of 10 The Balkans offers an intoxicating mix of beautiful countryside, fast-developing cities and historic towns. Our first ride ends at the UNESCO town of Ohrid on the vast lake of the same name, from here the route leads up towards the border with Kosovo. Small towns and villages dot the route as we wind our way across into Montenegro and through the heart of the imposing Durmitor Mountains. As the route suggests, there is a good mix of climbing and flat riding, with a few stops along the way to visit or see places of interest. Sunshine and sea come in the form of the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic, a dramatic setting to end the ride. Few other regions offer such cultural and natural variety along with a true sense of discovery. Let me Cycle the Balkans

Orthodox Christmas in Ukraine: Limited Edition 7 days from $2520 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 From the cobbled streets of Lviv, travel to the furthest edges of Western Ukraine to experience a snowy Orthodox Christmas in the highlands. As scenic as it is remote, travelling into the Carpathian Mountains feels like a true adventure. With difficult territory providing protection from the reaches of much USSR policy, the Hutsul people who live here remain remarkably traditional in dress and custom. You’ll get to spend an Orthodox Christmas eating, drinking and living with the locals in a traditional farmhouse, joining them for symbolic feasts and market trips.

Holy Land Highlights 8 days from $3655 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 This tour is much more than just a pilgrimage. Entrenched in the ancient but emphatically modern in outlook, nominally Jewish but with oodles of Muslim and Christian influence, the complexities of Israel and the Palestinian Territories will have your head in spin. Run your hands over the Wailing Wall, where written prayers are slid into the cracks between stones and spend the night in the city where Jesus was said to have been born. Stroll around Manger square in Bethlehem and taste the best falafel in the world. Journey into the Negev Desert and spend the night on the rim of the Ramon Crater and take a dip with a difference in the Dead Sea. Israel and the Palestinian Territories have more than a little bit of something for everyone.

Egypt: Alexandria to Aswan 13 days from $2,185 Rated leisurely, 1 out of 10 Egypt is a place like no other and on this two-week itinerary we explore its treasures across the length of the country. In the north there is the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and El Alamein, the site of the famous Second World War battle. Cairo’s attractions are world famous but on this itinerary we also experience the bazaars and culinary delights on a food tour. Journeying south by sleeper train we reach Aswan where we board our Nile cruise boat and discover the monuments and temples all the way to Luxor. Take me to Egypt, from Alexandria to Aswan

Ethiopia & Djibouti: Danakil & Whale Sharks

14 days from $8,355

Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

Salt caravans trudge along towards the sunset, past alien landscapes as they start the long journey to market. A lava lake bubbles within a volcano’s crater from which lava fields, fresh enough to still crunch underfoot, descend. Afar people eke out an existence from this eerily beautiful landscape tucked in a remote corner of the Horn of Africa – the Danakil Depression. Stretching between Ethiopia and Djibouti, the region, formed by three tectonic plates tearing the land apart, encompasses some of the lowest and hottest places on Earth. Meanwhile, off the Djibouti coast, gentle giants - Whale sharks – swim and reefs teem with all kinds of marine life. This is a journey unlike any other.

Madagascar Baobabs & Beyond 11 days from $2,410 Physical rating 3 out of 5 Discover the varied landscape of Madagascar in this 11-day adventure, exploring lakes, cruising rivers, and scrambling through karst forests. Watch ancient baobab trees turn golden in the light of the sunset, see the legendary tombs of the Vazimba people while caving and experience life along the Tsiribihina River during a two-day cruise. Mad for Madagascar? Go there now!

Cycle Chile & Argentina: Atacama to Salta 13 days from $4,935 Rated Moderate/Challenging, 4 out of 10 This trip takes us on a journey through a part of the world that resembles no other. Starting in the popular town of San Pedro de Atacama and finishing in 'Salta la Linda', this trip takes us through many roads in which you will see very little traffic and no other cyclists. This 'once in a lifetime' journey includes cycling through salt flats, ravines, a serpentine-like road through a rainforest and in the driest desert in the world. I want to Cycle Chile & Argentina from the Atacama to Salta

Northern Peru & 1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu- Limited Edition 13 days from $4665 Rated moderate, 3 out of 5 Up until recently, thick jungle and daunting heights kept many of the delights of Peru’s north hidden. In this tour, you’ll explore cultural sites and natural wonders that are little seen by non-Peruvian eyes, as well as the splendour of the country’s renowned spots. Stay within view of Gotca Falls, the world third-largest waterfall that remained a local secret until 2005, and wander the imposing circular walls of Kuelep. Spend a day on the Inca Trail, hiking past the terraces of Ollantayttambo and Chachabamba before arriving at Machu Picchu. This is an adventure through Peru's history to release your inner explorer.

Peru, Argentina & Brazil Highlights 16 days from $7140 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 Immerse yourself in three bold and rugged destinations on this tour. This 16-day adventure through South America will have you exploring the lofty ruins of Machu Picchu, perfecting your steps at a private tango class in Buenos Aires and sipping a caipirinha in Rio de Janeiro. Take me to Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

Falkland Islands Expedition: Past & Present 8 days from $6835 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 The windswept moors and meadows of this remote birders haven hold plenty of history both natural and human. Small and sparsely populated, this Antarctic neighbour has nonetheless remained the source of numerous sovereignty disputes, most famously the tragic Falklands War of 1982. This 8-day trip is one for the wildlife and history buffs. See crags dotted with sea birds and war memorials, explore beaches covered with king and gentoo penguins, trek sprawling nature reserves edging on outpost towns, and walk the battlegrounds from the war of 1982. Take me to the Falkland Islands

Wellness Bali

9 days from CA$1949

Rated average, 3 out of 5

Enter the tropical wonderland of Bali, long a beacon to travellers in search of uncovering their spiritual side. Start your journey inward with Canang in Ubud, a traditional offering given at Hindu temples, before immersing yourself in nine days of rejuvenating activities, healthy food, and captivating sights. From daily yoga practices to traditional Balinese healing ceremonies to stops at serene beaches (Pemuteran, Sanur), you will be entranced by Bali’s natural calming spirit that continues to lure people from all over the world seeking a deeper connection. Take me on a Wellness trip to Bali.

Japan Expedition: Okinawa 9 days from $4,465 Physical rating 3 out of 5 Embark on an ultimate Okinawa journey – a special group of islands that lie to the southwest of Japan. Being so far away from the main islands of Japan, Okinawa has always been considered an exotic destination even in Japan. With its distinct culture inherited from the Ryukyu Kingdom, yours will be a journey full of adventures both culturally and physically. Walk through the lively Makishi Market, visit the former underground headquarters of the Japanese Navy and learn a few karate moves in Naha. Travel to Ishigaki, part of the remote Yaeyema Islands at the southwestern point of Japan. Ride on a glass-bottom boat, snorkel with manta rays and cycle around charming Taketomi Island. Hike through dense virgin jungles and canoe mangrove-lined rivers in Iriomote. This is an expedition that doesn't disappoint! Goin' back down to Okinawa!

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