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Is this the world's greatest adventure?

King Penguins, Antarctica

King penguins, Antarctica

An extraordinary new voyage to Antarctica, sailing from the tip of South America to New Zealand via the Ross Sea, will have you set foot on ice where no other humans ever have. Witness the impressive ice shelf of the Ross Sea and the prolific wildlife of the sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand and Australia, including huge colonies of king penguins and the endemic royal penguin. This is wilderness and wildlife at its best and arguably the world's greatest adventure. Following in the footsteps of such renowned explorers as Scott, Ross, Amundsen and Shackleton, only a small number of people in all of history have ever made this journey. Join us, and you might be able to say you went "boldly where no man has gone before.”

You will sail on National Geographic Endurance, named after Shackleton's ship. A next-generation expedition ship, Endurance is purpose-built for polar navigation. A fully stabilized, highly strengthened, ice-class Polar Code PC5 (Category A) vessel, it is designed to navigate polar passages year-round, and safely explore unchartered waters, while providing exceptional comfort. Endurance carries 126 guests in 69 cabins, 53 with balconies. She is equipped with a full set of exploration tools, including kayaks, Zodiacs, and an ROV, enabling you to experience remarkable geographies in unprecedented depth.

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