22 destinations to travel to in 2022 for your adventure travel holiday

We've cracked the numbers, made a list and checked it twice. Based on current statistics, here are the destinations you can safely add to your adventure travel list for 2022.

This list is based first and foremost on vaccination rates as of 03FEB2022. The lowest vaccination rate of the countries on this list is 63% of the population fully vaccinated (Canada at the time of writing was at 78%). And countries are inoculating anywhere from 1-5 % of their population each month, so this list is sure to grow.

After evaluating each country's vaccination rate, we excluded countries which during the omicron scare shut down or instigated quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travellers. After all, this kind of sudden changes can really ruin your holiday. Hence you will not find the UK, Chile, Morocco, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia and Israel on this list, even though their vaccination rates is close to or even better than Canada's.

This is of course a constantly evolving situation, so always check with us before you plan your trip. And if you do not see the country you want to go to on this list, contact me and I will give you a personal evaluation of that country.

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Vaccination rate: 89%

Restrictions: Test & travel

History is writ large in Portugal. From its maritime past which fuelled the wealth of Lisbon and Porto, to the walled towns situated on dramatic hills guarding its borders, to its traditional values living strong in a country that has also embraced the future.

Visitors are struck by the friendliness of its people and the affordable food and wine but above all by the sheer diversity of this small nation. Sublime sandy beaches, lush river valleys, rugged mountains and steeply terraced vineyards, pretty stone-built mountain-top villages, cobble-stoned streets, palaces and castles; you find it all in Portugal. Then there are myriad activities, from visiting wine estates to hiking the hills and Camino, or cycling the backroads.

Suggested tours:

Trails of Madeira

Best of Portugal

Cycle the Coast of Portugal

Douro River Cruise


Vaccination rate: 87%

Restrictions: none

A country where the clock has stood still for 60 years, where road-side billboards declare "Socialism or Death" and where commercialism is still refreshingly absent. A land proud of its heritage where people greet you warmly on every corner. A place where old classic cars mingle with horse-drawn carts, where the beaches are pure white sand and palms and sugar cane sway in a gentle breeze. Throw in a beguiling mix of revolutionary music, salsa and decaying colonial towns and you have a country you do not want to miss.

Suggested tours:

Best of Cuba

Cuba in Depth

Cycling in Cuba


Vaccination rate: 81%

Restrictions: none

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Barcelona, walking the Camino to Santiago, exploring the white villages of Andalusia or discovering the Alhambra in Granada. Land of fiestas, siesta and Flamenco, of architecture and art, Spain is as diverse as it is beautiful. Come and explore Spain and you will find a passion for fine food, for wild landscapes and indeed for life itself.

Suggested tours:

Hiking in the Picos de Europe

Discover Andalucia

Spain Explored

Best of the Camino


Vaccination rate: 80%

Restrictions: Test & Travel

Whether you want to experience the mountains and wildlife of BC, hike in the Rocky Mountains, cycle the byroads of Quebec and Prince Edward Island, bike in Nova Scotia, hike The Rock or take an adventure cruise in the Arctic, Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Suggested tours:

Hike Gros Morne

East Coast Trail

Yukon Hike & Paddle

Hike Baffin Island

Hike the Rockies

Quebec's Petit Train du Nord

North-West Passage

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Vaccination rate: 78%

Restrictions: Test & travel

Nature in Iceland is designed to make you feel small - volcanoes covered by ice loom over a verdant green coastline, glaciers grind their way to the ocean, geysers erupt and the northern lights dance in the sky.

All the while culture blooms - from medieval sagas to modern pop-musicians and Nobel-prize winning authors. And then there is the glorious food and the warm, quirky people - what is there not to love about Iceland?

Suggested tours:

Best of Iceland

Active Aurora Adventure

Wellness in Iceland

Trails of Iceland


Vaccination rate: 78%

Restrictions: none

The Emerald Isle, known for its stunning coastal scenery, its marvellous castles, entertaining pub life and engaging people, is also a country well equipped for self-drive holidays, hikes and bike rides.

Suggested tours:

Hiking the Kerry Way

Along the Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland Adventure

Amazing Ireland