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Geluxe tours are comfortable active small group adventure vacations

canyoning on a geluxe trip in costa rica with g-adventures

When Intrepid launched their Premium Tours, a type of holiday that offers fantastic cultural experiences while staying in comfortable hotels, someone was bound to launch tours that do not just have you stay in comfort, but that offer plenty of activities as well.

And with the launch of G-Adventures' Geluxe line of tours, we now have just that. Geluxe tours are active small group adventure vacations that have you stay in comfort, in other words - active by day, comfort by night.

bedroom on a geluxe trip in costa rica with g-adventures

Upscale accommodation

While the term Geluxe is a bit misleading - this is only luxury when compared to G-Adventures' Classic Journeys - the hotels used are definitely a cut-above and typically 4-star. In fact, the accommodations you stay in will be as unforgettable as the world surrounding them. Every one of them was hand-picked for how they capture the spirit of your destination.    And on every Geluxe trip, you’ll stay in a so-called OMG Stay. These properties were chosen for something unforgettable: their history, their design, or the experience itself, you will remember these stays long after your return home.

Specials meals

The real winner of these trips? Your inner foodie. Meals are picked to be true local experiences: whether it’s yummy street food from a local night market, the multi-course gourmet dinner you’ve always dreamt of, or the perfectly paired wine, every meal on a Geluxe trip is an experience unto itself.

deliciious meals on a Geluxe trip with G-Adventures'

More inclusions

You’ll enjoy more included meals, more included activities, and more included I-can’t-believe-I-just-did-that moments. Every piece of these itineraries was curated to give you the most unforgettable experience possible — and having more inclusions helps deliver just that.

Paddelboarding on a Geluxe trip with G-Adventures'

Your OMG Day

What makes the best day ever? Doing just what you want. On your OMG Day, you’ll get to pick between two different (but equally great) experiences, letting you discover our world in the way that suits you best. More of a kayaker than a foodie? Rather a museum instead of a hike? It’s your day, you decide.

Community Tourism

Geluxe trips are built to give you deep, meaningful interactions with the local people you meet. They'll tell you their stories and you get to embrace their traditions, even share a meal at a table or two. You’ll experience their way of life as vibrantly as you’ve ever dreamt of, all while making a difference that’ll ripple across generations.


You will travel on private transportation (unless it is to get a very local experience, but that's never more than a short time and it’s a must-have experience). You never have a journey that is longer than 6 hours total (including purposeful activity stops), and there will always be some empty seats.

Hiking in the rainforest on a Geluxe trip with G-Adventures'

Where and when

Currently G-Adventures offers 28 Geluxe trips in Greece, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

The trips are available to book now with departures starting May 2024.


If you like this type of trip - being active while enjoying your creature comforts - contact me to get more details about all those great trips on offer.

relaxing in a rainforest pool on a Geluxe trip with G-Adventures'


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