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Is Expedia denying your Air Canada ticket refund? Contact a travel agent

28SEP22: IMPORTANT NOTE to all those still reacting to this article. We are no longer taking inquiries about issues with Expedia. If you bought your ticket in or after 2022, the normal fare rules apply. Air Canada's fare rules can be found here.

As you will be aware, there was some good news from Air Canada on April 13th. Eligible passengers who purchased a non-refundable ticket for travel on or after February 1, 2020 but did not fly can now obtain a refund from Air Canada.

Almost two weeks after this announcement I received an email from a client who had been denied her Air Canada ticket refund by Expedia. The online travel retailer emailed her what appears to be a boiler plate statement:

"According to Air Canada, your tickets are non-refundable.

The great news is, they're allowing a travel credit for future use.

You can use this toward a new flight booking.

Just know there may be a possible fare difference."

I decided to do some investigating and called Air Canada. I spoke to two different agents and both assured me my client's ticket was indeed fully refundable. Expedia would have to process the refund on their end. This process does of course will take time which Expedia must be feeling is something they can't afford: both Air Canada agents told me they were getting numerous calls from people complaining about Expedia's behaviour.

I had a great conversation with the last agent I spoke to - as so often is the case in travel, it is all about personal relationships. We chatted about travel, business and life under lockdown. The upshot of my call was that Air Canada escalated the issue by either calling Expedia or sending them a debit memo (a type of administrative penalty).

Adventure Coordinators 1, Expedia 0.

Is Expedia denying your Air Canada ticket refund? Contact me.

post script: on May 4th my client received an email from Expedia stating:

"Air Canada recently changed its policy for refunds related to COVID-19 and we are happy to share that your previously cancelled flight booking is now eligible for a refund."

There was no apology.

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