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Our favourite countries for travel

One of the questions I am asked most often, when people hear I have been to over 100 countries, is: "Which country if your favourite to travel to".

I find that one of the hardest questions to answer. Truth be told, there is not one country I did not like, I loved most of them, and I love each of them for different reasons. Here is my pick of the top ten of my favourite travel destinations

France - for food and lifestyle

Whenever I am in Europe I like to spend a week in Provence. A typical day looks like this...

I start the morning early and as the sun warms up the vineyards I walk down to the village bakery to pick up a baguette or pain de campagne for breakfast, which we eat out on the patio. We then go down to the local market (there is always one in a nearby town) and wander between market stalls, enjoying seeing the people discuss the quality of the food on offer with the merchants. We pick up some cheeses here, some meats there and fresh produce everywhere for a picnic lunch. Next, we set off on foot along of the many walking trails, find a picnic spot and enjoy the view, the fresh air and each other's company.

Returning from our walk we'll sit down with a glass of wine before having dinner in one of the many great restaurants. Yes, a lot of what we do in France is around food and enjoying life. What's not to love? Contact us for trips

Italy - for history, culture and sheer variety

Three of my favourite cities in the world are in Italy and at the top of my list is Rome. I have visited four times, spending in total nearly three weeks, and I still keep discovering hidden spots. My other two favourites are Florence and Venice. It is the incredible treasure trove of art that keeps me coming back.

But there is more to Italy than its art. There are so many different landscapes and regions that in the nine trips I have done there I still have more areas to see. I loved the Dolomites and Amalfi for the scenery and hikes, Tuscany for the food and Umbria for its spirituality and landscapes. Still on my list are the Marches, the Alps and Sicily. Contact us for trips

Iceland - for wildness and food

Drive from Keflavik Airport to Reyjavik and you may feel like you have landed in Mordor - black volcanic rock stretches as far as the eye can see. Continue along the south coast and you may get buffeted by storms as you hike the mountains or stop by one of the many waterfalls. Visit canyons gouged out in days by jökulhlaups, walk the multi-coloured valleys of Landmannalaugar, climb a glacier or witness a geyser erupt. Iceland is raw nature and spectacularly beautiful. And not many people would equate Iceland with good food. And while fresh vegetables don't feature high on the list, what you do get is fresh and of the highest quality (lamb, fish) although sometimes off-putting (fermented shark meat smells horrible). Contact us for trips

Ireland - for people, seascapes and food

Ireland is one of those countries everyone wants to travel to but visits often get put on the back-burner. And so it was for me. And then last October I had the chance to visit and I was glad I did. I drove around for a week, then hiked the Ring of Kerry for another. I was bowled over by the friendliness of the people. The seascapes, with the sun glittering off the water after a sudden shower, were phenomenal. And the freshest seafood - salmon, clam chowder - you will ever taste. Contact us for trips

Iran - for hospitality

It started with getting through customs - I had my mandatory insurance fee waived because I was Canadian, received personal priority service at the visa desk and was handed a box of apple juice by immigration. Further on during my trip I was handed a book ("a gift for you") by a lady on the subway and was invited to lunch by complete strangers. The most surreal experience was wading through a crowd of demonstrators (I normally avoid those but they were outside my hotel entrance). When they saw me wade through, the crowd parted and people alternated their cries of "Death to America" with "Welcome to Iran".

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