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Ten destinations outside of Europe for your next adventure holiday

While Europe has been welcoming travellers for over a year now, the world outside of Europe has some exciting destinations too. Here are ten destinations to look at for your next adventure travels outside of Europe.


Current restrictions**: none

Best time to go: April - October

Peru, the land where Spanish, indigenous, African and Asian influences mix, where trails wend their way through deep valleys and over high passes, past half-forgotten Inca ruins to reach the citadel at Machu Picchu. Fly over the geoglyphs etched into the desert at Nazca, visit remote communities and see how old ways live on at Lake Titicaca, explore colonial towns such as Cuzco and Arequipa and join the locals tasting the many culinary treats on offer in Lima.


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: December -February

Few countries in the world can claim subtropical forests and glaciers, huge waterfalls and deserts, swampy lowlands and high mountains, wide-open spaces and bustling cities, penguins and flamingos. Yet Argentina has all that and more. Thundering Iguazú Falls, the calving glacier at Perito Moreno and the mountains of Patagonia are the most famous draw cards. Then there are football, tango, great steaks and phenomenal wines. Part Latin American and part European, this is one country you do not want to miss.

Suggested tour: Discover Patagonia

South Africa

Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: April - November

Lions and penguins, traditional African cultures and Western creature comforts, all the Big Five on one morning’s game drive, some of the best food and wine on the planet - all that is South Africa. From metropolitan Cape Town to safaris in the Kruger area, from hiking in the Drakensberg to scenic drives and boat rides along the Garden Route, come and see why this place has been called “The world in one Country”.

Suggested tour: South Africa Adventure


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: June - October & January - February

Home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth - the annual wildebeest migration - Tanzania will impress you like no other place. Take a safari through the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Hike your heart out on Mount Kilimanjaro. Get off the beaten track in Ruaha and Selous. End your trip with some fabulous food and stunning beaches on the legendary island of Zanzibar.


Current restrictions: Test & Travel

Best time to go: February - May & September - November

Soak up the bustling, exotic atmosphere in ancient souqs; join a camel trek into the Sahara; sleep under expansive star-studded skies; witness traditional lifestyles in kasbahs; walk to hamlets high up in the mountains; get lost in winding alleys. All that and more awaits you in Morocco. From Fez, the Islamic world’s largest medieval city, to the sea-side romance of Essaouira; from glorious Marrakesh to the oases of the interior and from traditional bath houses to wonderful meals, Morocco is one country you will not want to miss.

Suggested tour: Morocco Discovery


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go:

March - May, September - October

Turkey, crossroads of culture and history. You experience it in the bazaars of Istanbul, the city founded by the Romans, cultivated by the Byzantines, conquered by the Ottomans and made cosmopolitan in the modern era. You feel it in the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the Armenian churches in the east and the medieval fortresses along the south coast. You taste it in the olive oil–lathered Aegean vegetables and the spicy Anatolian kebabs. Turkey truly is the place where East meets West - come and explore it with us.

Suggested tour: Turkey Adventure


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: March - mid-May & October - November

Between the soaring peaks of the Himalaya and the steamy expanses of India, Nepal is a nirvana for hikers, trekkers and lovers of mountains. Some of the world's best and most iconic trails lead you to Everest Basecamp, around the Annapurnas and beyond. Besides the mountains, there are the temple-lined medieval city squares and centuries-old stupas of the Kathmandu Valley and the jungles of the south, where you can search for rhinos and tigers on foot, by canoe or by jeep.


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: November - February

Lush rice paddies, tropical forests and ancient villages; hazy mountains with cascading waterfalls; craggy limestone cliffs rising from the land; gleaming temples and golden Buddhas; jungle-covered islands anchored in azure waters; miles of sandy beaches; bustling cities and markets packed with people and produce. Welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles.


Current restrictions: Test & Travel

Best time to go: March - May and September - November

Japan is a study in contrasts between traditional and modern. Large bustling cities like Tokyo are only a short journey from traditional villages. Pop culture exists next to the grace of a geisha, bullet trains next to the spare beauty of a Zen rock garden. There is temple-rich Kyoto, beautified by cherry blossoms and fall colours; there are walks in the Japanese Alps and on pilgrim trails, followed by a long soak in a classic Japanese bath; there are stays at ryokans (traditional inns); and there is the food, made of the freshest of ingredients. This is Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun.

Suggested tour: Trails of Japan


Current restrictions: None

Best time to go: regional differences, but October - May is a good bet for most

Closed for many years during the pandemic, The Land Downunder has opened its doors once again. Marvel in city sights in Sydney and Melbourne, travel into the Outback, snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef or enjoy the food and wine of Tasmania. There is so much to see and do here, choosing just one trip is hard.

** Current restrictions are for fully vaccinated travellers (as defined by the destination), valid on June 14th, 2022. Click here to check the most up to date travel advice, or contact us.

E&OE. The information in this article was correct at the time of publication (June 14th 2022) but should be double-checked against relevant government websites before booking a trip.


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