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Travel books for the adventurous traveller (part 22)

When I am at home I love to curl up with a good book. And most of the reading I do is about travel. Whether it is to prepare for my next trip, relive one I did, or just to learn about new cultures and countries, here is our next instalment of travel books for the adventurous traveller.

News from Tartary - Peter Fleming

For most travellers, and all merchants, the road from China to India lies as it has lain for centuries, through Singkiang along that ancient Silk Road which is the most romantic and culturally the most important trade route in the history of the world. In 1935 Peter Fleming set out to travel that route, from Peking to Kashmir. It was a journey which swept him and his companion 3500 miles across the roof of the world. It took them seven months to complete the journey.

They travelled across deserts and mountains, through ice and sand and into some of the most beautiful, mysterious and dangerous areas in the world. His account of that journey is filled with endurance and adventure, with strange encounters in the wilderness, with tales of Chinese, Mongol tribesmem and Indians, and with a spirited sense of humour and courage.

Adventure Coordinators review: while the narrative can get a little monotonous at times I credit this book with my wanting to travel to the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. 7 out of 10