Voodoo and Festivals - Expedition through Benin, Togo and Ghana

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Three intriguing countries, Benin, Togo and Ghana, are featured on this expedition in to the heart of West Africa. Each has its own history, myriad cultures and landscapes and this tour will give you an introduction to them. In places voodoo still forms an important part of everyday life. You will meet its practioners along with talented local artisans, discover former palaces and engage in either the Voodoo or Akwasidae Festivals.

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Togo, Ghana, Benin

Comfort Level

Physical Rating




Private vehicle, Boat, Pirogue


Hotel (8 nights), Beach Hut (2 nights)

Months of Operation

January, August, November, December


DAY 2 To Ouidah, Stilt Village & Pirogue Ride
DAY 3 Ouidah, City Tour and Voodoo Festival (some departures)
DAY 4 Via Lake Togo and Togoville to Lome, museum visits
DAY 5 Into Ghana, to Accra, Jamestown walk
DAY 6 To Kumasi, Kejeta Market
DAY 7 Kumasi, Craft Village & Akwasidae Festival (some departures)
DAY 8 Via Cocoa Plantation to Elmina
DAY 9 Elmina Walking tour & St George's Castle, to Anomabo Beach
DAY 10 Free day Anomabo Beach
DAY 11 Accra


10 breakfasts
Ganvie - Stilt Village
Ganvie - Pirogue Ride
Ouidah - City Tour
Ouidah - Voodoo Festival (departure date dependent)
Lake Togo - Boat Ride
Togoville - Town Visit
Lome - National Museum
Lome - Musée International des Arts
Accra - City Tour
Kumasi - Kejeta Open Air Market
Kumasi - Akwasidae Festival (departure date dependent)
Kumasi - Ahwiaa Craft Village
Kumasi - Ntonso Craft Village
Kumasi - Bonwire Craft Village
Anwiankwanta - Cocoa Plantation
Elmina - St George's Castle
Elmina - Walking Tour

Sample tour.  Itinerary, accommodation, transportation, inclusions and prices are correct at the time of publication but may change without prior notice.  Please inquire.

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