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No place on earth compares to the sheer wilderness of the Polar regions.  The prolific wildlife and stunning landscapes of Antarctica and the Arctic hark back to an age past, to an age when mankind was less prolific and the world was pure.  Step back into this age and discover a virtual Eden of icebergs, wide-open oceans and narrow fjords, steep cliffs and towering mountains.


polar regions

The best months to visit Antarctica are late October through mid-March.  Go early and you'll see mating rituals and sub-Antarctic islands covered in wildflowers.  Between Christmas and the end of January, wildlife is in full swing, days are long and young are born.  February is a great month to see penguin chicks, seals and whales, while mid-February to mid-March signals the climax of wildlife activity.

The Arctic is best visited between June and September.  Earlier you get long days and short nights, whereas later you'll have a better chance of seeing fall colours and northern lights.  July and August are the best months to see polar bears.

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