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Soak up the bustling, exotic atmosphere in ancient souqs; join a camel trek into the Sahara; sleep under expansive star-studded skies; witness traditional lifestyles in kasbahs; walk to hamlets high up in the mountains; get lost in winding alleys. All that and more awaits you in Morocco. From Fez, the Islamic world’s largest mediaeval city, to the sea-side romance of Essaouira; from glorious Marrakesh to the oases of the interior and from traditional bath houses to wonderful meals, Morocco is one country you will not want to miss.


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Spring and fall are the best times to travel to Morocco. Winter is still a pleasant time to visit for the cities, but come prepared for cold weather in the deserts and mountains. Summers are hot.


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One of the prettiest towns in the country feels like a world away from the rest of Morocco, lying as it does under the peaks of the rugged Rif mountains.  Famed for its bright-blue homes with red-tiled roofs sitting along narrow lanes, the town and its restored kasbah are a great place to relax for a few days.

Hasan II Mosque, Casablanca

Of all modern mosques, this is the one you want to see.  Set on an outcrop above the ocean, its myriad arches and tile work will mesmerize you.


The old town of Fes is arguably the world's most fascinating and confounding city. Featuring legendary religious institutions and libraries and mosques of great renown, Fes' twelve century long history is all around you.  And the tanneries?  They are to be smelled to be believed!


Ancient souqs with twisting narrow alleyways and covered bazaars, filled  to the brim with aromatic spices, crafts, shops and mosques and an ongoing parade of people.  That is Marrakesh in a nutshell.  Join the throngs of locals at night on Djemaa el-Fna and feel what it was like to live in the Middle Ages.


Deep into the interior of Morocco, sand dunes tower above villages and camels await you to take you into the desert for an unforgettable experience.

Atlas Mountains

Consisting of several ranges, the Atlas Mountains are dotted with Amazigh (Berber) villages and riven with canyons and ravines.  This beautiful massif is prime walking country.

Valleys & Kasbahs

Covered in rose valleys and sprinkled with ancient fortresses and caravanserais, the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs is scenic beyond belief.  Some areas are best explored on foot, such as the Todra Gorge and M'goun valley.  Ait Benhaddou is an ancient kasbah famously used as a movie set and offering stupendous views across the oasis and desert beyond.


Fortified walls, a fishing harbour, winding alleys, white-washed houses with blue shutters, street-side cafes, fresh seafood, woodwork shops and art galleries, along with a thriving market: Essaouira is a charming blend of France and Morocco.


Experience Amazigh (Berber) life

Experience the local way of life by staying in a village in the High Atlas.  Enjoy endless cups of mint tea as you engage in conversation, then sit down for a tasty meal.

Moorish architecture

Myriad arches, domes and decorative tile work are hallmarks of old Moroccan architecture. Get lost in the mosques and mansions of the old cities and be transported back to the days of old.

Moroccan cuisine

A wonderful mix of African, Arabian and Mediterranean flavours, the food in Morocco reflects the country's colourful past.  Spices are subtly used to enhance flavours while herbs are common.  Food is mostly homegrown and organic.
Tagines, a two-piece earthenware cooking vessel with cone-shaped lid are used to cook meat, seafood or vegetable casseroles or stews.

Hamam experience

Be ready to get scrubbed down, massaged and showered in a traditional hamam experience.  Enjoy hours soaking in hot and cold pools, or just laze around and chat with locals.

Sahara Desert by camel

Trek by camel in to the sand dunes of the Sahara.  Stay in a camp, enjoying a hearty meal and stories from your guides.  Don't forget to look up at night and be awed by the expansive starry skies!

Stay at a riad

Evocative and romantic, these traditional Moroccan houses with an interior garden or courtyard are great places to while away the hours.

Rock the kasbah

Deep in the hinterland east of Marrakesh the hills are dotted with ancient kasbahs and caravanserais.  Stay for a night or two and imagine what it was like to be a camel driver in the days of old.

Shop the souq

Get lost in the warren of alleyways that make up Morocco's bazaars and stop to examine the wares.  Enjoy a cup of mint tea while bargaining over your next purchase.

Hike the hills

Ancient Amazigh (Berber) trails criss-cross the mountains that cover so much of Morocco.  Enjoy the gorgeous views as you hike from hamlet to village, stopping en-route at a local shrine or to enjoy a picnic.

Call to Prayer

A muezzin calling the faithful to prayer from the top of a minaret has a timeless, evocative quality to it that will stir your senses.

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