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Endless savannas awash in vast numbers of animals; tribal people who bring colour to the land. That is Kenya in a nutshell. As you are in awe of the herds of wildebeest on the Maasai Mara, enjoy yet another glorious African sunset on the plains of Samburu, or spot a leopard in the trees of Nakuru, Kenya will capture you like few other countries do. This is the country of the Maasai, the land of elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and lions.


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The best time to travel on a safari in Kenya is one of the dry seasons. The long dry season runs from June through October and the short dry season spans January and February. The famous wildebeest herds are in the Maasai Mara in September and October.


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Maasai Mara 

Dream of Africa and you dream of the Maasai Mara, where vast numbers of herbivores and predators inhabit the rolling hills.  A must see for any visitor to Kenya. 

Lake Nakuru 

During the dry season enormous flocks of flamingos wade along the shore, while rhino and antelopes graze the surrounding grasslands.  Nakuru is a great place to see leopard. 


In an otherwise bone-dry country, this park's central feature is its river, a magnet for wildlife, some of it not seen elsewhere in Kenya. 


Set in prime elephant country, it is the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro that makes this park so special. 

Tsavo East and West 

Tsavo East and Tsavo West are prime big-cat country: lion, cheetah and leopard roam the koppies and plains of this vast wilderness. 

Indian Ocean 

From the traditional Swahili town of Lamu to the beaches south of Mombasa, the Indian Ocean, with its Swahili culture, makes for a perfect end to your Kenyan safari.  Sail a dhow or bask in the sun, the choice is yours. 

Mount Kenya 

The country's highest and Africa's second highest peak is both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve.  Climbing the peak makes for a great and much quieter alternative to Kilimanjaro.

Game Drives

The best way to see wildlife is from your vehicle, with a guide who will explain everything there is to know about the game you see.

Tented Camp, Out of Africa Style

Anyone who has seen Out of Africa is familiar with a tented camp.  Stay here for an intimate bush experience and feel at one with nature.

The Great Migration

In September and October, massive herds of wildebeest and zebra move in to Kenya's Maasai Mara.  As they cross rivers, crocodiles and other predators lie in wait to catch them unawares.

Balloon safari

The early morning mists dissolve as the sun comes up and your balloon rises in to the still morning air.  Vast herds of animals roam the plains below.  Is there a better way to experience Africa?

Village visit

Learn about the traditional way of life and spend some time having fun with the children.

African sunsets

There is nothing quite like seeing the sun set over the African plains as wildlife roams all around your vehicle.  Drink in hand, sit back, and let nature inspire you.

Climb to the Attic of Africa

The country's highest and Africa's second highest peak (hence we dubbed it the attic as you are not quite on the roof) is both a UNESCO World Heritage site and a Biosphere Reserve.  Climbing the peak makes for a great and much quieter alternative to Kilimanjaro.

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