What People Say About Us 

Tom was fantastic to deal with - extremely knowledgeable, helpful, thorough,  friendly,  easy to reach, very easy to work with, fast, detailed and very service-oriented and responsive. It was a pleasure booking a trip with him!

Renay - Toronto, ON - SEP21

[Via Google My Business] Tom is like the perfect host. Prepared, knowlegeable, and patient when I changed my mind on my budget and trip. All without making me feel like a clutz. Thanks tom.

Deirdre - Toronto, ON - August 2021

[after reading our blog post stating visiting the USA after spending time in the past two weeks in Europe is a nono during COVID] Tom, really, I cannot thank you enough for this. Honest. I would have gone with an open face and open heart and tell the customs agent I was in Spain for 10 days and I am now going to the US to finally see the cars during Monterey car week. I have now to decide between Spain and that event that I have been thinking at for more than 20 years.

George - Toronto, ON - July 2021

Tom has been helping me plan trips for 20 years (or more) and I have had some marvelous experiences. Not only has he found great trips for me (Ethiopia, Antarctic, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan/Kazahkstan...)  but he also suggests and plans 3 or 4 day add-ons that take me to places/experiences not included in the particular trip but that he knows I would like - saw the elusive leopard in Sri Lanka, a palmist in India was fun, Iguazu Falls after a trek in Patagonia......
But I think there is one extra advantage to working with the same person for a number of years that tends to get overlooked. When I come across a trip that looks really good on paper, he is able to tell me if he thinks it might not suit me and why (and suggest something more "me-oriented"). Really helps me avoid over-hyped expensive pitfalls.

Nancy - Kanata, ON - July 2021

[after negotiating a 50% refund for a trip cancelled the day of departure while ensuring all local guides and drivers got paid]

Thank you so much for your dogged determination to see this through.  I really appreciate all of the work you put into this trip for us, from beginning to end and especially through the messy middle.  We really thought all hope was lost so a refund in any amount was an incredible, happy surprise.

Zuri - Woodstock, VT - July 2021

[after holding Westjet's feet to the fire over a sudden price increase; we got the increase reduced from CA$1300 to CA$300]

I just left you a voicemail message to the effect of my confirmation to go ahead with the new cost of the WJ ticket.
But I must acknowledge all your debating, cajoling and escalating to the highest levels of WJ to hold them to the reserved price.  
This is why I am always pleased and confident that I cannot go with anyone else for my travel needs Tom ... you are the best and a gem.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Aida - Calgary, AB - June 2021

[after getting a Tour Radar credit transferred to a booking with us, thanks to a personal connection with Christian Wolters, CMO for Tour Radar]: WOW!  I got chills when I read this email...not because of the money transfer, but because of the love and respect you guys feel for each other.

It truly brought me to tears.

In our world today, where there's so much anger, and disrespect, to see such friendship and admiration was just beautiful. It's honestly inspiring and I'll share this with my kids and friends.

Be sure to tell Christian that I fell in love with Tour Radar several years ago. His staff has always done the best job for me and until I joined with you, I never thought I could get better care (perhaps don't tell him that last bit! hahaha)

Thanks for your effort around this.


Elaina - San Diego, CA - April 2021

Thank you for your expedient and great service over the last 15 or so years. Once Covid is under control, I hope to resume my travels through you again.


Irene - Garson, ON - March 2021

[Via Allignable] Tom is an extremely adventurous person and has been to more countries than anyone I know. This could be intimidating for some who have travelled less, but this is not the case with Tom. He is very personable, humble and funny. He deeply cares about his clients and wants to give them the best possible experience suited to their unique needs and interests. I have seen him go above and beyond to simply help people, no matter what the situation. He is a tremendous advocate for the travel world, and probably the best resource you could possibly have to create a memorable travel experience. Tom has many loyal clients because they know that he has their best interests at heart, and that he has their back, from planning the trip to the moment they get home again. Tom has been a guest on FLY Travel Radio numerous times. He is a great storyteller, he is generous with his information, and he is passionate about people exploring the world.


Melissa Rodway, host of FLY Travel Radio - Toronto, ON - February 2021

It is hard not to be loyal and we have been very grateful . . . you have given Aida and I guidance, a sense of safety and that you had our back where ever we were, so that we could enjoy the people and places in all the destinations we have travelled.  Thank you.

Kathy - Toronto, ON - February 2021

[After we relentlessly pursued a hotel for a refund during COVID-19 crisis] 
You have not idea how pleased I am that your perseverance paid off.  Thank you, thank you, thank you and enormous gratitude.

Aida - Calgary, AB - October 2020

[During COVID-19 crisis] Thank you very much Tom for your help.  In the past, I have always designed and/or booked all of our travel trips, including accommodations, flights, etc.  For some unknown reason, when we decided to visit Egypt / Jordan, I felt compelled to go thru an agent.  Because you were so helpful in 2015 when we went to South America, I called you for help.  I am so grateful for that decision.  Who would have expected the world turmoil we all have been experiencing.  You have been so helpful.

Margaret & Tom - Toronto, ON - June 2020

[via Trustpilot] Tom is amazing! He was recommended by friends, who had wonderful times in Africa due to Tom’s network and abilities to ensure every experience was exceptional. Tom arranged our African trip in 2019 which was fantastic! We hoped to spend our Anniversary at Victoria Falls and finish in London celebrating a family birthday - she was 100. Tom listened, contacted his African network and every day worked brilliantly. The people who looked after us in Africa were knowledgeable, kind and efficient. Transportation related to Cairo, Zimbabwe, Botswana Safari, South Africa and Mozambique was excellent. Hotel and restaurant recommendations were special and memorable. Really we can only give the highest rating to Tom and Adventure Coordinators! When we all travel again, Tom Gehrels is the person to provide unique and wonderful experiences.


Stephen & Chris - Toronto, ON - June 2020


[Via Trustpilot] We met Tom 11 years ago. He has helped us plan many trips to all seven continents and both poles. His own travel experiences add value to the planning of our trips.If you want to plan a trip we can greatly recommend Tom.

Karen & Wade - Paisley, ON - June 2020

[during COVID-19 crisis] How fantastic it is to deal with you & your staff. Your advice sounds very good & makes sense. I agree with you and will wait and see. [...] I greatly appreciate you getting back to me on Sunday & during these stressful times.

Aida - Calgary, AB - March 2020

(Via Google) I have worked with Tom Gehrels for 2 trips. I have come to fully trust his opinion, when asked, and the service given when these trips were planned. He was also excellent in supporting us when a situation arose during a trip. I have not always used outside help in planning trips, but his support has changed my mind. I recommend Tom with any aspect of your next trip.

Margaret - Toronto, ON - January 2020

(Via VirtuosoYou can always encounter unexpected surprises when travelling; however, Tom always thinks ahead to prevent unnecessary problems.

Amanda - Ajax, ON - January 2020

(Via Google) Always there to help, great service, never disappointing.

Adalbert - Toronto, ON - December 2019

[Via Virtuoso] It was good. It's been many years now. Always has recommendations, and reviews. Quick response. Good communication.

Lena - Toronto, ON - November 2019

(Via Virtuoso)  Tom booked 3 consecutive trips for us to Italy this fall. He is very professional and has a lot of great ideas. He is always able to answer all our questions.

Barry - Timmins, ON - November 2019

(Via Virtuoso) Tom has planned several trips for my family over the years. He's great at working with our expectations and budget to come up with a fantastic vacation. His own direct experience on the different tours and trips is invaluable, as he can point out the pros and cons of each option to help us make better decisions. And with our busy schedules, it works best for us have all communication via email, and Tom is always very responsive to emails and clear in his written communications and documents, which is important! Would highly recommend working with Tom to plan any vacation experience.

Stefanie - Clarksville, MD - September 2019


(Via Virtuoso) Excellent -from the beginning of our planning, Tom was extremely helpful and worked out a great flight itinerary to work all our requirements. During the trip, we needed to make a last minute adjustment and he again was able to work out the schedule at a minimal cost to us. All was done very quickly and great communication and updates provided. Thanks again for excellent service!

Edith - Toronto, ON - September 2019

Professional, efficient, knowledgeable that is why my sister and I contact Tom when we are planning a trip. We know we are in very good hands because he himself has travelled to over 100 countries and counting!!

Iona - Brampton, ON - August 2019

Very objective, understands his clients, not afraid to steer customers away from what he considers a bad idea. Strives to deliver an exceptional experience. Very attentive to detail.

David - Okatie, SC - August 2019

Tom always suggests interesting and challenging trips, but not too challenging. And he advises us what not to do. He understands what we are looking for.

Mel - Toronto, ON - August 2019

Easy as always. Tom is very efficient and able to answer all questions.

Annie - La Prairie, PQ - August 2019


Tom has been my go-to travel consultant for over 20 years. When planning a trip, Tom provides valuable insight into countries, tour operators and provides great flight itineraries to choose from. I can always rely on his support from the planning to booking and to my return from a trip.

Chris - Toronto, ON - July 2019

Tom is a very easy person to use for travel advice. He has lots of experience, and helps customize all or part of a trip. In this case he helped with the cruise portion of our trip but he put the extra effort in to review the parts of the trip we planned ourselves to make sure we did not have any surprises.

Wade & Karen - Paisley, ON - June 2019

I like the fact that I am able to communicate my wishes and Tom replies with flight options, good information about the tour itinerary or tour operator and helps to make it easy to make decisions and confirm trip details.  Tom also ensures awareness of loyalty discounts or other special offers available.  Nothing could be done better.  Tom is very fast and thorough providing accurate and good information during the planning and booking process.

Chris - Toronto, ON - March 2019

Loved the attention to detail with compiling the itinerary, my many questions  and prompt responses to any queries.


Gina - Toronto, ON - March 2019

I was incredibly impressed working with Tom Gehrels. He was recommended to me by a friend who had used his services quite extensively. I can see why now. After an initial meeting where Tom had the opportunity to talk with me, share his own insights and all in all, get a sense of the type of traveller I was and the type of trip I was seeking, I was pleased with the results! In about a week's time, he contacted me again and discussed what he thought would be the best options for travel (as this would be my first time in South America). He did not disappoint. He was able to select an itinerary that gave me an incredible overview of this amazing continent and one that was adapted to my physical and intellectual needs. Tom is a very professional, insightful and intuitive consultant. When I decide to seek yet another adventure, he will be the person I contact!!! His expertise is very comforting and his enthusiasm for travel is quite infectious! He is a gift to the profession!

Kevin - Toronto, ON - March 2019


Tom helped us decide which of 2 New Zealand trips better suited us. As usual his experience steered us towards the one more in line with our expectations. Tom has always made sure our vacations were stressless and any add-ons and transfers seamless. Have given his card to many people.

Joanne - Ridgeville, ON - March 2019



I’ve never worked with such personable, passionate and  knowledgeable travel professionals. Such a breath of fresh air and an absolute pleasure!  


Kazundra, Intrepid's Partnership Growth Manager – Eastern Canada - March 2019



Exceptional.  Great advice, professional and trustworthy. Highly recommended.


Lisa - Toronto,ON - January 2019

As usual, I got great advice. I was happy with all of the arrangements including the flights. It was a fun trip [to Borneo].

Brenda -Toronto, ON - November 2018

Tom is always a pleasure to work with. He makes sure he understands my preferences and makes great suggestions.


Elizabeth - Toronto, ON - October 2018

Tom stayed in regular contact and provided me with updates throughout even as details beyond his control caused changes. For whatever reason, the airline cancelled my flight home but he made sure I still got home and had a place to stay for the extra night.

David - Toronto, ON - October 2018

I have been using Tom for many years. He has always been right on with the questions. If I email him, he is quick to get back.

Rob - St Catharines, ON - October 2018



We’re almost there ... passport [with my Iran visa] should arrive this morning.  I’m going to Iran!!  Whoop whoop!!!  Crazy [application] process and I couldn’t have gotten through it without you Tom.  Can’t thank you enough!!!

Carmen - Toronto, ON - September 2018

Tom is the best travel consultant we have ever used.


Bob & Kit - Toronto, ON - August 2018



Adventure Coordinators is the quintessential travel agency!  Tom Gehrels takes care of my every trip booking need, in a friendly, timely and professional way.  He uses his extensive experience to add value in the way of helpful travel suggestions, info and tips.  For over 15 years and counting, it has been a pleasure dealing with Tom! 

Malini - Peterborough, ON -  August 2018

You were organized and kept us all well-informed along the way. Thank you Tom for assisting us all the way to the airport.

Anna - Toronto, ON - June 2018

Tom has been helping me with my travel arrangements for 15 years. Not only is he a fountain of travel knowledge, he is also a brilliant project manager when it comes to creating complicated itineraries. He takes care of all the details and is always available to give advice. Exceptional client service.

Amanda - Ajax, ON - April 2018

Tom planned an amazing holiday for us, yet again! He is so aware of the details and makes sure that our pick-ups and drop-offs, our guides, the trip, the food and accommodations are top notch! This is our third vacation that Tom planned for us and every time I am impressed. I feel that he takes care of us as if we were his family. We had a last minute problem and needed his help with buying travel insurance for another trip prior to the safari (that he did not plan). There were 10 people in our family traveling together and he arranged for travel insurance within hours of leaving for the holiday. He makes everything trouble-fee for us and eases our minds when traveling.

Nina & Mohamed - Burlington, ON - January 2018

Since Tom has traveled so much and has a lot of experience and interest in travel, he has a wealth of suggestions to fit your desires. And he can quickly make the arrangements you need.

Lena - Mississauga, ON - January 2018

Tom, without a doubt you have been the most amazing travel assistant ever! We've been planning trips with you for 15 years (!?) and have never been disappointed. Your knowledge of travel and the world as well as your warmth and ability to figure out our particular needs and wants is exceptional. I am a very discerning client who is always looking for the higher standard of customer service experience in everything I do and I have found it in travel with you. I would (and have) without any hesitation refer you to everyone I know and anyone I meet. Thank you for giving us the gift of amazing travel!


Colomba - Toronto, ON

It is nice to know that much of your advice is based on first-hand experience that over the years has been proven to be on-the-mark for us... we can trust your service.


Mike & Christine - Guelph ON - June 2017

Tom is extremely helpful in providing suggestions and ideas on how to best plan a vacation. His extensive knowledge and experience from his own travels are helpful in deciding best options. For example - getting from Vilnius to Berlin - he provided very helpful information and links to help me in determining the best option for me. ​

Edith - Toronto, ON - May 2017

You were wonderful to work with and I would certainly recommend your company. 

Bonnie - Jamestown, NC - May 2017

Tom Gehrels is my travel coordinator. His advice, patience and professionalism are outstanding. He is excellent customer service personified with expert advice and knowledge of travel.

Mina - Toronto, ON - March 2017



We want to thank you for planning the most amazing trip [to Galapagos]!  You took care of the big details and the small ones too.  We saw such beautiful sites and wildlife.  We were able to enjoy each other's company and everything turned out perfectly.  I can't say enough good things about your work.  You are so good at what you do.  Thank you again for creating a wonderful itinerary and beautiful experiences that will last forever in our memories.

Nina & family, Mississauga ON - DEC 2016

As usual, great and efficient service and the reading material for Iceland was excellent

Edith - Toronto, ON - June 2016

Having you as my travel agent over the past dozen years or so has been absolutely wonderful. Most of all, I loved your calmness and competence and your wonderful suggestions.

Mary Helen - Toronto, ON

We really enjoyed booking our travels with you. Your experience was greatly appreciated and you were very prompt to answer us. As well you gave us lots of options.
We did recommend people to you.

Sylvie & Claude - Montreal, PQ

We have always enjoyed our travel arrangements that you have organized for us. You took into account our wishes and preferences to organize a fabulous trip which exceeded our expectations! Our trip to the Galapagos in November 2014 was wonderful! We look forward to working with you again.

Mabel-Anne and Allan - Toronto, ON


I really appreciated your willingness to answer all my questions and even connect me with another person who had already taken the trip. You were knowledgeable and helpful and, most important, cheerful and pleasant to deal with.  Everything we look for in planning our hard earned holidays.

Margie - Sydenham, ON

Tom has designed the most fabulous vacations for my three-generation family. All were very active and included exceptional experiences which none of our family of 10 will forget. The grandchildren's favorite was a trip to Belize which included an night walk in the jungle and playing with tarantulas.  He has "read" our interests and filled each day of each trip appropriately.

Sally - Boca Raton, FL


You were always the best and put up with all my odd requests. You were my go-to for nearly 20 years for unique adventures and with your help, I've been to 6 continents and about 85 countries.


Jason - Chatham, ON



You booked tours for me for over 10 years.  Because you have travelled to so many places, you also provided me with a lot of useful information about the destinations and were able to answer any questions I had about the tours and countries visited.


Stephanie -Toronto, ON


Tom = 10 Stars!  Your thorough, diligent and creative planning established the foundation for the seamless execution of an evenly paced itinerary.

Thank you for providing the options to make our adventure truly special and for patiently keeping us organized with your frequent updates and notices during the planning and booking stages. It made all the difference between a good trip and a great adventure!

Norm - Los Angeles, CA - April 2015

Thanks for the prompt reply [about our planned Arctic trip]. Your comments demonstrate once again why your advice is so valued 

Richard  & Pat - Toronto, ON - July 2021

[Via Allignable] Tom meticulously plans your trips and does not miss small details that are essential for a trouble free vacation. He works with you to find the most exciting adventures one is looking for.

Shahzad - Dallas, TX - February 2021

[During CoVID-19 crisis] - Tom - thank you so very much for your patience, understanding & perseverance. You are awesome!

Aida - Calgary, AB - October 2020

[Via Trustpilot] We have used Tom Gehrels for several trips over the past 10 years. He provides excellent advise and service for all our travel plans. His knowledge and expertise is in valuable when planning a trip to exotic places: Galapagos, Germany, Dempstar Hwy in the Yukon. I would highly recommend him when organizing a trip!

Mabel-Anne - Toronto, ON - June 2020

[during COVID-19 crisit] Thanks for all the help. We know we can book lot’s of trips on our own using the internet, but when things get crazy it is nice to have professional help.

Wade & Karen - Paisley, ON - March 2020

(Via Facebook) I have been travelling with Tom Gehrels' help for two decades now, following him to Adventure Coordinators. He truly listens and explores what I am looking for in a trip and provides excellent recommendations drawing on his vast experience. Each trip he wants to make the best ever for his clients. Attention to detail and a one stop shop for amazing trips. Highly recommend Adventure Coordinators!

Mara - Toronto, ON - January 2020

Have been traveling with Tom since  2000 have not been disappointed by his courteous service his kindness and beyond expected expertise very knowledgeable ask a question he has the answer.  

Theresa - Ottawa, ON - December 2019

(Via Virtuoso) Tom was informative, helpful and supportive at every step from the planning and booking to the execution and follow up of our trip. I have already passed his contact information on to others with my positive recommendation of his services.

Mabel-Anne - Toronto, ON - November 2019

(Via Virtuoso) Excellent! He kept us aware of each stage of the trip and answered any questions promptly.

Doug - Toronto, ON - November 2019

(Via Virtuoso)  Tom was very helpful and efficient. He was astute in assessing our wants/requests and accommodating them. He was quick to respond to questions and offered interesting options for every aspect of the trip. We were very satisfied.

Merle & Sam - Winnipeg, MB - October 2019


(Via Google) We have been using Adventure Coordinators since Tom Gehrels has been with them. We have always been happy with his recommedations and service.. He is knowledgable, efficient and courteous - answering our questions promptly.

David - Toronto, ON - September 2019


We are totally happy with the service provided by Tom.  It could not have been better.

Diane - Winnipeg, MB - September 2019

(Via Facebook)  Ever since I relocated to Canada 19 years ago, Tom has been sorting out my travel plans. He is a fountain of knowledge, very patient and always goes above and beyond. My biggest fear is that he might retire before I have finished exploring this planet.

Amanda - Ajax, ON - August 2019

Tom is a pleasure to work with; always available, patient, accommodating, knowledgeable, resourceful, and I've said before 'when you're traveling to the other side of the world on an adventure of a lifetime, it pays to work with the best and Tom has proven himself to excel at his job'.

Aida - Calgary - August 2019

Tom was the best I have had.  Friendly, quick to reply, no question was silly.  Just felt I was in good hands with him in planning my trip.

Florin - Calgary, AB - June 2019

Tom is knowledgeable, helpful and very professional.  I have enjoyed many memorable trips with Tom’s assistance.  I recommend that you contact Tom to plan your next vacation. 

Anna - Toronto, ON - May 2019

Tom has been helping us plan and book international adventure vacations (more than 15) over the past 10 years. Can be counted on for good advice and dependable service.  (via Google Maps)

Frank - Toronto, ON - April 2019

Tom is so knowledgeable, insightful, helpful & friendly. You can't go wrong.  He has first hand experience from so many locations.  He really knows his stuff. He can help you make your dreams come true.   We took his advice & suggestions & had a great vacation experience. From now on he is "Our Guy".

Barry - Timmins, ON - April 2019

I have done a lot of travelling, used a number of agencies – and Adventure Coordinators is the very best!
Their personal experiences of my destinations is always a confidence booster.  It also enables then to provide me with additional suggestions, interesting alternatives and confirm/refute my own research.  I value this expertise!
I also value service touches, such as providing packing suggestions, weather outlooks, reading lists, reminders, etc.  They do follow-ups after I get back.
All of this – at very competitive ( and sometimes better than ) prices!  I am on my third trip ( Galapagos, { Serengeti and Peru, before this} ) and planning a fourth ( Mongolia).  I know that they will look after me.

Violetta - Toronto, ON - March 2019

Knowledgeable,always there to help!

Adalbert - Toronto, ON - March 2019

You’ve have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, always prompt and efficient at responding to any queries and look forward to booking many more trips with you in the future!

Gina - Toronto, ON - February 2019

Great takes care of everything,  One of the best.

Adalbert - Toronto, ON - January 2019

You can always depend on Tom to make great suggestions and plan your trip perfectly.

Amanda - Ajax, ON - December 2018

Always available. Always ready to help and give good advice.  


Denyse - Orleans, ON - November 2018



Tom was very professional , answered my questions about the trip details promptly and very helpful with advice selecting this trip.

Zuzana - Toronto, ON - October 2018

My travel consultant, Tom Gehrels who always goes above and beyond a 'travel agent's call of duty' when working with a client!

Joey - Kingston, ON - September 2018

Timely, knowledgeable, great follow up.  Consistently good service.

Joanne & Andy - Victoria BC - August 2018



Always a pleasure; honest, trustworthy, patient. 15+ years of good service. Tom goes beyond what most do. Answers any and all queries on a timely manner. Provides excellent information. Knowledgeable. Look forward to many more years of travel with Tom's professional service.

Theresa, Toronto, ON - July 2018

This has been a very successful experience for us with all your insights and suggestions. Over the past couple of years we have researched and booked on line all of our travels (South America, China, Baltic, New Zealand, etc.) personally. Just because it’s my nature, I will probably do a lot of research on my own. However, before we book, we will do as we did for Croatia, and contact you for your advice and [make the] final booking [with you].   Your thoughts and experience are worth it.

Richard - Toronto, ON - May 2018

Well informed and timely information and help and advice.


Elsa & Percy - Toronto, ON  - April 2018

It's simple, Tom's one of the best. Great costumer service, very knowledgeable,very helpful.

Albert - Toronto, ON - February 2018

I  returned safely on Wed having had the trip of a life time.  Thanks for all your help. Everything you organized worked very well….as always!

Marion - Owen Sound - January 2018

Tom was awesome and very knowledgeable. Would use him again and plan to do so.

Stephen - Terra Cotta - January 2018



Tom was great to work with - he answered all my questions, offered helpful advice, and was quick to make changes for me when my schedule changed.

Elizabeth - Toronto - January 2018

Just wanted thank you very much for putting together this special holiday for our 10 year anniversary.  Everything was perfect from the nice start with our flight to London (our three seat exit row extra leg room only had the two of us).  The hotels in all three cities were fantastic, loved Montmartre in Paris in particular.  The tours were every informative and the pace was perfect – enough downtime to catch up and/or explore.
It was also a very pleasant surprise to find our room in Amsterdam specially decorated for our anniversary with Roses and balloons when we came into our room.
Back to reality and work today but with  smiles on our faces and great memories of a wonderful once in a life time trip.


Roman & Yaroslava - Oakville, ON - October 2017

Tom is knowledgeable and very helpful. Very quick to answer questions and help us. We have never had any glitches at all on our adventures. Recommend you highly to anyone who asks.

Joanne & Greg - Ridgeville, ON - September 2017

Tom was excellent.  Loved Tom's personal experience about Peru.  He went above and beyond to ensure that the trip happened.

Violet - Toronto, ON - September 2017

I never had a high opinion of travel agents until I met you.

Jeff - Toronto, ON - July 2017



Tom is a delight to deal with; patient; always a pleasure to deal with - freely shares his wealth of information; have been using Tom and AC for many years and look forward to reaching out to Tom in the future years to come

Theresa - Ottawa - June 2017


I am always so impressed with your knowledge and how carefully you work and how much you care about your job. 


Sue - Toronto, ON June 2016

Many thanks for your assistance and help in the booking. Greatly appreciated - great service and keep up the great work!


Edith - Toronto, ON



I think that you are a really excellent travel agent. You really care and you are prompt about details. You have excellent communication skills and the personality to meet people and talk them through. You have travelled so extensively that you have vast amounts of experience.


Sue - Toronto, ON



I have greatly enjoyed all trips which you have arranged for Jean & I. Brazil, being the most recent, was beyond all expectations. I had no idea the country had so much to offer & I absolutely feel indebted to you for making us aware & arranging so many memorable experiences.


Karen - Aurora, ON



Tom has booked 10 Peregrine trips for us since March 2009. In all cases the booking process was smooth and professional. Tom was always very prompt in getting back to us whenever we had any questions. His provision of packing lists and suggested reading lists have been very helpful. It was a pleasure dealing with him.


Anda & Frank - Toronto, ON



I thought your service, knowledge and patience (with all of my questions) was amazing! And it made me feel at ease to know you had been to these places and could make some great recommendations for a single female travelling abroad!


Jolene - Edmonton, AB



It's your knowledge of travel that makes you such a valuable resource to anyone considering a trip -- any style of travel, any price range, and just about any country. I liked that you understood my individual style of travel and didn't try to push pre-designed tours on me.


Tanya - Ottawa, ON


Tom booked many trips for me over the years, to various parts of the world.  I always found him to be pleasant, courteous and efficient, with a good  general knowledge of a wide variety of destinations.    And he usually had some specific knowledge or tips about any given destination.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services, and in fact have done so to some work colleagues and friends.


Gary - Edmonton, AB



You've given us many years of personalized service which David and I have appreciated.
Thanks again for all your great service.


Kathryn - Waterloo, ON


When you are doing adventure travel, especially as a single woman, being able to trust your travel agent is paramount.  Tom always worked with me, with infinite patience, to dot all the i's and cross all the t's so that there was never one hitch.  Even a month in Africa with several different locations - I was completely prepared.  


Jennifer - Toronto, ON


Your professional manner and assistance in helping to plan my vacation needs over many years has been much appreciated.  It's been nice knowing you were always there when needed.  And it's why I stayed with you.


Malini - Peterborough, ON

You have taken Paul and I all over the world.
Your suggestions about places, things to do and stay have been invaluable. Making flight connections in some pretty tricky spots as well.
You made a family trip to Japan memorable. The challenge was to find a tour that would be comfortable for Paul and I and our two university children. We all had an amazing time.

Peggy & Paul - Toronto, ON


Very happy with the suggestions and service you have provided for both me and my wife going back to 2000.
  You opened up a whole new world of adventure travel for us and we are hooked! The biking trips have all been exceptional.
  We have trusted your judgement at all times and have appreciated your sharing of your own personal experiences.
I hope to continue to have you as an agent for travel into the future."

Ross - Toronto, ON

[Via Google My Business] Tom has been an integral part of my travel for many many years. As a passionate traveler himself Tom is a great sounding board and provides excellent recommendations for all of my travel needs: tours, flights, hotels, reading materials and anything else he feels will make the travel experience that much more enjoyable and memorable. I would highly recommend Tom, he listens and delivers well thought recommendations and delivers seamless itineraries. Thank you Tom!

(and by follow- up email) and i hope you know you can always use me as a reference

I couldn't have travelled to the exciting places i've been without you.

Carmen - Toronto, ON - July 2021

[after securing a hard-fought refund for client]  Thanks Tom for phoning with the good news of my refund. You're the greatest!  I look forward to doing business with you again and forevermore when all this shit is behind us.

Bob - St. Peters, NS - January 2021

(Via Trustpilot) Thanks Tom. Over several years I have taken a number of wonderful trips. With your advice I have selected the right trips for me. It has been comforting to know all of the details will be taken care of.

Brenda - Toronto, ON - June 2020

[via Trustpilot] I have been relying on Tom's excellent advice and first class service for over 10 years. He has tremendous personal travel experience, makes excellent trip suggestions and creates solid travel itineraries. Highly recommend

Amanda - Ajax, ON - June 2020

[during COVID-19]   I just wanted to say hello!  I hope you are doing well. I appreciate your emails, keeping the travel dreams going during this time.
I know this will be a tough time for the travel industry (as it is for other “dream supporting” industries), but I know I am itching to go somewhere far away once this thing is over. The trips you have planned for me over the years are the types of memories that keep me from going mad during this self-isolation period.

Julie - Toronto, ON - April 2020


[during COVID-19] Hope you are well Tom! We had a social distancing catch up with [] last week and repeated again our gratitude for their recommendation of you! It was the trip of a lifetime and everything you arranged worked out brilliantly!
Fond wishes and thank you for all your help. Please reach out if possible to Mompati in Botswana and all the groups who welcomed us.

Chris & Stephen - Toronto, ON - March 2020

Tom is a great reference for travel. Good attention to detail.

Debbie - Toronto, ON - February 2020


We really appreciate the almost immediate replies to our questions. This helps to keep new plans moving. And the great suggestions help too.

Stephen & Dawn - Kanata, ON - January 2020

(Via VirtuosoI have been working with Tom for over 12 years and have booked several memorable, terrific vacations with him. He is knowledgeable, professional, well travelled and very helpful. I would recommend using Tom for your next vacation. You will not be disappointed.

Anna - Toronto, ON - January 2020

(Via Virtuoso)  Tom, is very knowledgeable and makes good suggestions on trips and trip options to consider. He is always prompt with his responses to queries. We have been using Tom for all our trips for nearly 15 years.

Mike & Christine - Guelph, ON - December 2019

Thank you, Tom. It's a double pleasure to do business with you because it is definitely related to pleasure and all your arrangements are smooth, fast and precise giving me confidence to be in good hands. I'll certainly follow your advice to stay in Casablanca at least one more day.

Marek - Phoenix, AZ - November 2019

(Via Virtuoso) We have worked with Tom twice in the past, and again, Tom did an awesome job getting our travel plans in place. He is very quick, getting back to us usually the same day, when we were in the planning stages. We had a bit of an issue when we were away [in Croatia], and I contacted Tom for assistance. He was out of the office, on a travel mission, but got back to me immediately, and had the issued resolved immediately. I would highly recommend Tom, and I have done many times.

Rob & Diane - Winnipeg, MB - October 2019

I’ve dealt with Tom, my adventure coordinator, for fourteen (14) years.  Biggest thing that comes to mind is that Tom’s response time to my bookings, questions, and needs is very quick.  I never have to wait days or a week for him to reply.  This was, and still is, very helpful because it diminishes any stress I may have about a challenging trek, and I now have done several of them. What I also appreciated is having him explain why one trip over another might be more suitable or beneficial to me.  He’s also gone out of his way to research and book me a mini trip outside of a main trip which I really appreciated at the time. He was even able to save me money on that weekend trip.  Overall, Tom is there to help me make the best choices concerning my travel needs even when my requests are a little complicated. Thank you, Tom!

Irene - Garson, ON - September 2019

(Via Google) Tom Gehrels responds promptly to all requests. We have been enjoying his service since 2001. He is very helpful and provides additional info for coming trips.

Vlad - Toronto, ON - September 2019

(Via Virtuoso) Tom at Adventure Coordinators certainly provided a wonderful service when changes had to be made on a recent tour and flights. Travel support continues after the initial booking and I can rely on Tom to look after my best interest with tour operators and airlines and provide good information to prepare for the trip.

Chris - Toronto, ON - September 2019

(Via Google) While I’ve only dealt with Tom virtually for these last 18 years, he has been my go-to man for most (if not all) my travel decisions; Tom is resourceful, knowledgeable (102+ countries), efficient, diligent and courteous. Responds quickly; attentive. I trust all his clients feel the same way.

Theresa - Ottawa, ON - September 2019

(Via Google) - I have booked several trips on 5 continents with Tom. His knowledge of whatever destination we're looking at is always exceptional, and his service is unparalleled - prompt accurate and detailed. Tom takes the time to understand our expectations and he delivers. Highly recommended.

Rob - Winnipeg. MB - September 2019

(Via Google Tom has helped us plan the perfect adventure trip through Costa Rica with three teenagers, a huge trip to Peru (Machu Picchu), Ecuador, and the Galapagos (with just one teenager that time), and has now helped my husband me design a fantastic Botswana safari (which we will be enjoying soon). Tom is super easy to work with - we give him an idea of what we're thinking of and when, and his experience allows him to put together tailored options from which we can choose what works best within our budgets and timelines. Sure, we can book trips ourselves online, but sometimes it's hard to know what you're really going to get. And honestly I don't have the time for all the research and cost comparisons and reading online reviews, etc. Tom has been to these places, has great connections, and understands the experiences we're looking for. When I go on a big vacation I want to be sure that the time (and money) is well spent, and when I book with Tom at Adventure Coordinators I always have that confidence. Bon voyage!

Stefanie - Clarksville MD - August 2019

Easy, professional. Have complete confidence in his recommendations and judgement re any trip I choose.

Felicity - Toronto, ON - July 2019

Excellent to work with. Tom has planned multiple holidays for us including India, the Galapagos, & most recently Italy’s Amalfi Coast. His recommended locations & activities are almost always accepted and turn out to be terrific. The guides he has arranged for us become part of the family. On the fly adjustments are easy.

Bill - Toronto, ON - July 2019

[After arranging for special flight assistance for client with a broken foot].  Again & again, thanks so much for your help. You are a fantastic travel organizer and I consider it a privilege for me to make travel business with you. You have all my confidence.

Manon - Montreal, PQ - June 2019

Met always with sincere courtesy.  Planning and advice are proposed with only my choices and decisions in mind.  Good attention to detail.  Short response time to inquiries.  I would happily recommend their services.

Calvin - Toronto, ON - June 2019

Excellent. He [Tom Gehrels] was always responsive to all requests and even last minute changes.

Aras - Toronto, ON - June 2019

I found Tom quite professional and was a good resource. He was able to answer questions and secure good advice.

Scott - St. John's - June 2019

Very professional and accommodating in arranging a trip to Morocco a few years ago and now a trip to St. Petersburg and Vilnius. (via Yelp)

Aras & Cathy - Toronto, ON - April 2019

Very prompt and gives excellent advice.

Dalia - Toronto, ON - April 2019

Great company! We have been dealing with them for over 10 years for many of our travels. (via Facebook)

Anda - Toronto, ON - April 2019

Thank you for your wisdom, creativity and commitment to making our dream trip happen!

Chris & Stephen - Toronto, ON - March 2019

Tom was once again an excellent resource and easy to work with, despite having to rebook my trip due to it being cancelled the first time he got my refund to me quickly from the first trip and gave recommendations to rebook right away. I also liked getting the emails as my trip approached with packing lists and things to do in the area I was visiting. This is the second trip I booked with Tom and it was perfect both times. I will be looking to Tom again in the future for my next crazy vacation his knowledge of all the trips makes finding the right one quick and painless especially with all the options out there. I would book through Tom rather than doing it myself online anyday. I had an awesome trip. 


Barbara - Acton, ON - March 2019

Excellent service from the stage I'm thinking about a trip to the trips conclusion. I have been a client of Tom's for at least 20 years now and hold him in high regard for his insight and recommendations.

Sandra -  Bolton, ON - February 2019

Thanks again for the great service!


Marie-Joëlle - Montreal PQ - January 2019

As always, competent, informed and honest.

Felicity, Toronto, ON - December 2018

Tom was great to work with, quick to answer emails and always very helpful with and issues or addition add-ons we wanted.

Matthew - Pincher Creek, AB - November 2018

Tom was responsive to questions and was attentive to details of the itinerary that made the best use of our travel time and sightseeing [in China]. His hotel suggestions were first rate and he made sure that we had all proper documentation through repeated requests for copies of passports, visas, etc. We had no problems.

David & Karen - Okatie, SC - October 2018


I rely with full confidence on Tom's assistance and advice. He is always available and I have a feeling that if I would need any help he will be right there. I have never seen him, but feel as close as we are traveling together.

Marek - Phoenix, AZ - October 2018


om provided excellent advise to help me select a trip. Also, when I had an emergency before joining the group, Tom responded to my emails and helped me resolve the issue, even though it was a Sunday.


Davida - Toronto, ON - September 2018


Professionalism, timely replies.  Fantastic suggestions.  Detailed itinerary.

Roman - Toronto, ON - September 2018

Tom is great; knowledgeable, helpful and very efficient! 

Taline - Toronto, ON - August 2018

We have been clients of Toms for many many years!! he is professional, a wealth of knowledge and always answers e-mails in a timely, efficient manner. We have appreciated and accepted his recommendations on tour companies and countries to visit.

Iona & Koren - Brampton, ON - August 2018

We have always had great trips when Tom helps us with the planning and arrangements. He has a tremendous knowledge of places to go and lots of good ideas for things to do and places to stay. On our recent trip to Holland we loved our hotels and the trip to Hindeloopen was a highlight. Only glitch was that bicycle rental fell through in Hindeloopen due to wrong size bike for my son. However we explored the town on foot and it was beautiful. Even met a sheep whisperer on the dyke, also watched the kite surfers and we hiked all over the place... We also went to Amsterdam and The Hague, which are great places to visit. Of note, our hotel in The Hague, the Kennedy B Aparthotel, was beautiful, had good breakfast included, and was right on the tramline to the beach or downtown. Awesome choice! Thanks Tom for another great travel experience!

Neil, Kathy & Liam - Toronto, ON - July 2018

I was thinking of a big trip last year. A friend of mine gave me Tom's name. Since I talked to Tom about what type of trip I wanted, he has been very helpful & provided info. He always responds to my questions in time and patiently explains various trips to me. He helped booking our Spitsbergen photography -in search of polar bears for us, provided professional suggestiongs to us to prepare the trip. We are happy with his service.


Peimeng - Toronto, ON - June 2018

Outstanding. Tom has insight to the needs of your trip, arranges beautiful character hotels and there are no surprises. Strongly recommend Tom's services.

Floyd - Durham, NC - May 2018

Tom takes a straightforward approach with just right answers and no BS whatsoever. He works with enormous speed and I have a feeling that he is with me while planning the trip. Whenever he travels, he assigns substitute or letting know when he is back. I feel I have a friend in him.

Marek - Phoenix, AZ - April 2018

I received lots of useful advice to make my trip run smoothly. Nothing is forgotten and I know I can trust the advice I receive.

Amanda - Toronto, ON - April 2018

We've been working with Tom for over 10 years and he has never disappointed us. He takes the time to learn our likes and dislikes and really get to know us so each trip we plan gets easier and easier because we trust Tom to make amazing choices for us that align with what we like and want! We highly recommend Tom's services!

Pat - Toronto, ON - January 2018

Knowledgeable, first-hand and friendly service is the hallmark of this organization. Special recognition must go to Tom Gehrels for his great travel advice.

Robert - Halifax, NS - December 2017


Tom Gehrels is very knowledgeable about our destinations having been there himself. He always gives very quick responses to our questions.

Campbell - Caledon, ON - December 2017

I valued the honest views on the safety of places I would like to go to and the relative merits or drawbacks when comparing tours/operators.  

Chris - Toronto, ON - October 2017

Tom is the only travel agent in my life. Have relied on him for years for advice/booking of my yearly travels.


Odette - Grande Digue, NB - September 2017



I enjoyed the access to lots of reading material about the destination.  
Timely communication and an awareness of personal interests for making other suggestions provided a personal touch

Rosemary - Brantford, ON - August 2017


I appreciate Tom's willingness to give the best service to his client.  He provides helpful advice when asked; is timely in his responses, and is very personable and professional. 


Malini - Peterborough, ON - June 2017



We don't just keep working with you because you are a friend but because you do a damn good job. 


Tim & Trish - Toronto, ON - June 2017



I especially like the personalization because I take extra days and sometimes go off the beaten track to visit other areas in the same country which means booking additional domestic flights and other hotels. I also like getting my agent's personal opinion before I make my mind up about a decision.

Irene - Sudbury, ON - June 2017

I’m happy to refer anyone to you…you put the best trip of my life together for my mom and I and I would never hesitate to use you again!

Willemijn - Toronto, ON - May 2017



Kathy - Toronto, ON - May 2017



Once again, the personalized service and expert advice of Tom G. has been a value add to our holiday planning. Tom made recommendations of activities and locations that we might not have discovered, from ensuring we do our "must see" locations to the compromises of what to skip as time will not permit. We are confident Tom helped us plan another excellent adventure!

Jocelyn - Toronto, ON - May 2017


Tom Gehrels was able to grasp the extent and breath of the adventure I wanted which he delivered an in a prompt & friendly manner. In mid-tour he continues to provide assistance in notifying you of flight changes/cancellations; he is a total professional and inspires my confidence!

You are an absolute treasure.  Thank you very much for your hard work in fielding our numerous questions and your kind wishes.

Aida - Calgary AB - May 2017


We had a great trip...amazing in every way!!!  Thanks so much for all the organizing you did for us.  We never missed a beat.  The hotel we stayed in at Machu Picchu was wonderful and the upgrade just topped it off!!!😄. Thanks again.


Angela & JP - Sydenham, ON - April 2017


Over the past several years Tom & I have developed a strong understanding of each other, my travel needs & style, a bond of trust.  Tom has been most helpful on several occasions, is friendly & knowlegable & efficient. We are already working my next adventure into North Korea. I look forward to continuing this relationship for as long as I'm able to Adventure Travel!

Jim, Sutton ON - March 2017



Tom Gehrels has been my travel agent for about 20 years, wouldn't use anyone else.

Jason, Dover Centre ON - January 2017

I have booked complex tailored itineraries with Tom. He works at it until I'm happy with every aspect. He solicits feedback to always improve.  

Everything you did from your end Tom was top notch. As usual, the bookings went off without a hitch, and your follow up to my questions were always helpful with minimal wait time. Thank you.

Barry, Calgary AB - October 2016

Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable service - Tom always goes beyond the mere yes or no answer - wouldn't want to deal with anyone else!

Theresa, Toronto, ON - October 2016

Tom is wonderful, always helpful and his recommendations have always been great.


Rose - Toronto, ON - October 2017



All information is provided quickly and accurately, and the additional details and information provided, based on knowledge and experience are highly valuable. Keep up the great work - always a pleasure dealing with you!

Edith - Toronto, ON - September 2016

I like to be able to trust that all of the details will be taken care of and they were.  I asked a lot of questions and they were all answered promptly and in a friendly way, Tom was a real professional.  


Joan - Toronto, ON - September 2016

I am grateful for being able to rely on your advice. Spot on every time.

Odette - Grande Digue, NB - August 2016



I would not trust my travel plans with anyone else.  Total satisfaction in all you do for me when it comes to helping me out!  Keep up the great work!

Joey  - Kingston ON - August 2016



When you are planning a trip of a lifetime, It pays to go with professionals and Tom is the best! Thank you very much, Tom!!!  I appreciate your hard work.  Tom updated via email on airline cancellations. Great service!  Despite my numerous questions, they were all answered in a timely and friendly manner. Loved it!

Aida - Calgary AB - June 2016



What I really appreciate about your service is the extra info you provide, out of your vast experience. I don’t know any other travel agent who does this and it’s worth a lot.


Toni - Dundas, ON - April 2016



Always terrific wouldn't want to deal with anyone else.


Theresa - Toronto, ON - April 2016


Service was excellent. Information was accurate, timely, and helpful


Richard & Kathleen - Wirtz, VA - April 2016