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Towering mountains, ancient Inca & Mayan ruins, Patagonian glaciers, rhythms of samba and salsa, rain forests and islands teeming with wildlife, colonial towns - so many reasons to go to Latin America!  Hike your heart out in Torres del Paine, swim with sea lions in the Galapagos, discover the mysteries of Machu Picchu, explore the Amazon - so much variety in one continent!



With South America straddling the equator and stretching a vast distance from north to south, it is not surprising that there are many different climatic zones.  The best time to travel to Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia is during the dry season from April through October.  The best time to travel to Colombia or Patagonia (in the south of Chile and Argentina), is between December and February.

Travel to the Amazon sees two distinct season.  The High Water Season (December-May in Peru, March to August in Brazil) allows you to get deeper into the jungle by boat and see more wildlife. During the other months (June - November in Peru, September to February in Brazil), migratory birds abound and you can walk the jungle trails.

Travel to the Galapagos Islands is great at any time of the year.  December through May are great for swimming and snorkeling, you can see the mating rituals of animals and birds, flowers bloom and the sea is calmer. During June through November fish and bird life is generally more prolific

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