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Tom's Story

From a young age I knew I was meant to travel. 

I remember in third grade excelling in geography and being spellbound by photos of Victoria Falls and my father's stories about his time in Irian Jaya (now Indonesia) and Australia. 

My parents took me all over Europe - I vividly remember hiking in Austria, swimming in Norwegian fjords and the mountains and beaches of France. 

As soon as I could, I set out on my own, hitchhiking to Istanbul and Northern Norway and cycling in many European locales.

It wasn't long before I got a job in the travel industry.  And after brief stints as outdoor instructor in Sweden, safari guide in Southern Africa and in the hospitality industry in Holland, I found my calling as a travel consultant in 1993 and moved to Canada.

I love what I do - I love giving you, the adventurous traveller my personal advice and making sure you get the best holiday ever, every time!

our travellers

I am a travel agent who loves working with adventurous travellers who want to explore our beautiful world, who are curious about wildlife and nature, other cultures, food and people.  Whether you want to be active or prefer to travel more leisurely; whether you want to stay in family-run hotels or luxury lodgings; and whether you want to travel in a small group with likeminded travellers or travel with your own family, friends or partner; if you have a love of adventure travel, I would love to work with you.


i am different

I have a quarter century of industry experience, travelled to 100+ countries (and counting) and to all continents.  I have done it all, from backpacking to luxury journeys.  I have trekked world-famous trails, stayed in some very memorable lodges and hotels and journeyed on just about every conveyance imaginable (ask me about that time I shared a beer with Soviet soldiers in the back of their truck).

I listen to what you need, use my personal experience and knowledge to find you the perfect trip or design a privately guided holiday for you.   My service is speedy and delivered with a personal touch.


I make sure each and every vacation is a memorable one.

That is my travel experience put to work for you.  


From the first phone call or e-mail to the moment of departure, while you are enjoying your holiday and even after you come back, I am here to help and put my expertise and knowledge to work for you.

In addition, you get lots of extras - reading lists, access to our library of thousands of background articles, free advice and even the occasional joke (sorry, I can't help myself).  

We're all in

If you were to book directly with a tour operator you still have to find your airfare, insurance and perhaps additional nights at a hotel.  And they will often leave you hanging where it comes to visa & medical advice.  I do it all.  I am your One-Stop-Adventure-Shop.


fees and earnings

And for none of that I charge a premium.  I don't have to as the companies I book you with pay me a commission.  And since Adventure Coordinators is a small company it has little overhead.

The only fee I employ is a $100 per person professional fee to research, book, issue and service airline tickets. I do this as airlines no longer remunerate me for offering their product, yet I put a lot of time in my research.  (Read here why this is a good investment for you).   

I have reasonable administration fees should you change or cancel your booking which I only apply when I find I have a lot of extra work.


Over the past 25 years I have built up a great network of trusted suppliers.  I work with a select group of great adventure tour operators - companies that have an established reputation and that I know and trust.

For my small-group departures I look at each operator’s trips in depth, compare them to similar trips by other operators, and will present you with those that I believe offer you the best experience.  The trips listed on this website are all the best of the best, although we are not able to list all of them on our site.

For my tailored-for-you trips (we call them private journeys) I have selected the best destination management companies in the world with long track records and great reputations.  I work closely with you and them to design and book your next dream vacation.  Read more about our travel styles

team work

Personal travel planners have little time left to do all those other functions that makes a good travel agency run smoothly: 

24/7 emergency support, marketing, accounting, bookkeeping, contracting, licensing, IT and technical support are all tasks that require experts to do them well.

That is why I have teamed up with Vision Travel where a group of dedicated professionals do all those support functions and more.

A better world through travel

I strongly believe travel has a role to play in making this world a better place.   I do this by encouraging you to purchase carbon offsets for your flights and by working with specialist operators who have shown a commitment to employing local people, charitable giving and minimizing their impact on local cultures and the environment. 

At the same time I believe companies have a role to play in helping those in our society who are less fortunate than us and being good stewards of the environment.  At Adventure Coordinators I do this by supporting (with treasure, time and/or talent) both local and overseas charities.  I typically donate 2% of my after-tax profits and in 2019 I supported  The Toronto People with Aids Foundation, The Sick Kid's Foundation, World Vision's Mozambique appealMelanie's WayLifewater CanadaAurora House and the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

24/7 support

Despite my best efforts, sometimes things do not quite go as planned.  Weather may throw you for a loop, or a family emergency may force you to come home early.   I will do my utmost to personally get any problems solved.  And if I am unavailable, my 24-hour support phone number connects you to a team of dedicated travel professionals able to assist you with making those much-needed changes.

the virtuoso difference

Adventure Coordinators is a member of the Virtuoso network of luxury travel agencies, representing the best of the best in travel.  With a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners - top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more - I use my global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for you.

the tico difference

Adventure Coordinators is registered with TICO under registration number 50023501.  When you purchase your travel services from a TICO registered travel agency you are protected by an industry financed Travel Compensation Fund. Subject to the Regulation, the Compensation Fund reimburses consumers when they do not receive the travel services purchased due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of either an Ontario travel retailer, Ontario travel wholesaler or due to the failure of an airline or cruise line.

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We are located in Toronto, Canada and work in partnership with Vision Travel and Virtuoso.  TICO license 50023501

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