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What People Say About our Tours

[Via Virtuoso] This was my third Intrepid trip in the past year. They always deliver. This time I travelled to Vietnam on their top selling trip. It’s a 10 day romp through the country. It’s definitely not long enough to see Vietnam but I knew that before booking. I had time constraints. Here’s why Intrepid excels: - their tour leaders are local and know their home countries well. They’re well trained and organized and used to dealing with tourists. Aware of their needs (heat, tiredness, interests). - the hotels are generally pretty good. Some hotels were spectacular ( eg the hotel in Hue was beautiful). - the itineraries capture the highlights. This one was a good intro to the country. Now I know where I’d go when I go back. - I’ve had good experience with groups. Interesting well- travelled people from all over the world. I always pick Intrepid over other tour operators because of their ethos, itineraries, hotels, leaders and due to other travellers I meet!

Margie - Toronto, ON - June 2024



[Via Email]  Japan was fabulous! Our timing was perfect for cherry blossoms galore. Our group of travellers was wonderful as well as the leaders of which we had three

Mina - Toronto, ON - April 2024

[Via Virtuoso] Intrepid organized our guides while in Costa Rica. Our tour director (Keren) was spectacular - while quite young, she was very attentive and knowledgeable. She never got flapped over a couple of small situations. She made some great changes to our itinerary on the fly, which was appreciated by all of us. Our bus driver Ivan was also terrific. Quiet, but very kind and a very careful driver. We would happily travel with Intrepid again

Beth & Don - Woodstock, ON - January 2024


[Via Virtuoso] Intrepid provided an outstanding guide [in Costa Rica] who travelled with us for 10 of our 13 days. Keren was special in every sense of the word - exceptional knowledge, enthusiasm, energy, advice, concern and attention to detail. Intrepid also provided an outstanding driver. Yvan drove our group safely along twisting narrow mountain roads with great skill. Intrepid also provided local guides whose knowledge and skill were appreciated. My only criticism is the small bus used by Intrepid. In two words it was “tight” and “uncomfortable.” Two adults were jammed hip to shoulder into the double seats. Also the seats were so closely aligned there was no leg room for tall persons. We will certainly travel with Intrepid again, but will check the type of bus provided first.

Brian - Toronto, ON - January 2024

[Via Virtuoso] The trip [to Sri Lanka] was very well planned and organized, giving us the opportunity to see, learn about and experience many aspects of the country, the culture, the history, the people, local cuisine and more.

Elena - Toronto, ON - January 2024

[by email] Really the Catamaran [in Thailand] was one of the highlights of the trip. Its a good way to get around and see many islands outside of doing various day trips. Our boat would show up outside key times day trippers would show up.Phuket and islands around this area are so busy this was a better alternative.Its not a luxury trip as the living quarters are cramped but the double cabin had a separate bathroom and was the best cabin of the bunch. Most of the other cabins were really tight and many tended to sleep outside on the deck. Thailand was busy so this was a great way to see some iconic and special places.

Nick & Lara - Lake Country BC - January 2024

[by email] My National Geographic tour in Egypt was exceptional.  It exceeded my expectations.  I was hoping for an educational tour, and I couldn't have asked for a more informative guide and archaeologist.  I was very relieved that I didn't feel in danger at all.  An armed security guard accompanied us on a lot of our outings.  Egypt really wants to keep its tourists safe.  Flying in Premium Economy made the long flights bearable, so I will definitely be interested in that class in the future.

Sandra - Victoria, BC - November 2023



[by email] It was an amazing trip. [St Jean - Logroño, self-guided Camino] We are still trying to orient back into life outside the Camino. 
We can’t thank you enough for the organization and attention to detail. The hotels were above our expectations and we have no regrets about choosing hotels over auberges. ( did that once😜)
Having split the day from St Jean to Ronsellvales was a game changer for us. Thanks for that suggestion. 
Amazing trip and we truly hope that we will finish the walk. 
Thanks Again

Claudine - Paradise - NL - October 2023

[by email] We had a great trip. Croatia is really beautiful and we feel like we saw a good deal of the country.

The Explore trip was good overall. We had only 9 in our group, which was a good size. The trip leader was excellent, very knowledgeable and charming. Hotels were good for the most part, as was the overall pace of the trip. 

Marian - Toronto, ON - October 2023

[by email, abbreviated version, full version available on request]  The trip was excellent!  The crew were exemplary - especially the "hotel" staff.  They were always cheerful, friendly and skilled at their jobs.  The food was superb - we now need a serious diet!  We liked the way they approached wine.  They had an extensive list with bottles starting at $25 but also offered a "3 for $70" deal. 
The stateroom was very comfortable and it was nice to have the extra space with a couch and balcony.
We were also impressed with the Expedition Team - many of whom had actually lived in Greenland.  Their City Walks and Presentations were very informative, professional and frequent.
The ship, of course, is brand new and the captain kept us afloat!!!  The Observation Lounge could have been organized better but there was more than enough deck space when conditions allowed.
Our first three days were rainy so we didn't see much of Disko Bay or the Eqip Sermia glacier but, later in the trip, the Captain made a spontaneous detour in Prins Christian Sound and took us to another glacier calving into a smaller fjord.  We stayed there a few hours while we enjoyed a BBQ on the sunny deck.  Mother Nature also decided to compensate for the rain and provided an Aurora the first clear night.  Beautiful!
Michel wasn't so fond of the days at sea and, if we ever save up for another expedition cruise we'll try to avoid itineraries that include such time.

Anne - Vancouver BC - September 2023

[by email, abbreviated version, full version available on request] The Tour du Mont Blanc is an absolutely wonderful hike — there are picture perfect views of mountains 75% of the time, the trails are well maintained and varied.  It is truly a world class hike. [...] the hike is hard, there is no two ways about it.  But it is doable if you pace yourself, and enjoy the views along the way. [...]  I really liked doing the tour clockwise with relatively quiet mornings, and around lunch time would encounter all the anti-clockwisers which was always a good sign.  Then a quiet afternoon as well.
The route notes provided were extremely helpful, and needed to be followed to the letter.  Although there is a lot of signage, it would be easy to accidentally take a variant, so the notes give a good indication of what to look out for and which signs to follow.  [...]
talk of the ladders is way overblown.  It is a very short section, the ladders are very solid and well designed.  [...]  That being said in the last couple days there are some hair parts of the trail that you need to be very very careful … so long as you do that all is okay but I wouldn’t want to be afraid of heights in those parts.[...]
It was good staying in the hotels each night — a nice shower and private rooms.  Food was consistently excellent for both breakfasts and dinners.  Coffee is consistently excellent and quick — and that says a lot coming from me :-).  Breakfasts were plentiful with glorious yogurt, fruit, granola at the very least … and in most places cheeses, hams, eggs, croissants etc.  Dinners were full on delicious 3 course meals.
Accommodations were all good.  Bottom of the list was Base Camp in Bourg St. Maurice because I found it a bit claustrophobic.  The Hotel Richmond in Chamonix is wonderful, the owner is super helpful and friendly, and it is very central.  Outstanding views from Hotel Splendide in Champex and Auberge des Glaciers in La Fouly.  Roccy Pop in Les Houches is bizarre :-) but fun, and food excellent.  I had heard so much about Refugio Bonatti before the trip — really no loss not having stayed there …. you hike there anyway and get to see the views and I am happy enough missing the dormitory experience :-).
The transfers (taxi) and bus trips were all very easy.  The taxi was setup and was pre-arranged for a particular time to pick up already.  Buses all turned out to be free for some reason and were relatively easy to figure out. [...]
Bottom line: it is fantastic.

Mara - Toronto, ON - July 2023


[by email] Heavens- I have little to add because Mara so accurately and clearly described our experience! It was fabulous, it was challenging, and the occasional off-route glitches were minor. Installing an eSIM was invaluable, giving us access to Google Maps almost anywhere we were on a trail; backcountry is unconnected backcountry in the Rockies, but not so at all on the TMB. The word I kept using over and over was 'civilized'; it was such a treat to have a luggage transfer, to have exceptional food, and to have access to a shower every night. 
[...] There were a lot of discussions about footwear on the TMB Facebook page; I chose to go with my proper sturdy Hanwags even though dozens of people indicated that they were going to hike in Merrell trail shoes and whatnot. I felt far more confident on the trickier bits but we did have some longer stretches of pavement at the end of some long days, and the boots were definitely a liability. Would I do it again? the time of suffering I said 'no', but now at this end....well, maybe... :D 

Leona - Pitt Meadows, BC - Jul 2023

[by email] While I have taken many group trips, Cycling the Dalmatian Coast [] was one of my most favourite adventures ever. Croatia is the land of stunning scenery, refreshing seaside swims, delicious food and drink, and friendly local people. The organization of the tour was seamless and our guide was exceptional. Active travel always brings the most interesting and dynamic people together from around the world. There is no better recipe than having adventures with like-minded others.

Melissa - Toronto, ON - June 2023

[Via Virtuoso} Intrepid is one of few operators who can pull together a trip to some lesser-known places while incorporating cities, rural areas and a mix of activities. Their style of travelling works for me because they rely on family-run hotels, which I prefer because the families care about their business moreso than big chains. All hotels were great. We also travelled by train, private bus, and on public buses, which are always a treat. I appreciate the time Intrepid takes to build tours that work for people like me who are interested in adventure travel.

Margie - Toronto, ON - June 2023

[By email at the end of a tour to acquaint their adoptive children with the country of their birth] Good morning from Vietnam!
Today is our last day on our amazing trip of Vietnam, and we want to send you a big thank you for arranging such a remarkable, rememberable and beautiful trip.
At first, we were a bit nervous, riding motorcycles with 8 million others in downtown HCMC.  It was definitely one of the kids’ highlights zipping along the busy streets, and bar/ restaurant hopping.  It gave us an idea on how the young people live. We highly recommend this.
We all had a wonderful time, from running through the Cu Chi tunnels, zipping around on motorcycles, the gorgeous boat ride on the Mekong delta, canoeing through the Mekong channels, riding on a cart in back of a motorcycle, viewing the thousands of light lanterns in Hoi An, 80 minute daily messages at TIA wellnesses, the gorgeous cruise through Ha Long Bay, checking out caves and kayaking in Ha Long Bay. Each day was a different adventure and super fun.
What topped it all, was visiting numerous homes, eating with the local people and sharing stories with them. They taught us how to make tofu, rice paper, hats, silks and how to farm.  They gave us tours of their homes, we saw how they cooked, slept, gardened and worked. We gained so much knowledge on how they lived, and perhaps how [our daughter's] family lived.
Our accommodations were top notch with private backyard pools, white sand beaches, massages and delicious food. They were all gorgeous.
Thank you again.  This tour was a wonderful, and positive introduction into [our daughter's] culture.  It will be remembered as the best family vacation thus far.   Thank you for being part of this special journey with us.


Stephanie - Toronto, ON - March 2023


[By email, Private tour of Egypt]  A&K seemed very focused on making sure we were well looked after, making sure we were first in line for things.  The trip organization and coordination was about as good as I could’ve hoped for.  The Egyptologists were all very knowledgeable and friendly.  The drivers were all very good and professional.  
The itinerary worked very well, but if I were to do it again, I would change a few minor things.  The pace of the trip was pretty good. but a free day to lounge about the Winter Palace would’ve been great.  Also, I see little value, personally, in the Nile Cruise.  The evening shows are a garish mockery of the culture, the rooms are tight and you are stuck to doing what the boat does.  I’d’ve rather driven from Aswan to Luxor, with the same 2 stops at Kom Ombo and Edfu.
The added day in Luxor for Dendera and Abydos was well worth it, fabulous temples a little off the beaten path so a bit less crowded.
The surprise highlight,  mostly because we loved the young lady who guided us, was the food tour in Cairo.  Not only was the tour excellent, she was an exceptional woman who we all took to very quickly.  
In general, hotel breakfasts are hotel breakfasts, but when lunch was included, it was usually at an interesting little spot you’d likely not find on your own.  Dinners were mostly on our own, and most hotel suppers were below average. 
While crazy expensive and certainly not for everyone, the tour of the GEM was fantastic.  I will never be able to examine sarcophagi and other artifacts that are fresh discoveries, having never been displayed, within inches… and no glass.  The wood restoration/preservation lab, and all the properly behind the scenes stuff was truly exceptional.
Overall a nearly perfect trip, despite the few hindsight changes I might make if doing it again, it has been one of our best.

Jason, Jenny, and Emily - Dover Centre, ON - January 2023 (Edited for length)

[by emailThe private tour [to Botswana] was almost 100% outstanding.  The logistics were seamless for all the flights and transfers.   Everything went according to schedule, every flight, every transfer, easy-peasy.  That was terrific.  The lodges had great food, variety, preferences, quality, top notch.  I really loved Moremi and Muchenje – the game drives were awesome, the owners/managers/staff were all great, the setup was great.  Hyena Pan, I did not like the terrain of the mopane forest and the game was harder to see.  There were few people there and that detracted from the experience.  Having said that, their location on a waterhole was very cool, the elephants came right up to the swimming pool, and they had an elephant hide setup that was fantastic.  So, I wouldn’t have given that part up.  It was very intense to be constantly moving, either on drives or changing lodges.  Vic Falls was of course spectacular, the helicopter ride on my bday was amazing while the rafting, that was scary.  That particular hotel was a terrific location, and I very much appreciate that you got us a room with a view of the falls misting up from the canyon.  They had a cake and a bottle of champagne in our room when we arrived. What’s not to like?

Angela - Burlington, ON - December 2022
(Edited for length and clarity)

[by email] The trip [to Egypt] was excellent and Jean and I had a great time. G Adventures was very efficient and well organized and our guide was outstanding.  All of the venues were amazing as well as the hotels, especially the one in Luxor. We enjoyed the cruise too.  A 10 out of 10!

Lynne -Huuntsville - December 2022

[Via Virtuoso] This private trip to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia was well planned, with excellent recommendations on activities and which game lodges to stay in. Another fantastic trip. Thanks, Tom.

Jason - Dover Centre, ON - November 2022

[By email] Trip was great - lots of good food, wine and sights and some great people. I really enjoyed northern Spain - I like the food in those areas. Northern Portugal also great - we had a bit of rain however not too much.
The tour leader in for the Spain part of the trip was great; the tour leader in Portugal was new and needs a lot more mentorship. Have provided the feedback to Intrepid.

Andrea - Toronto, ON - October 2022

It [a privately guided honeymoon to Botswana] was incredible. A trip of a lifetime. We couldn’t of wished for a better vacation.  Thanks so much for helping with everything.


Jeremy & Vitalina - Toronto, ON -

October 2022

I really enjoyed the tour [of Portugal] - there was only 9 of us this time which was good. The guide was knowledgeable, kind and passionate about the location. 
So nice to be able to get back exploring the world!

Steph - Courtice, ON - September 2022

Great tour, Tom [Cycling in Vermont].   Leaders were very warm & professional.  I was sole Canadian but connected well with everyone.  One other single, a Boston psychotherapist.  Excellent food & accommodations.  Weather a bit spotty, but much better than blueberry trail last year.  Cycling moderate, several moved to an Ebike, but I was fine with what I chose.   Kayaked for first time & that worked out well.  Basin Harbor breakfast buffet was amazing.  Would definitely go with VBT again though they advertise exclusively to Americans.  Would have been nice to have a free parking option as I paid close to $100 at Burlington International Airport.

Richard - Toronto, ON - September 2022

The trip [through the North-West Passage] was amazing; 4 out of 4 stars.  Kayaking along the ice-cap's edge was the highlight for me.  Checkmarks on polar bears, musk ox, caribou, blue whale, belugas...  Interaction with Inuit communities offered great learning and reflection for us.  Staff and crew were fantastic; we enjoyed the casualness of it all, and shared cigars with a few others on several well-lit nights; two with no sunset.  Ice prevented our excursion at Beechey and landing at Resolute; actually had to return to Greenland to fly back home. Decision was good as we also skirted a pretty horrible windstorm and ended up with an unexpected zodiac excursion into the edge of the ice-pack mid-Baffin Bay.  Our physical reminders are a musk ox yarn neck-warmer and a tupilaq carved from caribou antler. Although the trip was quite pricey compared to others we've taken, it was well worth it.

Mark and Roger - Toronto, ON - August 2022

Just want to let you know that I returned safely from my Iceland Trip.  The trip took me to another world.  The seasons are different, the climate is different and the language is different for sure.  I saw many wonderful things and I'm glad I went.  
Thank you for your help.  I could have never made this trip without your help.

David - Albuquerque, NM - July 2022

The tour [of Italy] was wonderful -- better than I expected -- and our leader, Luca, couldn't have been more professional or concerned about our happiness.  The handle on my suitcase broke near the beginning of the tour, and Luca had it repaired in Florence and wouldn't take any money for it.  He was fabulous.
I would have like the tour to have included more guided tours to specific sights, such as the Colosseum and certain museums that everyone wants to see.  The only included tours were to Pompeii and at a lemon farm.  On the Greece tour I took last fall by GAdventures, guided tours of all but one archaeological site were included.
I went on two hikes, which were unforgettable: at Cinque Terre and the Walk of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast.  Also, we rented a private boat to take most of us to Capri, and that was another memorable day. 
In only one hotel did I believe I was getting a substandard room because I was a single.  Another single traveller immediately went to the leader and reception to complain about his room, and I went along.  The next night I was moved to a really nice room.  Plus, the tour leader contacted the next hotel, in Rome, to make sure that we singles had rooms that we liked.

Sandra - Victoria, BC - June 2022

Traveling in Jordan with Explore ... priceless ... Brit tour with amazing group of like minded people ... lots of hiking and great views.  Lots of fun !  Our Guide - Saleh-  was a Bedouin and gave us a great insight into Jordan and the lives of the Jordanin People  
GAdventures in Egypt ....  Cairo/Giza  32 million people 😎 -   travel times out of this world.  What a contrast to Jordan ...  Our guide  -  Ibrahim - became my adopted son - what a great character that made the trip memorable - the Local Meal mantra yielded some insight into the lives of the Egyptian people  ...   I will no doubtedly be taking some more trips 

Gord - Toronto, ON - March 2022

The cruise was great. They only had 39 guests which was great as not everyone followed the rules re masking etc. This week they were expecting 140. 
In comparison to Viking had some advantages. Drinks included 1 hour before dinner in the lounge, better entertainment and more inclusive tours with varying degrees of activity but to be honest pace of walking for the active was same as leisure one.   I thought that the dining/food was better on Viking. 
Most crowded place was Prague but manageable. Everyone trying to get back to normal. People often said”I’m double vaccinated “ as an excuse not to wear mask indoors etc which is scary as their (Czech and Germany) numbers rising again.  Austria, everyone was wearing N95 or FFN2.   Would recommend travellers bring a variety of masks, surgical plus N 95. 
The hotel choices were excellent. Loved them all. Great location and staff all friendly. 
German trains not reliable... told notoriously late.   Also changed the train tract with out warning luckily it happened to be the next tract. 
Glad I went know. Lots of testing. Was tested (randomly??) again at Pearson despite being tested within 72hours. Ironically have had 3 Covid tests in 2 weeks and none throughout the pandemic. Lol 

Rose & Joyce - Toronto, ON - November 2021

The trip [Self-guided cycling in Quebec - Le P'tit Train Du Nord] was fantastic! I loved every minute of it and didn't not want to stop cycling. I'd still be out there pedaling right now it I could!
The shuttle service was very well-organized and friendly, and my bike and pannier rental was perfect - good quality bike and no issues with it at all. 
The weather cooperated and the scenery was beautiful. The app with maps and info that Great Canadian Trails provided was very easy to use and provided me with everything that I needed. 
The B&Bs were very good. The highlight was definitely the Auberge Le Lupin in Mt. Tremblant - beautiful house, gorgeous room/bedding, great location, very friendly owners and an amazing breakfast. 
I really don't have a negative thing to say about this trip - it was easy, relaxing and I'll definitely do it again. 

Renay - Toronto, ON - September 2021

The trip [Via Podensis Camino hike in France from Le Puy to Aumont] was fantastic, thank you! I will send some specific feedback to Utracks as well but overall I thought they did a great job. Everything was very smooth and worked well. There was one place I stayed along the trip in St. Privat D'Allier where the owner of the Auberge was very rude and tried to make me pay for the room which had already been paid for but other than that, everyone was lovely and very helpful. There was also one day where they had me walk 33kms and that was too long but otherwise I thought the hike was well organized and well paced. I suspect that the one long day had to do with finding available accomodations since I know everything was pretty booked up. 
I had a great time on the trip and all was well with the Covid situation and the flights etc.

Miriam - Toronto, ON - August 2021

Loved the itinerary [in Vietnam], overall it was great. Good mix of city and not and activities and not. Would love to go back one day. 

Intrepid was pretty on top of arranging alternatives if itinerary had to change. I think our group was luckily pretty easy going as well, which kept things not too stressful. 

Laura - Toronto, ON - March 2020

Thank you so much for organizing another incredible holiday for our family.  We fell in love with Patagonia!  We must tell you that it was our favourite trip... ever!  
Everything went so smoothly.  [your DMC] took great care of us in Buenos Aires.  The hotel, tours and guides were fantastic.  
[] and their guides were phenomenal.  We would love to be able to take another trip with their company.  
You outdid yourself!  
We look forward to planning our next big adventure with you soon.

Nina, Mohamed, Yaseen, Yusuf & Alia - Burlington, ON - January 2020

As I think back on [our Uncruise to Panama & Costa Rica] trip, there were some very positive and interesting aspects. Places like the Panama Canal were worth seeing, visiting the Emberá people of the Darién, Isla granito oro, the dolphins in Golfito bay were highlights. The boat was clean and well run, the food and availability of drinks amazing, the people on board and the guides were very enthusiastic. Angela and I met people that we may go on to visit in the future.
I gambled that since this was a larger ship we might avoid some of the motion but the Pacific is a big ocean and we pitched and rolled the entire time. After having been to Galapagos, I thought this trip might add another level of exotic. There were very little of anything except fish, we saw Howler monkeys by accident in a bus parking lot, no chance to see a sloth, no exotic birds of any kind, no frogs and just ordinary butterflies.
I realize full well that when you travel to see animals there is always the chance that you are at the wrong time or luck is not on your side. This was a good adventure with good friends.

JP - Sydenham, ON - December 2019

Everything was great. Loved both the North and South, but the North was truly spectacular and what I think of when I think of India. The South was a real eye-opener - I had no idea it was that different. Now I do know!  Both tours were great and are highly recommended. Thanks for everything.

Cindy - Toronto, ON - November 2019

Trip was great!  [Gorillas & Masai Mara from Kigali in Rwanda through Uganda to Nairobi in Kenya].  Only glitch was the airport pickup.  Oh, and apparently the hotel phone number on the joining information was wrong.  Luckily someone who works at the airport helped organize a taxi for me, along with pre-payment.  
The gorillas were amazing!  Well worth the hours slogging through mud.  Because of where they were located, we were much closer than is usually allowed - at one point about 3 feet!  Some amazing photos with my iPhone!  We were very lucky in our safaris - lion, leopard, cheetah, white and black rhino - all up close.  Really enjoyed the people aspects as well - visiting with the Batwa (pygmies), the original people of the rainforests that they were removed from and the Masai village, meeting Helen who rescues young girls from FGM, standing up to government, police and families.  
A couple of recommendations:
- sleep mats were really thin - the camp cots used in Botswana would have been better, or thicker mats
- the first ‘campsite’ was essentially in the parking lot of a hotel.
- wouldn’t recommend the extra boat trip to the source of the Nile - not worth the money
- I think the extra nights at the joining hotel we’re expensive give the hotel
Overall, another great trip - we even had a bit of added adventure - our truck slid into a ditch on a muddy road while trying to pass a truck that was stopped on the road.  A tractor finally pulled us out - adventure travel at its finest!
I enjoyed the reverse itinerary.  Most on the trip agreed that they wouldn’t have wanted to do it the other way around.

Rae - Toronto, ON - October 2019

The connections [to Botswana] all went well. We had loads of time in Johannesburg. It only took us an hour and ten minutes to get through and we were taking our time, plus 2 airport staff sent us in the completely wrong direction. The rest of the group came on the Air Botswana flight and that would have been lots of time. Oh well, live and learn. 
Trip was good. The wildlife was amazing. Only missed seeing Rhino and Cheetah. The other 10 people in our group were great, all English and Welsh, and everyone got along. The staff of 4 were great also. The cook kept us well fed. The guide Brian was incredible and knew everything about everything. Although there were many times he charged in after wildlife with the truck rather aggressively and would end up scaring it away or deep under bushes. He said he was just trying to get close for us but I think they got too close sometimes. I guess we’re just use to regulations here in Canada about wildlife viewing. 
The camping style pushed my limits, but we did get to experience things that I don’t think people staying in lodges would get. So grateful to be home and have my own bathroom and shower though!
Thanks for everything.   


Paula - Toronto, ON - September 2019

It [my tour of Turkey] was excellent!  We had an amazing tour guide and a really good group of people...all from England.  I would highly recommend this tour.  It had everything....history, ruins, nature, beaches, nightlife.  Stayed in some nice hotels with nice pools.  It was a fabulous holiday!

Karen Marie - Toronto, ON - September 2019

Amazing, would be an understatement. Mind-blowing, awe-inspiring.
Valleys. Mountains. Rivers. Incredible water falls.   Sunny each day. 10°-15°C. One day of 17°. Perfect.   Wonderful guide who had good sense of humour, and spoke excellent English.  Seems all Icelanders speak good English.  Excellent food, fish and lamb. Beef? Not so good. Poor hamburgers.  Rotten shark with schnapps. Yech!  All accommodations excellent. I had a single room after all.  Three couples, four single women and me.  Good to be the odd one. 
Thanks for arranging all, so well.

Calvin - Toronto, ON - July 2019

The Poland & Kaliningrad tour was great.  It was a really packed itinerary with a lot of diverse things to see.  Couldn’t get away from WWII anywhere.  Warsaw has greatly improved since I last saw in in 1989.  Kaliningrad was largely bulldozed and rebuilt in the Soviet style, although the territory is still largely Prussian in look, and the city has many old buildings once you get out of the downtown core.  Then Gdansk was rebuilt in the old style and is one of the most beautiful “old’ cities I have seen. A mix of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and other Baltic cities.  Food was great, weather was fantastic.  It took 3 hrs 20 minutes to cross the border each time between Poland and


Chris - Toronto, ON - June 2019

In Uzbekistan, a wonderful trip so far in spite of the fact that Yahoo etc etc blocked in Turkmenistan.   Fantastic local guide in Turkmenistan, good group and our [] guide is experienced and organized.

Felicity - Toronto, ON - June 2019

The trip was excellent. Your arrangements were excellent.  The guide in St Petersburg was excellent. A little abrupt but she was very knowledgeable and always on time.

St Petersburg is worth a visit if combined with visits to other cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm, etc.

Aras - Toronto, ON - June 2019

As always, I received great advice. It was another fun trip [Cycling the Baltics].


Brenda - Toronto, ON - June 2019

Everything went mostly well on both the Egyptian and Jordanian segments of the trip. In Egypt visiting the Pyramids at Giza, the tombs at the Valley of the Kings, and the Ramses 2 Temples at Abu Simbel were the highlights. Also enjoyed our small-boat sailing evening on the Nile at Aswan and our Nubian and Cairo home visits. As you are aware, travelling in Egypt can be a bit hectic but the must-see aspects of the historical sites make it all worthwhile. Our guide was good, very enthusiastic.
Jordan is a more organized country: they actually have lanes on their roads. Highlights were Wadi Rum and Petra as you might expect. The guide wasn’t the best, seemed to be always tired and was struggling with having to fast during Ramadan. Made a couple of mistakes related to the trip itinerary.
We spent 3 days in Jerusalem and 2 days in Tel Aviv on our own which was a nice add-on to complete our Middle East adventure.

Frank & Anda - Toronto, ON - May 2019

It was one of the most interesting trip I’ve ever been,one small country with a little bit of everything.All kind of religions in one pot,lots of churches lots of history,lots of things to see.The down side (and not even the high season yet)the crowds!Most of the country was ok,we even visited nice places where not many people were around, however Bethlehem the place where Jesus was born,and specially Jerusalem,the old city it was crazy, milions of people (basically free entrance almost everywhere)Anyplace connected to Jesus,lineups,and lineups for hours Interesting thing as the country it is divided into Israel itself and Palestine,it’s like two different world, specially the West Bank witch has three zones itself .You make a turn and you are in a different place.Check points,Walls.Different soldiers, police,different people 
Unlucky with the weather again,very nice and sunny ,even 26 at the Sea of Galilei and the Dead Sea  ,however it changed drastically as soon we arrived to Jerusalem, Cold monsoon like rain for two days,specially when we had the walking tour in the Old City of Jerusalem, got soaking wet by noon ruining the all day, missed a lot of things,from photographic point of view was i nightmare keep the camera dry ,the lens got foggy all the time we got into the places we visited.They have not seen this kind of weather for ages,water flooding those narrow streets.As always should have book an extra day.  It was a great adventure!

Adalbert - Toronto, ON - March 2019

Totally Amazing!


Emily - Halifax, NS - December 2018

[commenting on Cycling in Sri Lanka]

The trip [in the Greek Islands] was fantastic.  The tour was wonderful, Thanos our tour guide was knowledgeable, helpful and fun! All the hotels were great especially the apartment in Athens.  We will definitely work with you again for any other trips.  Thank you so much for everything. This trip exceeded our expectations.

Vanda & Tim - Westlake Village, CA - October 2018


[My parents] had a GREAT time [in Paris, Ukraine, Vienna and London] and thank you so much for your help putting it all together.
Everything was fantastic.  Special mention to the one on one tour guides in both Kiev and Lviv.  Both guides were excellent. 
They also mentioned how nice the Hotel Swiss in Lviv was (all accommodations were great).

Roman - Burlington, ON - October 2018

I’m in Shiraz [Iran].... love it!!!  Small group - 4.  Great people and we get along famously.  Our guide Miriam is fantastic.   Very knowledgeable and she’s spoiling us with many extra activities and fantastic food.  No dieting on this trip!  [sent while on tour]

Carmen - Toronto, ON - October 2018


We had an awesome experience at Explora Atacama. There is so much to see in their area and I think we saw every thing we wanted to. The Guides are wonderful and knowledgeable. They only take a max of 6 people per outing.  The food is gourmet fresh and a wide variety.  We were given a huge suite with a view of a smoking volcano. 


Jean - Huntsville, ON - October 2018



Great experience for my first [cycling] trip. I really enjoyed the country [Greece], people,food and wine. The hotels that were selected for this trip were also very good. I struggled with the many uphills, but luckily my husband and the support van were always nearby to assist. It was definitely more hills that I could manage at this point.
In addition, the guides on this trip were FANTASTIC. They provided informative historical information and detours to some great sites, organized excellent provision of lunches and snacks and ensured our safety on some difficult climbs and roads. They knew all the corners and short cuts to allow us the assurance of a safe ride. Honestly, the guides made this trip!!!

Anna - Toronto, ON - June 2018

This [Greece cycling trip] was one of the best trips we have had.  The guides were phenomenal, scenery great and accommo-dations and food excellent.  Thanks for your help in setting it up for us.  I would put the bike trip high on your recommendation list.

Ross - Toronto, ON - June 2018

The trip was amazing! The tour was great.

I wouldn’t hesitate to do another one. Bhutan was everything I expected (hopefully I’ll make it back there one day!) 

Rebecca - Toronto, ON - April 2018


The trip [to Sudan] was one of the best ever, if not the best. Absolute isolation in the desert.  Different landscape every day.

Vlad & Barbora - Toronto, ON - February 2018

The trip was really great – a lot of driving (although less than the itinerary indicated), but great variety with the desert and game drives and Vic Falls. The guide was very good, and the accommodation was really unexpectedly good – charming lodges and hotels with good food. I didn’t think Namibia would be so well developed, so I was pleasantly surprised. We did a bunch of activities which were really fun.  Those are the highlights!

Debbie - Toronto, ON - February 2018

In one word, [Sri Lanka] was fantastic.   The operator did a very good job organizing the trip.  The stops were all interesting, varied and challenging.  The pace was just right and the group I joined were all delightful people.


David - Sells, AZ - January 2018

Really wanted to thank you for all your efforts in planning and coordinating a trip of a lifetime [to Galapagos].  We had a phenomenal time and this could not have been done without you.  So thank you for eveything you did.

Jeff & Shazia - Toronto, ON - August 2017

We loved seeing the less travelled parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The pod of whales our boat tour eased into, the caplin that we stopped to see spawning on the beach, the glorious vistas that we had opportunity to experience the music and kitchen parties that we enjoyed. The willingness of the local Newfoundlanders to share their perspectives on life on the rock.

Sherry - Toronto, ON - August 2017

I could have walked weeks more [on the Portuguese Camino]. I didn't want to stop such was the enjoyment of the walk. I felt like Forrest Gump and just wanted to keep on going!


Stephen - Toronto, ON - June 2017

We thought we’d let you know that we have returned safe and sound from our 8 days in Sicily!  It was a very good trip – 16 persons in total – most of whom were from England and the group turned out to be a very cohesive and friendly group, which added to the enjoyment of the trip.  There certainly is a lot to see in Sicily – and never enough time to see it all! 
We want to commend the tour leader, Milena Iacona.  She was a most helpful and knowledgeable person, and did her utmost to make the days interesting and enjoyable.  Milena encouraged Percy to do the Mt. Etna climb which he did and which he thoroughly enjoyed!  Percy did not do the walk along the coast but I did – and it was good!
We also want to thank you for your advice and help in getting us organized for the trip!

Percy & Elsa - Toronto, ON - June 2017

It was a wonderful exposure to the beauty and history of Jordan. It is a interesting, friendly and safe country!  Petra was amazing - more than expected; the desert was fantastic; baptism site and Mount Nebo spiritual; lots of hiking; The hiking was outstanding - Dana Biosphere, El Mujib and Petra.  VERY friendly and welcoming people.  La Loconda and Petra Moon [hotels] had great character - very nice.  

Judy & Jocelyn - Toronto, ON - May 2017

We are back from a simply fantastic trip [to the Galapagos & Amazon].  It was significantly better than I had expected and was one of the best all-around trips I have done.  From baby seal lions wanting to lay on your feet and play with you, to finding a wild tarantula and holding it, to catching and eating a piranha for supper, everything was fantastic.  Thanks for one of the best trips yet.


Jason - Dover Centre, ON - March 2017

We want to thank you for planning the most amazing trip [to Galapagos]!  You took care of the big details and the small ones too.  We saw such beautiful sites and wildlife.  We were able to enjoy each other's company and everything turned out perfectly.  I can't say enough good things about your work.  You are so good at what you do.  Thank you again for creating a wonderful itinerary and beautiful experiences that will last forever in our memories.

​Nina & family, Mississauga ON - DEC 2016

Our group of ten just returned from Peru and the Amazon, a truly great adventure for all of us. The ambitious mix of historical and eco sites along with culinary experiences kept us on our toes, interested and entertained throughout our journey. Your local guides were informative and graciously accommodating. 

Norm - Los Angeles, CA - April 2015

[by email]  Picos de Europa was a 20 out of 10 in every respect 

Allan - Waverley, NS - May 2024

[by email] It [trip to Costa Rica]was great. Our CEO guide Jenny was terrific, really looked after us, extremely knowledgable. The high point (literally and figuratively) for me was the ziplining. I hadn't been sure I'd do it, but it was quite incredible, though no one warned me about the punch in the chest one receives at the end point of the "Superman" ziplining (very high and far with your body stretched out like Superman flying). I'm still sore.  But the opportunity to see and experience so much of the gorgeous countryside is something I'll always treasure. 
I totally agree with Maryan, the trip was great! Our guide, as Maryan said, was fantastic. I thought I would not zipline,, kayak, or even walk on swinging bridges, but I did it all. At the end of the trip I felt I had grown as a person.

Maryan  - Toronto, ON - January 2024


[by email] I totally agree with Maryan [above], the trip [to Costa Rica] was great! Our guide, as Maryan said, was fantastic. I thought I would not zipline,, kayak, or even walk on swinging bridges, but I did it all. At the end of the trip I felt I had grown as a person.

Karin - Toronto, ON - January 2024

[by email, shortened version, full version available on requestMadagascar is an excellent destination for flora, fauna and amazing scenery and meeting locals.  Be prepared for serious heat.
The tents and sleeping mats were good.  The food, entertainment and people taking care of us were excellent.  Bowls of warm water to clean up after hikes and in the morning, and water and soap by the toilet, would be an asset.
Transportation was ok.  Air conditioning, music and more stories from our guide during long drives would have been good.
Accommodation was good, like paradises hidden on our way.
Our guide met us at the airport which was fantastic!  Told us a lot about the country and the wildlife, but I would have loved to hear more about the people.  Made us feel safe, and was very friendly but could be more personable.  He was so kind and willing to do anything for us. Answered all questions we had too.  Super knowledgeable.
Absolutely fantastic other support guides.
The tipping kitty should have been made clear.  It would have been nice to know where we might be able to buy a couple of souvenirs.
On the hike in Andringitra we saw no animals.  It was a bare landscape but with beautiful rocks.  No shade at all.  
With the extreme heat, direct sun, and no shade, the trip should be rated more difficult than moderate.  

Lena - Burlington, ON - December 2023


[by email] Truly, we had an absolutely amazing time!  As usual, any recommendations you made to us were great
We had a blast and we really enjoyed the Camino. 
[St Jean - Logroño, self-guided Camino]  It was also fun to see Dave and Claudine enjoying the Camino. This trip was different than their previous travels and and I think they both really enjoyed it.  The Headwaters materials were great. Lots of details and we were able to share that with family members so they knew how to contact us if needed. While we used all trails, the bike GPX app that was provided, was extremely useful with guidepost along the way of our path as well as outlining where water and WC‘s were on the route.

Everything went very smoothly. Luggage transfers, hotels were amazing as were the meals that were included.

Judy & Jocelyn - Toronto, ON - October 2023


[by email] This [Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia Explorer] was a great trip - we had really good group of people.  Very diverse but we got along well so that was refreshing - we called ourselves "the family"!!  All 3 countries were very nice and not yet terribly touristy which was good.  Unfortunately they haven't gotten to the point of having garbage cans everywhere and there was a lot of garbage however hopefully as they get more travelers that will change.  There was a good mix of active with hiking and time in cities.  Overall, I would recommend the tour to others.  
I had no issues with air travel, etc so all in all a fun time!!  

Andrea - Toronto, ON - October 2023

[by email] The Caucuses trip was a fabulous journey of discovery to an area we knew very little about. Frank and I gained insight to their history, culture and current conflicts. Also, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and wine. 
The trip was well organized and our tour leader Manya and local guides were excellent. All the accommodation was good, but the travelling van in Armenia was a little uncomfortable due to no leg room. 
Overall it was a fantastic trip to a less visited part of the world. 

Anda & Frank - Toronto, ON - September 2023

[Via Trustpilot]  What an amazing holiday my friends and I had in Egypt!! Yet again, Tom Gehrels of Adventure Coordinators organized the trip of a lifetime. It was truly magical! Tom organized an outstanding itinerary.  (continued on what people say about us)

Judy - Toronto, ON - July 2023

[Via Virtuoso]  Excellent... all the time... for every activity. [By email] It was a fantastic travel: the leader (Marichka) was very experienced, the itinerary was perfect, the activities well-balanced, and the group superb! As well, I really appreciated the “Premium” category…😊 Finally, I was not sure for the 5-Stan… but this travel (Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia) convinced my that I can do the 5-Stan next year…

Manon - Montreal, PQ - June 2023

[By email] Great trip [Dubrovnijk to Athens].  Not for a first time traveller!  I would also say the trip isn't a 2 [physical rating] - it's more like a 2.5.  Everyone on my trip was very experienced in travelling so were quite flexible with some of the trip challenges - public buses in Albania and strange hotel in Skopje, etc.  For a more unexperienced traveller though, they might have been freaked out by some of that.  I loved it though!  Highlights:  Lake Ohrid, Northern Macedonia, Kastoria, Greece & just generally Albania.

Margie - Toronto, ON - May 2023

[By email] The highest marks go to:
- the majestic wilderness of the Antarctica: penguins, icebergs, elephant, crabeater and leopard seals, whales, giant petrels, zodiaks cruises and landings, Smith Island (the 1st one we see from the boat), Cuverville Island Big penguins colonies), Gerlache Strait, Lemaire Channel (one of the most beautiful places we saw), Port Lockroy and Jougla point (the british post office and many penguins), Neko Harbour, Neumayer Channel,  Portal Point (the only point where we landed on continent), Wilhelmina Bay, Whales Bay on the Deception Island (this is amazing as history and scenery - whales bones still there from Nathaniel Palmer' time), Snow Island and  President Head etc)
- the Drake Passage - nice challenge
- the crew of the boatSeaventure (amazing staff, great food, huge care for the guests, friendly and pleasant)
- some members of the expedition team 
- the Hotel Arakur - beautiful! 
- the boat trip on the Beagle Channel
The lowest marks go to:
- some members of the expedition team, the coordinator especially, a kind of arrogance  can define them. The whole team was always eating separately, I would have liked to have them among us and exchange info outside the daily formal briefings.  
- the poor info regarding the position of the vessel. 

Rodica - Pointe Claire, QC - February 2023

[By emailThe trip [to Morocco] was GREAT. I thought a number of times how thankful I was that we did this one on your advice instead of the shorter one with more people that we were considering. Having a 12 person group was perfect, and spending a little more time in places was also good. We all loved the trip. Thank you very much for your excellent advice. 

Natalie - Toronto, ON - January 2023

[By email] The trip [to Saudi Arabia] went very well.  All the flight connections went smoothly and the transit times were perfect as invariably the two planes were at opposite ends of the airport.  The tour was great although a bit tiring.  Explore describes the pace as "full on" and that is accurate. long drives and packed itinerary.  All entrances were paid so no extra money needed for that.  The hotels were probably consistently the best quality I have had on a tour.  Saudi Arabia has an official plan called Vision 2030 where the king wants to diversify the country’s economy away from oil and develop tourism as a major industry.   Tourism is in its infancy which makes it fairly authentic.  It is an interesting country, so we’ll see how that goes.  The cities like Riyadh, Medina, and Jeddah are huge and very modern.  Then there are ancient sites with stone carvings and tombs carved in the mountains like Petra in Jordan.  Our bus got stuck only once in the sand (overnight near our tent camp) which meant we converted to a convoy pof 4WDs to get to Medina.  We went through one sandstorm and a thunderstorm of biblical proportions that caused flooding in Jeddah.  That’s why it’s called adventure travel.

Chris - Toronto, ON - December 2022

The following six reviews are all from members of the same group

[by email from Dubrovnik] We are just getting ready to leave Dubrovnik for Montenegro. Am including a couple photos of the city. It’s amazing but very busy. The Hilton hotel is wonderful, a great location just outside the walls.
The trip [a privately guided tour of Croatia] has been really good and everyone has so enjoyed all the hotels we choose and the excursions and included meals. They have all been fantastic. 

[and on return to Canada] Wanted to let you know that we have all arrived safely back in Toronto after an amazing holiday. Croatia and all the countries we visited are really something.  It was an awesome trip.  I must commend your Croatia partners for choosing wonderful activities and excursions. And the meals that we had provided were all exceptional. I think we did a good job of picking very interesting and unique hotels that, maybe had a few quirks but were definitely right in the old parts of the cities and very enjoyable. 
Stella, our tour leader - although initially we had a few reservations about her - she ended up being a great tour guide. Very competent in getting us where we needed to be and into the hotels promptly, very knowledgeable about the country and she had quite a unique sense of humor and had us laughing many times with her stories, etc.
I know everyone had a wonderful time and would highly recommend visiting this part of the world to anyone.
Thank you so much for helping me plan this amazing trip and all the work you did getting it organized.

Jane - Woodstock, ON - October 2022

The trip was amazing. Every day brought remarkable adventures and wondrous experiences. Stella was a first rate guide. She took excellent care of us. All of our local guides and drivers appeared with precise timing and big smiles. Please let us know the best method for leaving a 5 Star review. We wish to  provide an enthusiastic endorsement.

Brian & Laurel - Toronto, ON - October 2022

[Via Virtuoso} A trip with Tom is always a trip to remember with joy! Slovenia and Croatia may not have the intensity of 3 African safaris , one in the Okavanga Delta, nor the beauty of the Mekong river from Viet Nam through Cambodia and Lau, but we are older now. The beautiful scenery, the journey south on the eastern side of the Adriatic, the ancient island towns, local wine, olive oil and cheese, fresh seafood, traditional dishes, history explored on cobblestone, bus, and boat, and time for many joyful meals with friends were exactly what we needed after COVID isolation for far too long. Rain in Bled did not dampen our spirits. The various islands were ours to discover as was all the wonderful gelato! We were able to swim in the Adriatic sea. Being in Dubrovnik as they mourned on the 20th anniverary of the war allowed us to witness the restoration of their city and the survival of their spirit. Thank you Tom for such good guidance! And for answering so many questions along the way.


Jane & Joe - Toronto, ON - October 2022

Despite arriving home with COVID, this [a privately guided tour of Croatia] was just a fabulous trip.  The local guides were wonderful. Our guide Stela was a delight. The hotels were fantastic, and we loved that many of them were so quirky! The daily tours and adventures were great. I would recommend them to anyone. We also did a honey tasting on Korcula which was  worth the small admission fee.
Don and I felt that the trip was a bit too long, and that we didn't need quite so many days at leisure. (We felt we spent a lot of time in our room). That way we could have spent a day longer in Sarajevo.
We hired private drivers twice and found their English very good, the tours they planned excellent and they were reasonably priced.
One small issue was that two of our hotels had unpotable water. They didn't offer that information to us. We had to ask. Nor did they offer free water for brushing teeth, coffee and tea, etc.  But I can tell you that had no bearing on our trip.
Thanks for all the work you did with Jane


Beth and Don - Woodstock, ON - October 2022

[Via Virtuoso} We did not work directly with Tom, but the itinerary was not always fulfilled. Some attractions featured in the itinerary were not delivered as promised. Local guides eliminated visits to Ljubljana castle, cheese farm due to lateness, Fortica castle, grocery shopping and the cooking class was never going to happen for 16 people the chef said. The Moreska show had ended its season weeks previously, listed dinner in Dubrovnik was not done. Krevice Falls cost 10 Euros unexpectedly and was a waste of time. Porec basilica was only described outside by guide, Dean, but we were moved along instead of entering. Very disappointing! Old city hotel rooms were sometimes very small, cramped, and uncomfortable. There were many positives. The food provided was always first rate, our companions were wonderful, most guides were pleasant, but often the tour time restraints led to superficiality. Ana and Etnoland Dalmati was superb. The landscape and old towns etc. were worth the aggravations overall.

Michael - Toronto, ON - October 2022

Response from Adventure Coordinators - some of the itinerary was changed due to poor weather and group decisions on the spot.  That said, there were a few minor items we are pursuing with our local contact.

We did not work with tom directly.our person who organized the trip was in direct contact with tom and she would be better to ask Any questions I asked tom directly he was quick to respond Overall the trip was very enjoyable and we had an experience of that part of the country To give you constructive criticism I felt what was printed on the itinerary and changes on what was delivered was not explained well enough to EVERYONE…I can understand things can happen and one has to be flexible to change so we all worked through it ….it’s the communication I guess there was one thing that bothered me the most .when we had to pay 10 euros to see the falls at Kravica And for the cost of 10 euros it was not a financial concern but I asked Stella to look into the matter and she refused… goes on We will have fond memories

Chris & Paul - Delaware, ON - October 2022

Response from Adventure Coordinators - we are pursuing with our local office why the EUR10 had to be paid on the spot as it was included in the tour.  

[Via Virtuoso] Tom provided excellent advice for a post cruise hotel in Amsterdam, The Mercier. Located conveniently on Prinsengracht in The Jordaan, steps from Westerkerk, we had access to wonderful cafes, shops, sights, and dozens of interesting neighbourhoods. And the old town was an easy 10 minute walk away. The staff is wonderful and our room had access to a garden courtyard, making for some quiet relaxing downtime without having to go back to our room.


Pat - Toronto, ON - August 2022

We enjoyed our trip on the Danube. It was very good - we had about 42 passengers and 49 crew so it was definitely not crowded. With the low numbers, we met more people and made more friends. 
The pre-cruise time in Bucharest and Transylvania was great. The ports we visited were interesting each in its own way. Every country we stopped in had its own view on the Balkan Wars. Each had its own share of atrocities, and its own sad memories. Budapest was very charming with lots to see, but by the end of the cruise, the weather had become uncomfortably hot. 
The airports were slow but not congested, but we do not intend to fly again before the end of the summer. 
All in all, the Danube is a good cruise to take and quite educational, although as always we were glad to get home again.

George - Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium - July 22

[edited and shortened while keeping the overall sentiment]  Overall, the trip to Ireland was fantastic!  We really enjoyed Dublin, including both hotels, and the scenery on the walking trip was spectacular.  I’d love to see other parts of Ireland at some point😊   
I personally found the hikes more demanding than I had anticipated, although I think Dave had an easier time than I did.  Intrepid’s rating system assumed a higher level of fitness than I have  [...]  The guide was truly wonderful.  He was very skilled and personable.  There were [...] more steep hills (up and down) than we had anticipated or prepared for, so we both got sore legs and some blistering.  We were out each day about 6-7 hours.  With the final day of the hike advertised as being much longer than the others, we opted to skip the final day and just return to Dublin.  [...]  We had time to visit a couple of museums and do some shopping – it was great.
We were delighted to be travelling again and will spend some time thinking about our next getaway!

Donna & Dave - Waterloo, ON - June 2022

Mapleleaf has been the highlight of the trip (that’s fortunate as it was the main thing to base everything else around!). The group of people on Mapleleaf were lovely (great dynamics) including the crew and we made the most of bad weather. In fact, I’m visiting a couple of my new friends in Victoria tomorrow. We had one day of settled weather and with that incredible humpback watching in the most gorgeous location. Definite once in a life time day! We even got lucky enough to see a sea otter (personal highlight!). The knowledge of the crew on the local area, ship, first nation’s history and ecology was absolutely fantastic. Also, the book collection onboard was amazing and all were grateful for it in the bad weather. Carl the chef kept everyone’s spirits high with fantastic food. I could keep listing the good bits for ages, definitely an eco tour company I would recommend to friends. 

I haven’t seen their feedback questionnaire yet but if they ask my two only slightly negative thoughts are: that the first full day (during the storm) a little more effort could have been made to do something locally (land based) such as meet a first nations community or have a short walk around forest. Saying that the weather was so so awful, I think they just had our safety and comfort in mind which isn’t a bad thing at all. Also, when we arrived at our alternative start place Port McNeil most of the crew and skipper were really tired as they had fought the weather to get back from the last tour in the bear forest (not ideal for them or us to begin this tour and energy levels were slightly low on arrival). The stormy weather was also ever so slightly better and the sea area more sheltered in Campbell River/desolation sound if they had made it there for our planned tour. I think the trips could have been more spaced out so they could rest and get to the set departure location?  

Katie - Lympstone, UK - October 2021

Top marks, Tom [for Self-guided cycling in Quebec - Route des Bleuets].  Good accommodation & meals, helpful staff, well marked trails.  Would have been nice to have other cyclists on the tour to socialize with. 

Richard - Toronto, ON - September 2021 


I am glad I had you to encourage me and guide me [on the Self-guided cycling in Quebec - Le P'tit Train Du Nord]. My luck of meeting wonderful people continued.  Last Monday morning was a disaster at the hotel for us cyclists but I got shuffled into a taxi with two others from BC who happened to be doing my agenda and staying in the same places. They booked directly with the same company you booked me with but had not a nice thing to say about their experience and communication.  I too would have to agree that what was sent to us on the app was not that helpful.  Really someone could just goggle information and the directions to the B&B which lacked details.  After getting lost in Mount Tremblant area the manager of the Lupin B&B (wonderful person and beautiful accommodation) showed me the map he forwarded to the booking companies which was very clear and easy to follow but it was never passed along. Because of this confusion I did have an adventure that included meeting a local who helped me and I certainly got extra exercise by about 12km in the mountains. That glass of wine was welcomed at the end of the day!
The next day it poured buckets for 40km of the ride, which after hours I did not enjoy. I wondered what would have been an option if all days were like this?  Was there any backup or maybe I could have rented a car? While seeking shelter under any bridges I passed I did meet up again with some fellow male cyclists who really boosted my ego and teased me about how I am petite but always pass them. They assumed I had an e-bike and were using the excuse one guy was turning 60. Okay I milked it since I am 63. 
After that on the last day I was nervous that it would be a repeat of the rain but once I relaxed I loved it; scenery, colors, food everything. However the route being only 42km I knew I would be cycling for less time in the rain as I came closer to the end. But no rain, plus great food including a lead from a local regarding the best bakery off route.  
So thank you very much.  I wish my pictures better captured the scenery and that I took more but the images are clear in my mind.  

Ardelle - Toronto, ON - September 2021

NFLD was great.   Very beautiful, great food and super nice people.  The tour operator was a bit disorganized  - I think it was post covid growing pains.  I believe they newly acquired the business just as Covid hit.   And they have purchased an Inn which they will use as an option for future tours. 

Carmen - Toronto, ON - August 2021

Did we ever thank you for your help and organization of our trip [to Antarctica]? It was more than wonderful, and all flight and hotel bookings worked smoothly and well, not to mention the cruise, of course. We were so very lucky to be just ahead of the Covid surge, with health checks and China queries made before being allowed to board, and the lockdown declared after our return. We are so happy we did this when we did. There were no disappointments.

Dawn and Steve - Ottawa, ON - May 2020

The trip was amazing!  I so enjoyed southern India … people were incredibly friendly, scenery was gorgeous, so much greenery.  The only thing that was difficult was crossing the street in Mumbai :-).  A highlight for me was certainly the safaris in Nagarahole NP … saw tigers on 3 occasions, plus a leopard (very far in the distance) and an elephant family.  Awe inspiring.  And the guides there worked very hard on each safari to make it a good experience. The food there was amazing as well. In fact, couldn’t find a bad meal if you tried during the entire trip … so delicious.  [your operator in India] provided excellent service, and within minutes of arriving at each new location we would get a phone call checking in on how things were.  
Thank you for arranging such an amazing trip!!

Mara - Toronto, ON - February 2020

The tour was great, thanks!
Intrepid does a great job - well planned and organized, and the tour leader was amazing! Have you been to Myanmar? It’s a really great country to travel in - lovely people, good food, decent infrastructure. 
The only quibble I would have with the Intrepid tour is that some of the hotels were a bit rundown, especially given how much the tour cost. Things generally are quite cheap in Myanmar. The Community Lodge was a really interesting take on a homestay, though. And the hotel in Inle Lake was an oasis! 

Debbie - Toronto, ON - February 2020

It was fantastic Tom. The Galapagos is a very special place. We really enjoyed it.  Peregrine never disappoints!

Barry & Darlene - Timmins, ON - January 2020

The [] trip in Tasmania was wonderful.  It surpassed my expectations largely due to a great guide, a lovely group of people, all ages from all corners of the world and sweeping, beautiful scenery with all kinds of hikes.  Tasmania is remote and feels different from other parts of Australia. Throughly enjoyed it!
The hotel in Hobart was ok, basic and kind of weird because it’s 9 or 10 rooms over a casino and bar on the ground floor.  It was a handy location to meet the group at the youth hostel, which was a probably a quieter place to stay.  I would not recommend or stay at Central Hotel again - although I had a very good breakfast one morning.
The Fullerton in Sydney was first rate, very comfortable, elegant with professional, helpful staff.  Good value for 5 star quality.  I loved it. Central location is perfect to explore the Harbour, Opera House, Botanical Gardens, The Rocks, CBD and shopping.  Recommend it highly and would definitely stay there again. It’s a converted central post office done very well.

Anna - Toronto, ON - December 2019

Overall it was a wonderful trip [to Greece and Turkey]. We were spoiled on the ship: food, amenities and lectures. The excursions were well timed to avoid crowds and were well executed. The hotel room in Athens was better than in Istanbul; both were well situated for walking to tourist sites. The guide in Istanbul was knowledgeable and helpful. Credit card use was widespread. We probably needed to carry less cash.  Thank you for making all the arrangements and answering our questions on the way.

Allan - Toronto, ON - November 2019

I agree fully with all that Allan said [above].  The only thing I would add is thanking you for booking our airplane tickets at the window and the aisle; the flights were fully booked but this arrangement gave us the option of sitting together or keeping the preferred seats.

Doug - Toronto, ON - November 2019

I’m back [from Mongolia], though it is hard to be… this was one of the best trips I’ve ever done, and to be honest I can’t say with certainty why.  Not only was the country beautiful, the guide great, but it was somehow more relaxing than any I’ve done before.  And, on the whole, by far the best group I’ve travelled with.  It has been a week now since we parted ways, and I still talk to a number of them every day. 

Jason - Dover Centre, ON - September 2019


The tour [Five Stans of the Silk Road] is fabulous and there is a lot to cover on those hot days (42-44C) but the border crossing from Turkmenistan into Uzbekistan stands out as the most arduous of all and by that time, there were a few of us already suffering from stomach troubles which aggravated the experience.  I think I can safely say that with the exception of one Aussie who seemed to be immune to whatever was ailing us, the remaining 15 plus our tour guide, were ill at one time or another, but the worst was one lady from England who asked to be flown back after about 5 days.  We had a lady who was vegetarian and found it very difficult to cope; so it is safe to say that except for salads & noodles, remaining vegetarian will be challenging on this tour especially when we only had an hour stop for lunch at most.
The sites, history, landscapes, food, mountains, rivers & lakes were all magnificent but their people were the lands greatest asset.  With Kathy we would smile and try to communicate even with sign language complementing them on how beautiful their children or their costumes were and they would smile back and even were eager to have their picture taken with us.  To them tourism is a new concept and we were welcomed everywhere.  At a museum visit, I was even interviewed for their tv news in Uzbekistan and a day later while resting in the shade from the sun, I was again approached by a group of about 16 teenagers studying and wanting to practice their English who had scripted questions & taped me with their phones ... it was an awesome experience.
Among the highlights: Ashgabat - the city of white marble; Samarkand - the city of most colourfull madrassas; Darvaza - Door to Hell; Iskanderkul Lake - a lovely break from touring; Fann Mountains beauty; fields of cotton, potatoes, corn, wild flowers, etc.; Tien Shan mountains magnificent drive up to Son Kul Lake and the yurt camp ... and so much more.  I must say, that the tour, exception for Turkmenistan & part of Uzbekistan who make numerous references to it, falls short on the 'Silk Road' narrative but it is an adventure that will remain among the highlights of my life.

Aida - Calgary AB - July 2019

Everything [for our family of 15 to Amalfi] was great. Another amazing family adventure.  Renato La Monica, our guide, became part of the family, adjusting the itinerary to please everyone.  He also ensured [my wife's] gluten-free dairy-free diet was observed & delicious.  

Bill - Toronto, ON - July 2019

Great trip in Madeira – really enjoyed it. We were 15 in the group, the guide was good, nice scenery, food, hotels were good, etc.  And as a bonus, I had my own room without paying a single supplement.
I also enjoyed Lisbon and Porto!
The only thing I would change is taking the train/bus from Lisbon to Porto, instead of the plane. The plane was delayed a bit, and I had to be at airport 2 hours before the flight, so it would have been less time taking train/bus.

Marie-Joëlle - Montreal PQ - June 2019



The trip was really good - lots of incredible experiences.  Hiking through the Alps was awesome.
My only real criticism is that many of the hikes had to be adjusted because of unseasonable weather.  While I fully appreciate that we can't control the weather, I think that the service provider should have flagged the conditions a day or two before.  
The guide did a great job of adapting to the conditions and ensuring that we had the best experience possible.

Scott - St. John's - June 2019

Queen Beatriz [vessel in Galapagos] was great, company fabulous, staff on-board beyond words, just exceptional.  Everything on the trip went really well, thank you for your hard work.  In Galapagos snorkelling is a must- first time for me and it was fabulous.  Seas were calm and I did not get seasick.

Violet - Toronto, ON, May 2019

The trip [hiking the Amalfi Coast] was great! Highly recommended.
Our guide Severio was opinionated, attentive and knowledgeable - everything you want in an Italian guide. Pasta-making lessons, visits to Pompei and a mozzarella factory, and plenty of pit stops for lattes and Prosecco made the trip. I had lovely travel companions, mostly from the UK, who kept me entertained with their tales of life under May's precarious government. Most of the group was in their 50s and 60s. The hotel 2TORRI was clean, the breakfasts generous, and the family and staff who run it were exceptionally warm and professional.
Naples was a highlight... a filthy but vibrant city in which I felt very safe. Cristiano, who runs Nova Nova, was extremely helpful. He connected me with his driver so I was good for getting to and from the airport without hassle.
My only comment is that the trip is described as easy-to-moderate. The hikes are definitely in the moderate range as there is a lot of climbing on uneven paths... and you need walking poles for the vast majority of the walks we did.


Lisa - Toronto, ON - January 2019

[Iran is] Fantastic!!!!  Tell everyone it’s fascinating and very safe.  And cheap   Their currency is very undervalued.   I spent only US$200 on food and souvenirs.  $300 with tips.  0.50 for a fresh squeezed pomegranate juice.  Less than $5 for a big dinner.  
My guide (Maryam) is fantastic.  Her English is perfect and she’s a history buff.   She stayed with us all day and night.  She took us to the optional sites and ate all meals with us.


Carmen - Toronto, ON - October 2018 

We had a lovely time [in a game lodge outside of Kruger, South Africa]!!!  The lodge was very comfortable and accommodating!  Food was delicious!  Our trips out into the bush (we had 8) were exciting and we saw many animals – the Big 5 as well as many more!  Our guide did a great job of tracking as well as getting us to exciting spots to watch.  Understanding that you take your chances on seeing animals, as they come and go, we had some great viewing!

Liz & Janet - Toronto, ON - October 2018

The guide Olena is awesome and I would highly recommend her for other tours. She makes the history of Kiev come alive and is extremely knowledgeable about the history. A wonderful experience….  [sent while on tour]


Oksana - Oakville - September 2018



The Galapagos is a magical place and the boat you put us on was fantastic.  I was exhausted every night (in a good way) after the activities of the day.  I did everything I wanted to on the trip and left feeling completely satisfied.  Also, the hotel you booked for us in Quito was ideal, nice clean rooms, great restaurant and right near the town square.  Great vacation!!

Floyd & Wendy - Durham, NC - May 2018

[The sailing trip in Cuba] was very good and well organised. Nothing was rushed, but there was enough activity to not get bored. There were 5 people plus 2 crew on our boat. I don't think it will appeal to thrill seekers, but I had a lovely time.

Amanda - Ajax, ON - April 2018

[The Antarctica cruise was] excellent in every way…fantastic organization of everything, upbeat, the team really works together great to have some young Canadians leading. Lots of interesting people on board. We had fantastic weather, made all landings, camping was a good experience because it was a beautiful evening, Penguin chicks, lots of seals, whales, icebergs bigger than I ever imagined to get close to. I didn’t expect to go so far in the Zodiacs. They were looking for the wildlife and  working together so we all saw as much as possible. I enjoyed the historian’s stories and info too.  I did everything except the polar plunge - I intended to do it but I got a bad cold just at the end and couldn’t risk it. The facilities and food on board were excellent.

Marion - Owen Sound - January 2018

Trip was fabulous.   I'm still in awe of both Antarctica and South Georgia.  The scenery in Antarctica was spectacular and the wildlife in South Georgia was fascinating.  Completely different experiences.  Ship and staff were great, as well.  I really appreciate all your help.

Susan - Orlando, FL - January 2018

The entire trip was phenomenal, starting with [on my private 3-day tour of Lima] being met as soon as I disembarked at the Lima airport (plane was 4 hours late, but they were there for me), to having a great driver in Lima, particularly given the traffic, to having a friendly female tour guide with whom I felt very comfortable.  The Atemporal hotel was also very nice and personable, as well as being in a very safe area for me to walk to and from dinner.  I think I forgot to mention in the survey, Pachacamac was much more impressive than I expected.  
Local restaurant food crawl was a great introduction to Lima and the guide; there was a great balance between time with guide and driver and time on my own. Driver was very capable and I was never concerned with his skills.  As a female, group of one, it was nice to have a female guide!
The Nat Geo trip [of Peru] was absolutely amazing .... a great group of people on the tour, lovely hotels, great logistics, and lots of hiking and learning.  Birds and free activities at Machu Picchu hotel were phenomenal; boutique type hotels, particularly in Cusco, but also everywhere else, were luxurious; weaving demonstration by Nilda at Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco was very informative. Lunch at local home on Lake Titicaca helped illustrate culture. Night walk and river cruise in rain forest showed a different side of nature.​


Arleen - Toronto, ON, August 2017

The tour leader was from Uzbekistan. He had incredible knowledge of the country, culture and history. Organization of the tour was excellent. The organized itinerary was comprehensive and left little to nothing additional that needed to be seen during any free time. The tour leader provided the group with all logistical information needed, kept everyone supplied with water to avoid dehydration and made dinner suggestions that almost everyone joined in with.
There were a couple of long driving days on sometimes rough roads which could be a challenge. Because of the distances covered, this was unavoidable. The tour leader did make sure we had sufficient stops and breaks for coffee or lunch, or sightseeing along the way to break up the journey.
This is a historical tour crossing the silk road, so the focus was cultural and historical sights anywhere from 500 to 2500 years old. It is great for someone who loves history and cultural diversity. What is really interesting and unique here is the mix of middle eastern, central Asian and Russian cultures.


Chris - Toronto, ON - August 2017

We loved the mix of hiking and biking [in Ireland], the super food, the actual places the hiking and biking took us to and the feel we got for the culture.​

Mike & Christine - Guelph, ON, August 2017

We had a great trip...amazing in every way!!! Thanks so much for all the organizing you did for us.  We never missed a beat.   Loved seeing the animals in their natural habitat. The food was great especially since we were on a boat.  Amazing!!  Snorkelling was great.  Hikes were wonderful but it was very hot, so we hiked early in the morning.
The second part of our trip was in Peru with local guides.  We were treated very well and guides were always on time.  They all had agendas but were willing to amend them to suit our wants.  All were very kind and caring.  The hotel we stayed in at Machu Picchu was wonderful and the upgrade just topped it off!!!😄. Thanks again.


Angela and JP - Sydenham ON - April 2017

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn in more details the history of the three Baltic countries as well as visit sites which were relevant and part of more recent history.

Edith - Toronto - June 2017


The trip went very well. Japan was a great experience. Neil and I had a wonderful time.  Our trip leader, Aosaki Ryoko was impressive. Hats off to this amazing woman.

Neil & Ana, Toronto, ON - April 2017

[Via Virtuoso] Intrepid seems to have a network of very interesting, knowledgeable and helpful tour guides. They put together a great itinerary for us and provided clear, informative documentation. Keren, our guide and den mother, was FANTASTIC. She was extremely helpful solving some of our situations, very flexible and took the initiative to adapt to our needs once she got to know our group. It was a bonus to have her as our friendly and cheerful guide on many of our adventures. Yvan the bus driver was also competent, flexible and friendly. I always felt confident in his ability on narrow winding roads.

Carole - North Vancouver, BC - February 2024

[Via Virtuoso] While this [a tailor-made trip to Cambodia] was only a short, 5-ish day trip, A&K and our local guide, Mony, were what we've come to expect of A&K - professional, well organized, focused on our needs and unique. We enjoyed the knowledgeable tours of a few of the Temples of the area, and valued the unique opportunities such as spending time with the conservationists working to stabilize Angkor Wat, to breakfast at a quiet jungle temple to the 10km bike ride through the countryside (a great way to see 'real' life). We will continue to rely on A&K when travelling in a country they serve and thanks for a great, if short, trip!

Jason - Dover Center, ON - January 2024

[Via Virtuoso] Only positive comments, the plan, the flexibility, the locations [in Vietnam] and restaurants that we went to, only positive comments to share. Our guide, Long, was extraordinary!

Sylvie - Verdun, QC - January 2024

[by email, shortened version, full version available on request] The Norway trip was fantastic - I was very impressed with how the itinerary was planned and executed. Everything was well-organized. The ship (Havila) provided excellent service, and I would highly recommend them. The rooms on the ship were spacious compared to other ships I have been on , and the food was excellent. The excursions were very good and worth taking.
I really enjoyed the self-guided land tour as well. Everything was well-organized, well-communicated and pick-up times were punctual and on time. On the drive from Lom to Aurland, unfortunately our driver gave the group an option of whether we wanted to stop to see the Urnes Stave Church or take an earlier ferry, as well and shorten the cross-country drive by taking the 24.5 km tunnel to Aurland, cutting the drive by about 2.5 hours. Unfortunately most chose not to stop at the church, and so we missed that.  These were very minor things in the overall picture, and again, I would highly recommend Fifty Degrees North tours based on my experience this time. 
Accommodations and food were great. 

Edith - Toronto, ON - October 2023

[by email] Deb and I really enjoyed the bike tour [Dolomites, Lake Garda & Venice Ride]. The guide was very good - organized, attentive, knowledgeable, aware, and most of all proud of his country.  We have never travelled via a guided tour and will likely take another organized trip in the future. 

Evan & Debbie - Kimberley, ON - October 2023

[by email] What a trip! First time we vacationed for more than 3 weeks but it was worth it. We really liked Portugal and we feel content that we saw a good part of the country.  Floyd and loved the fresh seafood and of course the pastries. I plan on reading more about the history of the Lisbon earthquake. 
Floyd and I felt very pampered on the Uniworld Cruise and enjoyed it very much.  We liked the fact the Duoro valley is rural (protected) and we didn’t mind going back to Porto because we saw different things and waved to the people picking grapes. The harvest season was early this year and it added to our enjoyment. Roger and Floyd enjoyed the large schools of fish in the lower part of Duoro-we were not expecting the abundant wildlife.  The excursions were excellent.
As far as Exodus, I don’t know if I would book with them again [on their self-guided trip] as they switched hotel in Porto without notice and not as nice as the Neya hotel, breakfast was basically in the lobby (crampt); and, as you know, the extra steep baggage fee- thank you by the way for negotiating a discount.
Floyd and Steve used the navigation app to great success and Floyd said the App was excellent so we would do a self-guided tour again with the route planned. Another couple we met were doing their own bike route but stayed in the same hotels and when I talked with them they didn’t see as many things as we did (i.e. storks and they had to rush their visit in Coimbra to take the train back to Porto). The extra night in Coimbra was a good idea because we toured the old University (founded in 1290!) and the Library was amazing.
We liked the fact they kept us on back roads and through vineyards and seeing the stork nests in the power towers (clacking their beaks) along the river to Coimbra was a highlight for me.
Riding the bike through Porto was a challenge with narrow side walks, cobblestones and streetcar rails to navigate but we did it. 

Wendy - Durham NC - October 2023



[by email] The trip [to Portugal] was amazing from start to finish — we had a great time, our guide was terrific and we had a great group for the Intrepid portion.

Mike & Randi - Flesherton, ON - July 2023


[by email] The Sicily tour went very well. Very informative and covered Sicily well. Very academic with lectures and a very attentive and knowledgeable guide called Antonio. Had a full size tourist bus for 14 of us and so very comfortable. 

Mike - Brandon MB - June 2023


[by email] The Explore trip [to Oman] was good because of the people on it - luckily we got on well and it was a great group of personalities.
HOWEVER, the tour guide supplied by the local supplier Zahara Tours was horrible. He dropped us off at sites with no explanation of what we were seeing and told us to be back at the vehicle at a specified time. No explanation of the site was given and very few sites had local guides, no context of the country. He did not introduce himself clearly and did not introduce the drivers either. I only know him as "Juma" which was a shortened form of a long name we did not get. I only learned that shortened name after asking him repeatedly. He was ambiguous about giving start times, meeting times, instructions as to the clothing or equipment we would need for the day. He was dismissive to most of the women on the trip. It was clear he hated his job and was doing the minimal possible amount of work to make sure we were not injured and he did not lose the employment. He spent most of his time talking with his buddies at the various sites we were dropped off at. His behaviour so was bad that most people on the tour did not leave any tip for him. The only plus I can attribute to him was that he did suggest one swimming site not on the Explore itinerary that was excellent that we went to.
Unfortunately, Zahara Tours is officially endorsed by the Sultanate, so I'm not sure if they care if their guides are good or not. I don't know if Explore cares or has any control on who Zahara provides as a guide for their tours. Neither Zahara nor Explore has sent me a questionnaire for feedback.
This is not your fault, and I have had good guides with Explore on other trips, but I thought that you should know they above.

Requested anonymity - March 2023

[by email] It was a great trip [to New Zealand] with a wonderful group of people and an outstanding guide, named Vaughan. He was very knowledgeable, thoughtful, experienced hiker, excellent driver, which is important because you are on the bus regularly on windy, narrow roads, especially on South Island. I’d have liked to spend more time in Wellington and Queenstown, both beautiful cities. The scenery is breathtaking.  
Thanks for everything. It was a memorable trip. 

Anna - Toronto, ON - February 2023

[by email] I wanted to see the country [Namibia], I accepted that there would be a lot of driving, But I wont do an Exodus tour again.  It was my second time (first was Morocco) and I found the same thing.  The itinerary is light – you check the list of most things but it’s superficial, with some things rushed or skipped.  Both countries, the guides did their job but it was nothing to write home about.
The truck was truly terrible.  Seats were hard and non-ergonomic, truck was top heavy with serious sway and bouncing.  There was a pop top for game drives but it was broken. 
I don't like to travel with folk who are looking for their fry-up and G&T and fish n chips everywhere they go.  Why bother travelling?  If you’re only looking for home everywhere you go.  The Exodus trips catered to the western palate and offered little culturally appropriate. 

Angela - Burlington, ON - December 2022
(Edited for length and clarity)

[by email] Can’t tell you how fabulous our trip [to Egypt] was , safe and very educational.
G Adventure, really had the tour mapped out so well. Sometimes we were up early to beat the crowds other times we saw some of the ruins by evening.
The hotels were amazing we even had a suite in one hotel and we usually had a room with a view of the Nile.
Our guide was almost too knowledgeable, highly qualified in Egyptology so I came home with information over load. He was also a lot of fun and  very helpful.
We had 14 people on the trip and everyone got on incredible well. Socially it was a lot of fun.
This was my second G trip and I would definitely recommend them to any one.


Jean - Huntsville, ON - December 2022

[by email] The trip was truly fabulous!  Thank you for the arrangements and attention to all details, which allowed me to fully enjoy the trip.  There were of course a few very minor “hiccups” — I would not stay in hotel Bologna in Pisa — it was pretty and the staff was lovely, the location was nice, but it was noisy and I was not able to get the rest I needed.  The Amalfi pace and place were more in line with who I am in terms of preferences and level of fitness and the majority of the group members were on the same level.  A small minority formed their own group for the hikes but we all had a lot of fun together.  On the first leg, I was the only one not from England.  The second group was slightly more diverse.  Of course, Exodus in English based.  Perhaps a little more diversity would have been interesting.
All in all, fabulous trip and experience!  I can totally get used to the lifestyle..😁 

Elena - Toronto, ON - October 2022

The tour was amazing, beyond our expectations.  The group of Brits were super friendly & embraced us as family.  The hiking was more challenging than expected (“Moderate was an understatement), but that was great, esp for my super fit companion, Joanna😉.   The scenery was spectacular - white water rapids & waterfalls in super abundance.   The Accommodation & guides from Nes Gard were lovely - father mellow, son a bit uptight with his new responsibilities.  Two special dinners prepared by the regular chef and his friend from a Michelin star restaurant in San Sebastián were a real treat.   While the return flight ultimately worked out OK we were both disappointed by the lack of support from either you or your company - when there’s a glitch is when our agent is critical - if you’re away we expect your agency to pick up the slack.

Richard & Joanna - Toronto, ON - July 2022

Our recent trip to Greece was great. We especially liked the varied aspects of the trip from visiting the ancient archaeological sites to enjoying the natural beauty of the cliffs of Meteora. The itinerary was well balanced between the land and 3 island visits. We even managed some great hikes on Paros and Naxos on our free days. 
Thankfully there were no unpleasant incidents to report. 

Frank and Anda - Toronto, ON - June 2022

The safari was wonderful! We had such an amazing time. I will send you lots of photos and videos on WhatsApp! Thank you so much for planning such a wonderful trip for us!

Naveen & Taha - Toronto, ON - June 2022

Tom, I had a wonderful trip [to Greece].  I did find it a bit stressful making sure I had all the correct paperwork and emails (regarding PLFs, my covid test result, the ArriveCan app filled out, etc.) for my various flights, but I made it back. For some reason, the government continues to send me emails to report on my quarantine, which is a mistake.  Someone phoned me from the BC government asking about my quarantine, and I straightened it out with her, but I continue to get daily emails requesting reports, which I am ignoring.
The G Adventures tour leader, Davide Russo, is Italian, and he had only been to Greece one previous time, and not as a tour leader.  It was his first time leading a tour there, and he said there was no information from G Adventures on the places we were visiting.  He did a lot of research, and I really believe he did the very best he could and was very helpful to me.  What he didn't know, our fabulous bus driver, George Chatzokos, did know.  I would have appreciated some commentary as we drove through Greece, but Davide wasn't familiar enough with the area.  I don't blame him at all -- it's G Adventures management who assigned him to lead this tour.
The other issue is that as a solo traveller who always pays the single supplement, I'm getting rather annoyed at being assigned hotel rooms that are not up to the standard given to couples.  This happened in Athens and Santorini, and I've experienced it on other tours as well. 
It was a fabulous holiday, though, and I would definitely recommend it.  I'm still suffering from jet lag, but as soon as I sort through my photos, I'll send you a few to encourage others to travel.  In Greece the covid regulations are about the same as in Canada, so why not wear a mask and show proof of vaccination there as you do here?  
Thanks again, Tom, for your part in making this tour a success!

Sandra - Victoria, BC - October 2021

The tour leader was 75 years old, but a young 75, and he was one of the best I have ever had. A natural host, he knew everything, and what and when to say it. Under his guidance everything on the tour [to Iceland] fell into place effortlessly, he is a real
professional.  We were a fantastic group, mostly from the UK.
I arrived a few days early and did a walking tour of Reykjavik.  The National Museum and the Settlement Museum were very interesting, and I also visited the volcano that is erupting. We saw a huge river of black steaming lava but the next day people saw eruptions of fresh lava and flows.
Iceland is beautiful, the country is mostly about landscapes and geology. The waterfalls and natural features were spectacular.  The hotels were nice.

When I went (September) the weather was cool (8-13ºC) and we had some rain so you need layers and Gore-tex gear. This country is on the expensive side but I do recommend it as a nice place to visit. It is very well geared to travellers and the people are very friendly and accommodating.


Sonia - Toronto, ON - September 2021

To Tom Gehrels! 
We had a wonderful Trip to Newfoundland from September the 7th til the 
Our tour guide was telling us all about things that would be interesting for a visitor to know  with history as well lots of it.
It has been an experience of a lifetime.  Enjoying it very much.
Kind regards     

Lis - Toronto, ON - September 2021

We had a wonderful time. The cabin [in Algonquin] has the most beautiful views of the lake throughout the day, it was very peaceful and quiet. The staff we dealt with on arrival and who checked in on us during our stay were kind and helpful. The weather was hit and miss, but no bugs at all so that was a huge bonus. The cabin itself is now connected to the smaller cabin with the bunk beds so that made the kids more comfortable about sleeping there. 

They clearly are trying to cover all their bases in the paperwork they had us sign before arriving and maybe they have some bad experiences, but some of it came across a little much -  don’t use any electricity for your devices, don’t move any furniture, don’t burn any candles, upon penalty of immediate eviction, etc .  But when you are there, they seem much more relaxed about things. 

It was a short stay that went too quickly, but it was the perfect way to tend the summer. Thanks again for helping up to organize this!

Kim & John & family - Toronto, ON - September 2021

About Egypt- it was an excellent trip. We had an excellent guide- mature, calm, organized, good communicator. For me it brought back 48 yr old memories and for Tom- he used to teach ancient Egyptian history. The sites are truly amazing. 

Re COVID 19- Our guide would keep us up to date immediately following his conversations with Head Office. Obviously a fluid situation & things changed often. We never felt uncertain. He got his information from Intrepid and that is what he communicated with us. There were 10 in our group between 29 yrs and 76. Everyone got along and we’re supportive of each other. The group is in touch regularly as we all helped each other in decision making re disappointments and going home.   We have no complaints with the way the situation was handled. I also never heard anyone else complain either. 

Margaret & Tom - Toronto, ON - March 2020

The trip [to Southern India] was excellent.  It was very well-planned with great  accommodations all round.  The Kabini River Lodge was wonderful and  the safaris were interesting - we were lucky enough to see tigers and  an elephant family.  The guide in Coonoor, Kingsley, was very good.
If anyone I know needs trip advice, I'll be happy to recommend you.

Jane - Toronto, ON - February 2020

[Costa Rica was] Wet! Lodges were amazing the scenery blow ur mind wildlife and BIRDS my favourite.  One thing [...] a good roommate don't know what it is and why it is so but why is it that when we're paired up we need to hold hands be tied at the hip etc aren't we two independent traveler did I agree to adopt a sister temporarily.  Aside from the above and despite the rain it was WONDERBAR

Theresa - Orleans, ON - January 2020

It [trip to Madeira] was an amazing trip,5 hiking days everyday different landscape,flora,different weather that made the trip unforgettable 
Great wine,local beer,great food.
Highly recommend visiting Madeira,
The only “issue “ I should say it can be very windy,which affects landing and taking off quite often,I had a little “action “ myself as well.We had a restart landing when I arrived,as soon as the wheels touched the tarmac we took off again,strong side winds,circling the island for another half an hour,and landed from the opposite direction.
Interesting fact only 1 runway,4km long,and half of it is on concrete pillars above the ocean.
It is wise to book extra days before and after,just in case,delays are common even closing the airport,as it happened a couple of days before my arrival as well 

Adelbert - Toronto, ON - January 2020

In a nutshell it surpassed all expectations by far. All kinds of unexpected opps arose and were taken advantage of: wedelll sea, that huge 85 miles peiece that broke off, emperor penguins, every kind  of whale except blues, cc skiing twice, hikes in falklands and S Georgia. Put clocks ahead during 2 days at sea so we got sleep before getting up for 3 am sunrise at Gold Harbour. Clouds came in so two nights later they sailed back and did it again. Capt incredibly skilled. First ship able to get thru to Lockroy. Lemaire changed do over since fogged out first time. Incredible young scientists. Constantly giving info. Nothing too much trouble.
So much safety and redundancy and so many extra touches. 


Toni - Vancouver BC - December 2019

Columbia was beautiful.  
We stayed at a nice hotel with a pool for a couple of days before the tour.  It was next to the beach but that was filled with local vendors always bugging us; and not too clean.  Went to renowned Playa Blanca on a day trip.  What a rough road there!!!  Beach was very nice as advertised but too many shacks on the beach built up to the edge of the water so that you could barely walk on the sand.  What a shame.
Fantastic tour guide.  Cartagena old town was fun to explore.  The national park was a cooker, but a good hike there too, and great waves to play in!
And Barichara was where our tour guide was from!  So he gave us a personal tour of his gorgeous home on the hillside (along with tea)!  And also of his mom's nice hotel. (along with juice).  Too bad we didn't have our swimsuits along for a dip in the pool.  The views were fantastic.  Hiking was great.
The small cobblestone colonial town was fun to explore.  Rafting was great excitement.  A bit too much.  It had rained buckets the couple of days before, so the class 2 river became class 3.5!!!  We felt very safe with the tour group they used.  We cautiously got onto the raft, and within 10 sec. a fellow traveller was ejected into the rapids!!  He was white faced, and bobbed up and under the water.  It made us all very nervous.  The expert kayaker got him out of the whirlpool he got trapped in, and ushered him back to the raft.  We made it the rest of the way along the river with beautiful scenery and without incident.  It was boiling hot so we didn't mind being splashed with huge waves!  (just didn't want to be swept in!).
Bogota was a lot cooler.
Not much english spoken anywhere.  We really need to brush up on our spanish!!!
We had an excellent war & peace tour, graffiti tour, and look at the gold museum.  It was good to see.

Lena & Andrew - Toronto, ON - October 2019

We had a totally amazing trip [to Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique] and all your recommendations were perfect. The guides were all wonderful everywhere. Mompaty was with us for eight days in Botswana - and with so much experience and good vibes we saw and heard all he could show us! 
There is more we can tell you, if and when you have time. Thank you so very much. We have memories that are unique and celebrations continued for a month!!

Chris & Stephen, Toronto, ON - October 2019

[On Western Balkans Uncovered] [was] Overall consistent with descriptions - 3- 4 star accommodations (exceptional Inn in Berat with great homemade breakfast and great location; also Ohrid great location; Skopye location ok but weakest accommodation although within 3-star designation)
Transportation very good for long hauls some problems in Skopje with vans without seat belts and poor air conditioning en route to Dubrovnik
Itinerary [was] Overall pretty good- support in Prizren poor - unofficial guide used, pleasant but poor delivery and not great source of information i.e. not tuned into what is relevant - other guides excellent i.e., Tirana, Kruja, Berat
Guide [was] pleasant, warm and friendly, attentive to basic needs but poorly informed re;  local options,  information on demographics, cities, etc.,  often didn't know basics like population, names of significant cities etc and did not offer to lookup information following queries from group - on the contrary, was quite defensive at times pointing out (frequently) that her job was essentially co-ordination and  not detailed  information.  She noted that this was her first independent tour of the area (although her home is Croatia and thus the area familiar) and that she was lacking in experience, but unfortunately she also presented as insensitive  to feedback.  Although I traveled to Viet Nam many years ago, my experience with the  guide was quite different and very positive so I suspect an inexperienced guide is unusual. 

I hope this is helpful in your role recommending trips -  overall the itinerary was very active, the days full and I feel that I achieved my goal of some understanding of the history, geography, and culture of the area as well as recent events and current political status. 


Patricia - Caledon, ON - September 2019


I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous vacation I had on my Machu Picchu tour and the Amazon Riverboat tour with G Adventures.  After Machu Picchu, I didn't see how anything could top that, but I absolutely loved the Amazon.  We fished for piranha (I caught one!), met local villagers (including a shamana), swam in the river, rode in dugout canoes, saw lots of dolphins and went on several nature walks.  What a marvelous experience both tours were, and my tour mates were wonderful.

Sandra - Victora, BC - September 2019

High compliments to both Scenic Air and Wilderness Air [in Namibia].  They run a complicated schedule among the game camps(...) flying is the only way to see Namibia.  
Sossusvlei.  High compliments to you on the selection of accommodations, across the board.  The NEST was exceptional.  (...) 
Etosha.  Highly recommend Safarihoek.  (...) its location is what makes it special.  It sits on a hill and you can see a long way out over the plains.  (...)  there are LOTS of animals there.  We saw everything except cats, including both white and black rhinos.  
Desert Rhino.  This is a tough one and is totally attitude dependent. (...) We are certainly glad we did this now that we are back but would probably not recommend this as highly.  
(...) The Sandwich Harbor tour is a must.  There is no experience like being driven in the jeep over those immense sand dunes. (...) The flamingos were also exceptional and we have never seen anything like the way they congregate in that area.  
Cape Town.  An extraordinary city, we loved it.  Robben Island is a must see (...)  The City Tour was good and we had fabulous lunches on all three days of touring.  The tour of the Cape of Good Hope was great. (...)  The next day in the wine country was also fantastic, what an extraordinarily beautiful area.

Dave and Karen - Okatie, SC - August 2019

(excerpt - read their full review here)

We are and have enjoyed the trip.  A bit of feedback.
Our first week [driving the south coast of Iceland] was lovely.  Great weather and fun things to do.  Food was good but not great as a rule, but the dinner at Grillid was outstanding.
The briefing from the CityWalks guy, Martin Briem was Very very useful (I missed it on the itinerary and was awakened by him but well worth it.  We followed his suggestions and very much enjoyed the things we saw.  The trip to Thorsmork with Arctic Trucks was excellent.  Jelmar the guIde was ex cellent and took us on some great hikes and recommended some other things for the next few days that were all good and fun.  I let him drive through the rivers etc and it was fine.  But a highlight.
Aboard Le Champlain by Ponant [a Backroads cruise aboard a Ponant ship around Iceland] is lovely.  Nice smallish ship and modern but the French food is only good and we could not dock at Grimsey so did a walk on Hrisey.

Backroads is very good.  The guides are young and enthusiastic and energetic.  But they are from UK, Netherlands and two from Spain.  Nobody local.  They are knowledgeable, and nice, but I would have liked someone local.
Moreover, the hikes are good but they are hikes.  Not much interpretation exceptin prebriefs and very little cultural commentary.  Lots of geology but I wanted toknow more about the Norse Sagas and the local fishing cultures but not to be.  As I said, the guuides are excellent but ....
More local and more cultural would be good.  Three days to go.
Weather is cold and wet this week but to be expected.

Mel - Toronto, ON - August 2019

[Our tour to Amalfi] was just excellent! I really wouldn't do it much differently. Renato La Monica, our guide was super and a big part of the experience. I would go back to the Amalfi coast anytime.  We really enjoyed the dining, sightseeing, and beaches. I can't pick a hi-light but we really liked the "beach" day we did Thursday when Renato took us to "his" private beach near Nerano.  The CAPRI day was also excellent. Anything along the waterfront / coast is tops. Both hotels, the CROCE in Amalfi and particularly th Hotel San Francesco al Monte in Naples was so unique and nice.  Thanks for a great trip !!


Joan & Rick - Toronto, ON - July 2019

The trip coordinator was Suxie Grant, a charming, fit, and very experienced leader, who has done this trip many times..  The local guides were excellent to good.  Two local guides in particular were outstanding:  Elaina in Turkmenistan and Alex (Sasha) in Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan.  The itinerary was rich and varied.  The facilities were fair to outstanding, depending on location and altitude.  I enjoyed the trip because of the previous sentences, plus the members of the group gelled as a group, sharing jokes, life stories, and experiences.  A very enjoyable time was had by all.  Plus, we got to see the western end of the Silk Road, completing a journey begun in 1994, when we entered China at Beijing and exited in western China over the Kunjerab Pass and down into Pakistan.  So we added Bukhara, Samarkand, Merv ruins and other places like AOSHS and the Fergana Valley

Kay - Atkinson, NH - July 2019

The trip was great, especially the cruise [in Greece]. We can recommend the yacht as long as people know what staying on a yacht is like. The rooms were larger than we expected, but the only observation is the ships travels mostly at night and you can hear and feel the vibrations of the yacht. The only complaint was the food on board the ship was inconsistent. Some meals were great and others we okay. Lucky for us the cruise director for Peregrine was on board for observation and review (unknown to crew), and he plans on improving the food.

Wade & Karen - Paisley, ON - June 2019

I really enjoyed my trip [to Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia].  The group was a good one, and tour leader excellent. The highlights included all of the famous places. (monasteries in remote, beautiful natural locations, Sofia, Ohrid, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Kavala and all of the ancient sights and museums) 
Some of the “fillers of time”, like two walks in some small villages along the way plus a boat trip in a gorge weren’t really interesting. Most of the group had been on many other tours and are  pleased with that travel company.  One lady loved her first Ancient Macedonia tour 5 years ago and came back to do it once more! (she was a great resource for what to do in my spare time)

Sonia - Toronto, ON - May 2019



The trip [to Myanmar] was fantastic!!  The guide was very good.  The group had only four people beside me which made it very easy to get to know them and for the guide to keep us organized.

David - Sells, AZ - March 2019

The trip [in Vietnam] has been incredible. Cant say enough about [the operator]. The pace, loved the biking, hiking 13 km in teeming rain in red clay up to our ankles, great group, and our guide Thanh was amazing. 

Sandra - Bolton, ON - January 2019

Wonderful [trip to Iceland]! Weather cooperated,rain held off until the last few days. Guide one of the best and only 8 people on the trip. Fantastic experiences and we didn't meet other travellers until we hit the Golden Circle. If that's all you do you do not see Iceland in all its beauty and majesty. Would like to return and do not only the western fjords but some walking.

Felicity - Toronto, ON - December 2018

The trip [in Namibia] was amazing!
Okonjima was a great choice to recover from jet lag and transition to vacation mode. Loved it there…AND saw a white rhino on the way out!
The tour went exceptionally well. We had a couple of blow outs one day and had to get 4 new tires the next day. That caused a bit of a delay and majorly annoyed some of the group.
Loved the desert – could have spent more time there.  Did the aerial tour in Swakop…outstanding.  Desert elephants strolled trough our campsite in Damaraland!!
Etosha was exceptional – saw a leopard! And a billion elephants, many lions, giraffes, springbok, zebra, etc, etc AND the elusive rhino.
Camping worked well – first 2 nights a challenge – hot and sandy first night followed by a major windstorm the next night…gotta love camping! Loved hearing the roar of lions and other animals at night
Game meat – there was a was good – glad to get back to fish and salads.

Judy & Jocelyn - Toronto, ON - October 2018

The [Morocco] trip was great. The desert was, of course, quite different from the mountains but both were enjoyable.

The food, culture, people and trip mates all contributed to an excellent vacation

David - Toronto, ON - October 2018

The Central Asia trip was good. It covered a lot of ground and you wouldn’t want the pace any faster.   Kashgar was interesting but not sure it was worth all the hassle of getting into China. By land you have to go through 9 different checkpoints. (3 in Kyrgyzstan & 6 in China). That means you have to get off the bus and at least once also with your luggage. At one checkpoint you have to hand in your cell phone and iPads for the Chinese to check.   The mountain views in Kyrgyzstan are magnificent.  Alternatively, the mosques, mausoleums and madrasses in Uzbekistan are historical and very beautiful.   Beware the beds in most of the places we stayed in were HARD. 
All in all it was a great adventure. 

Anda & Frank - Toronto, ON - October 2018

My trip [to Ethiopia] was very good, but it was hard as any trip to Africa can be.  I was with a group of 12 (2 NZ, 9 UK and me) with an Ethiopian guide and had my own room.  Saw and did lots.  Climbed mountains, rode mules, drove over very long rough roads, saw monasteries that were 1000 years old, and ancient sites that were 2000 years old. One day we were on the road (or semi-road) for 14 hours.  It was a killer.  Overall the itinerary was very good but pretty intense.  Much of the trip was at altitude and in the Simien Mountains I felt it.  Addis is a huge city with no plan and no real centre.  A bit of a hassle to get around and unpicturesque, so not much point to walk around.  Much of the country is very poor, but the land is lush and green (good time of year to go).  Every inch is planted on terraced hills, so food is abundant and wildflowers are blooming.  As for rain, except for two thunderstorms at night it was generally dry, very lucky with the blue skies. I was offered a great first row seat by the door on the flight home [on Ethiopian Airlines] so could stretch out on the 15 hour flight back. Really nice of them. A really a good, clean comfortable and generous airline.


Chris - Toronto, ON - September 2018

[Hiking in] Greenland was amazing.  Scenery was epic as we had amazing weather most of the time with clear skies.  Lots of snow.  Apparently more than usual at this time of the year our guide informed us.  Talking of the guide, Andrea was amazing.  She was a fearsome leader and took everything in her stride.  Looked after us well with food and we all laughed a lot. 

Fiona - Brisbane, Australia - August 2018

We have always had great trips when Tom helps us with the planning and arrangements. He has a tremendous knowledge of places to go and lots of good ideas for things to do and places to stay. On our recent trip to Holland we loved our hotels and the trip to Hindeloopen was a highlight. Only glitch was that bicycle rental fell through in Hindeloopen due to wrong size bike for my son. However we explored the town on foot and it was beautiful. Even met a sheep whisperer on the dyke, also watched the kite surfers and we hiked all over the place... We also went to Amsterdam and The Hague, which are great places to visit. Of note, our hotel in The Hague, the Kennedy B Aparthotel, was beautiful, had good breakfast included, and was right on the tramline to the beach or downtown. Awesome choice! Thanks Tom for another great travel experience!


Neil , Kathy, Liam - Toronto, ON - July 2018

[Croatia] Trip was excellent - had a mostly good group and our tour leader was excellent.  Probably one of the best I have ever had on a tour.  He took us on a few adventures on free days that he didn't have to do and they were some of the highlights of the trip (e.g. bike ride on Korcula; hike through the middle of nowhere on Hvar).

Andrea - Toronto. ON - June 2018

Awesome [Greece cycling] trip ... guides were the best .. hotels were very accommodating .. food supplies for lunch were very healthy and fresh and the dinner  choices by Dimitri were excellent.  Great holiday. 


Franca - Toronto, ON - June 2018

We are home after 6 wonderful weeks away. Our week in BA and week in Santiago were amazing and we found some great local guides if you are ever looking for more references.   We were with Tucan tours for 3 of those weeks in Patagonia.  EYES wide Open.  We have done many hikes in and around the rocky and western mountain ranges but this was amazing.  Thank you for listening to our questions, our hopes for being out doors and the options for doing a variety of activities.  We walked, hiked, kayaked, ate mediocre food and incredible meals, met some great people who were chipped in, laughed and will be welcome at our door if they ever arrive in Edmonton. Our guide and driver were kind, informative, and fun. They of course can knock on our door as well.  

Sarah  & Chris - Edmonton, AB - April 2018


The trip [to Tanzania and Rwanda] was awesome.  Can’t say enough. Both camps, tents, food and game drives were great. Just Christine and I on drives. They did bush lunch and breakfasts for us. We did a bush walk in Selous and boated twice in Selous.  All of our connections were seamless and hotel in Kigali and Dar were fine.  Mountain view lodge was not quite as good, but the gorilla trek was outta this world.   All in all an awesome trip. 

Steve & Christine - Terra Cotta, ON - January 2018

We had a fabulous holiday [to India]- and felt like rock stars (or at least super well-cared-for tourists). 

We very much appreciated all the pickups and driving was truly fantastic. the calibre of service we received was more than we had ever expected, and the hotels were just great. 

One hotel even put up a sign in the reception area: "Hotel Malligi welcomes [Melani, Chris & Maxim]". we had a great laugh at that one. 

There was one small glitsch with the bicycle tour in fort cochin, so we decided to forego the bike tour, walked with the guide instead and then the tour company gave us free entry to the Katkakali dance performance that night to make up for it. 

we received a call EVERY time we checked into a new hotel from the tour company - Ashok...our new friend. it was great that he always checked in, but sometimes it felt like a little much...but i guess if we did have any issues it would have helped them address them right away. 

so - all good, we very much appreciated the work that was done behind the scenes - it was clear to Chris and I how much work this takes, and coordination...

Malani, Chris & Maxim - Toronto, ON - December 2017

The many temples including Angkor Wat were incredible. Experiencing the different modes of transportation was exciting, bartering with the locals was a fun experience. Home stays were a must, always a wonderful introduction to culture and people. Food variety was amazing. Scenery was beautiful, both nature and architecturally. Highly recommend this tour!

Brenda - Mississauga, ON - August 2017

The sights, the cultural experience, the people, the food made up for a great tour [of Morocco]. We had a very enjoyable dinner on arrival in Casablanca at Rick's Cafe after touring the Grand Mosque, which was awesome.

I just loved we got to spend the night with a family in Moulay Idris where we were treated royally, learned how to make couscous and Mohamed, our tour guide, got a cake to help celebrate Kathy's birthday, which was great fun and certainly a very nice gesture on his part.  We loved the accommodations in Chefchaouen. They were awesome and we were all charmed by the place and our respective rooms.  Kathy and I enjoyed the Caves of Hercules in Tangier and later when touring Gibraltar we got to see Tangier from across the Strait.

Kathy & Aida - Toronto/Calgary - June 2017

We had a great time and loved our trip.  Tour leader was excellent, knowledgeable, kept all safe, stayed on task.  We were able to experience India as seen in the Best Exotic Marigold Movie. Excellent tour. Beautiful, heritage accommodations. Wonderful guide, and driver.

Bonnie - Jamestown, NC - April 2017

I am having a great trip. The Greeks are so welcoming. I had an interesting Easter and went into many churches which were all open and alive. Joined a bit of the candlelight parade on Good Friday and went to Sat night mass. The Hera ([hotel we booked] was a good choice for me in many ways. 
I am on Santorini now. The tour is excellent. The guide is very experienced and knows how to time things etc. This afternoon she added a visit to Acrotiri an ancient city that is being excavated. It was fascinating and we have time to add the archaeological museum in Thira which houses artifacts from there instead of shopping!

The tours were excellent.. 14 people on the walking tour….some Canadians and several English couples who I enjoyed walking with. I had a young Australian roommate that was easy to get along with. The guide was very experienced and added a couple of wonderful experiences…A guitar concert on Naxos in the tower and a visit to Akrotiri on Santorini. The other tour had 16 and was a very compatible group…I had my own room…The guide was young but enthusiastic. For the sites there has to be a certified archeological guide We had one with us for 4 days who was young, enthusiastic and knew her stuff.  She was liked by the group and was around all the time for questions etc.  Then there were guides for each of the sites on the rest of the days They were excellent. The effort to make them come alive really helps and the additions that were made in the updated schedule you got were good. Meteora was spectacular at the end of the tour.


Marion - Owen Sound, ON - April 2017


India was magical. The Delhi office called at least once a day to find out if we were happy with the arrangements. Highlights - there were so many - the Taj Mahal and seeing a tiger were two of the top. The Bollywood show in Delhi, the dinner in the restaurant in the middle of the lake in Udaipur - fantastic, the service in the hotels, the guide in Agra. All the guides were good but he was special as was the guide in Varanasi. The Amber Fort, the elephant ride, the evening prayer service on the Ganges in our own boat, the cooking lesson, etc, etc. All in all the trip was everything we had hoped and more.

Santina - New York, NY - March 2016

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