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Botswana's Chobe counts the highest number of elephants in the world. It is the northern end of a huge continuous wilderness area stretching through Moremi to the tranquil Okavango Delta and into the Kalahari Desert. Here animals, including rare species such as rhino and wild dog, roam free, undisturbed by humans. Then there is the surreal Makgadikgadi Salt Pan with its spectacular sunsets and rich birdlife. To top it off, just across the border in Zimbabwe lie the Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a staple of any Botswana safari.


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The best time to travel to Botswana for game viewing is the dry season from April to October. During the other months landscapes are lush and young animals are born. November through April make for great birding in the Okavango Delta. The otherwise bone-dry Central Kalahari, Nxai Pan and Makgadikgadi Pans are great to visit from December to February to see migrating zebra, elephant and buffalo.


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Okavango Delta

Lying in the midst of the Kalahari Desert, this giant marshland is a haven for wildlife from lions and elephant to the elusive sitatunga and myriad birds.  Tranquility is king in this otherworldly paradise.

Moremi Game Reserve

A protected area within the Okavango, Moremi Game Reserve has some of the highest density of wildlife in the world.  The area is a great mix of marshland and forests, making for great wildlife viewing.


Famed for its large herds of massive elephants, the park consists of three distinct areas.  Chobe Riverfront supports the highest density of wildlife.  It is where most of the lodges are and where you can do river cruises to spot wildlife.  Linyanti Marsh is rich in predators and is far away from civilization - flying in to a luxury safari camp is the best option here.  Savuti, with the adjacent channel, rivals the riverfront in animal density, but is much more remote.

Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

Only a 90 minute drive from the Botswana border, Victoria Falls is a must-see for any visitor to this part of Africa.  The 2 kms (1.2 miles) wide falls can be seen from paths or from a helicopter.  Adrenaline junkies can bungee jump and raft in this, the adventure capital of Africa.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Remote, silent and dry.  This is wilderness at its best.  Game viewing is at its peak during the wet season (December to April).  On clear nights, sleep out on the roof of your luxury lodge and be awed by the millions of stars.

Makgadikgadi & Nxai Salt Pans

At the north-end of the Kalahari, colours fade to white, brown and burnt orange in this network of empty flat salt pans.  Big skies, epic stands of baobab trees and silence are the attractions here.

Game Drives

The best way to see wildlife is from your vehicle, driven by your guide who will explain everything there is to know about the animals you encounter.

Remote luxury lodges

Situated in privately protected areas, the only people you will see (if any) are others staying at the same intimate lodge as you are.  Sit back and let yourself be pampered with great food and wines, relax by the pool and enjoy all those safari activities on offer.

Game Walks

Within private concessions game walks are a unique and thrilling way to get up close to animals and see critters and spoor you would otherwise miss.  Our experienced guides will keep you safe.

Mokoro ride

The main mode of transport in the Okavango, mokoros are dugout canoes.  Let your poler take you deep into the marshes, to observe bird life, flowers and insects, but above all, to enjoy the utter tranquility the area is known for.

Safari flights

Used as an expedient way to get between remote safari lodges, these flights are a safari in their own right.  Seen from the air, you will get a sense how massive the wilderness and how densely populated by animals it is.

Chobe river cruise

A cruise down the Chobe River will allow you to see huge herds of elephants and buffalo as they come to the riverbank to drink.  In addition, spot hippos and crocodiles and incredible bird life.

Adventures at Victoria Falls

At Africa's adventure capital Victoria Falls, activities on offer include bungee jumping from the bridge over the falls, or rafting the wild class IV and V rapids downstream from the falls.  Other activities include guided tours of the falls, helicopter rides and canoe trips.

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