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Walk down a winding cobblestone street, lined with vine-covered medieval homes. Follow it from a bustling market square to a wisteria-draped cafe opposite the village church. Sit down and enjoy a plat du jour with a glass of refreshing local wine. Admire the view across the hills: an expanse of vineyards, farmyards and lavender fields, giving way to chestnut and oak forests. This is the quintessential French experience. Bienvenue!


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Spring (April, May) and fall (September, October) are delightful times to visit France. You can visit in summer too - but the weather will be hot and it is the busiest travel time.


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Architectural icons such as Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, artistic treasures found in its many museums such as the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, stylish shopping and glorious food - what is there not to like about Paris?


Cider and Camembert, fresh seafood, quiet villages, some of France’s finest museums, the monastic island of Mont St. Michel, the Bayeux Tapestry and the D-Day landing beaches.  Have we missed a reason why you should visit Normandy?


A wild, dramatic coastline, expanses of forests, medieval towns and a culture all its own - that is Brittany.  Explore stone-age circles, try some delicious crêpes, discover off-shore islands and the beautiful town of St. Malo.

Loire Valley

An entire area enshrined as a UNESCO World Heritage site?  Yes, you will find it in the Loire Valley.  Its hundreds of châteaux, and the villages, vineyards, and farmlands surrounding them, are a cyclists delight.


Like a miniature of France itself, the chateaux and picturesque villages of the Dordogne, its ancient cave art and its network of hiking trails are yours to discover.


Straddling the border between France and Spain, the craggy peaks and deep valleys of the Pyrenees offer a rural and deeply traditional way of life and a paradise for walkers and bikers alike.  Wander from mountaintop castle to hilltop village, en-route exploring caves and savouring the spectacular views.


Picturesque hilltop towns, glorious beaches, incredible cuisine, markets offering fresh produce, fields of lavender and beautiful vistas connected by quiet country roads and hiking trails - those are but some of the highlights of Provence.  Add to that world-class cities like Avignon and Marseille and a historic pedigree dating back to the Romans and you'll realize this area will keep you occupied for a long time.


Beautiful beaches lining picturesque bays and an interior of craggy mountains, stunning valleys, dark forests and gorgeous hilltop villages.  Food, wine, music and a distinct culture - the Mediterranean island of Corsica is like a country all its own.

Mont Blanc

Alpine meadows and rocky peaks, windswept cols and glaciers, glorious views and some great trekking and hiking.  Find all that and more in the Mont Blanc Massif.


Undulating green hills sprinkled with picturesque medieval villages and mustard fields, an age-old tradition of food and wine, vineyards and waterways - Burgundy is a great place to discover by bike.

Browse a market

Browse the stalls, talk to the vendors about their produce, its quality, its heritage and its price, buy ingredients for your picnic lunch or home- cooked dinner, and enjoy what is the quintessential French experience.

Food, glorious food

Spend hours over lazy lunches and dinners, discussing whatever topic comes to mind.  Enjoy discovering each regional cuisine, a cultural tradition rooted in a deep respect for the cuisine des provinces, and terroirs as varied as the climates, terrains, and crops of France's many regions.

Taste  the wines

Wines are an integral part of every French meal (well ,with the exception of breakfast perhaps).  Try a great Burgundy with steak or roast, a Bordeaux red with lamb, veal or chicken, a full-bodied red with cheese or a blanc-de-blanc with oysters.  When in doubt, let  the waiter or sommelier recommend a wine or follow your own taste.

Explore a chateau

Whether you are cycling the Loire Valley, the Burgundy countryside or the valleys of the Dordogne, take some time to explore a historic chateau and get lost in the many splendidly decorated rooms, hallways and turrets.

Hike the trails

Walk through vineyards, stumble upon an ancient monastery, climb up to a hilltop village, browse the market and shops, and enjoy a glass of wine in a village cafe.  Hike up to the head of an Alpine valley, smell the flowers in the meadow, sit down for a picnic lunch, and enjoy the stupendous views.  Few countries in the world offer a better hiking experience than France.

Cycle the countryside

Cycle along a canal in Burgundy, ride between chateaux in the Loire Valley, pedal from Roman aqueduct to an impressionist's hideaway in Provence.  Cycling enhances your senses, slows the world down and brings it into focus.

Watch village life go by

Find a village cafe - each town has them - sit down with a plat du jour and a glass of wine, and watch village life unfold.  Old men playing boules, a woman returning from the market, children chasing a ball.  Imagine what it is like to live here, in France...

Discover a medieval village

Follow cobble-stoned streets and crumbling staircases, walk through hidden alleys and arched gateways, past vines climbing the facades of houses.  A cat scurries away and you follow it around the corner where you stumble on a pretty square lined with flower baskets.  There is a tiny shop and its doors are open....

Delve in to history

Be it the historic French cities, the D-day beaches or the Bayeux Tapestry in Normandy, the megalithic circles of Brittany, the Roman aqueducts and amphitheatres of Provence or the chateaux and medieval villages dotting the countryside everywhere, France is a country for lovers of history.

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