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polar regions

No place on earth compares to the sheer wilderness of the Polar regions.  The prolific wildlife and stunning landscapes of Antarctica and the Arctic hark back to an age past, to an age when mankind was less prolific and the world was pure.  Step back into this age and discover a virtual Eden of icebergs, wide-open oceans and narrow fjords, steep cliffs and towering mountains.

middle east

Western civilization began its long history here, in the Fertile Crescent that stretches from the Nile Valley through Syria and Iraq to the highlands of Iran.  You cannot help but feel insignificant when ancient pyramids,  temples, mosques and churches gaze down upon you.

Best of all are the people - their hospitality seems to know no bounds.  Be prepared to be welcomed into people's home and hearts.


Stunning scenery, sensational artistic and culinary diversity, a wide range of cultures and languages and a history that stretches across millennia - you will find all of it in Europe.  Whether you walk the trails of Tuscany, Transylvania or Amalfi, cycle the Loire or Danube valleys, sail in Croatia or Greece, or simply explore by car or train, you will be sure to indulge in culinary delights and discover picturesque towns across this wonderful continent.


There is something about Africa that stirs the soul, something that makes you want to come back again and again.  Perhaps it is the wildlife, wildlife that makes this continent feel like a proverbial Eden.  Perhaps it is the people, so welcoming and lighthearted.  Perhaps it is the landscape, so vast and open beneath big skies.  Wait...  What stirs the soul, is ALL of that.


Towering mountains, ancient Inca & Mayan ruins, Patagonian glaciers, rhythms of samba and salsa, rain forests and islands teeming with wildlife, colonial towns - so many reasons to go to Latin America!  Hike your heart out in Torres del Paine, swim with sea lions in the Galapagos, discover the mysteries of Machu Picchu, explore the Amazon - so much variety in one continent!


Of all the continents it is Asia that arguably provides the most contrast and variety.  Frenzied cities are the antithesis to ancient farming villages.  There are deserts and jungles, mountains covered in snow, forests and rice paddies.  All major religions find a home here - Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam - and cultures mingle and mix into a fusion that can only be Asian.