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Toronto, ON, Canada


Happy is the man who has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea

- Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek


Miles of turquoise coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins, great food and a passionate people. Experience our Greece from the tavernas of the Greek islands to the monasteries of Meteora; from the oracle of Delphi to the Acropolis in Athens and from the hills and ravines of Crete to the sheer cliffs of Santorini. Come and discover Greece with us!

When to go

The best times to visit Greece are in spring and early summer (April - June) and fall (September - October)

Must-See Places

Signature Experiences



The ancient Acropolis stands guard over a bustling city with stylish restaurants, world-class museums, lively cafes and monuments from antiquity.



Splendid beaches, rugged canyons, Venetian and Turkish architecture reflecting a fscinating history, quiet fishing towns and old labyrinthine cities - Crete is an island worth a visit in its own right.



Villages perched precariously on the edge of a volcanic crater, the sunset lighting up the white-washed houses and multi-cloured cliffs.  This is the Greece you have always dreamt of.



Hip hotels, lively restaurant and booming nightclubs cater to cruiseship crowds and holidaymakers looking for a good time on this otherwise quintessential Greek island.



A quieter island featuring ancient footpaths connecting beaches to picturesque quiet villages.



A Venetian town with steep cobbled alleyways, isolated beaches, archeological sites and mediaeval villages, lush valleys covered in ancient olive and citrus groves - this is one island you do not want to miss.



A hidden gem of an island where old stone paths lead you to quaint villages tucked away in the mountains.  An authentic Greek atmosphere pervades this island little known outside of Greece.



Perched on top and built into steep rock pinnacles, thse monasteries provide a peaceful haven for its resident monks.



This lively cliff-side village sits in a spectacular location.  Nearby is the Sanctuary of Apollo in ancient Delphi, home to the Delphi Oracle.



Ancient Olympia, a complex that once comprised of temples and public buildings was the site of the Olympic Games of antiquity, which took place here for at least a thousand years.



In a stunning location, this town of graceful Venetian houses and pretty narrow streets is lorded over by a towering fortress.  The seaside promenade ihas a multitude of lively cafes and restaurants and is a great place to soak up the wonderful  atmosphere.



Walk ancient footpaths

Ancient Byzantine footpaths criss-cross islands and mountains while rugged trails lead you through gorges on Crete.  Greece is a country made for walking. 


Explore the past

With Greece being the cradle of modern Western society, it has  a proud past reflected in its many monuments such as the Athen Acropolis, the Oracle of Delphi and Ancient Olympia.  Then there is the fascinating history of Myceans, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans.  Discover the secrets of the past on a guided walk and imagine what it was like to live in places like these.


Cruise a caldera

Board your vessel and enjoy a barbecue and a glass of refreshing wine while soaking up the spectaclar sunset views in the Santorini caldera.


Island hopping

As you travel the Aegean Sea by ferry, you will discover each island's particular sites and atmosphere.


Climb to a monastery

Hike up steep rock-carved staircases to reach the monasteries of Meteora, perched high up on their cliffs.


Hike a gorge

Take through the raw beauty of Samariá Gorge, where cliff faces reach up to 500 metres high and at some places are just three metres apart.  End at the remote coastal village of Agia Roumeli, from where you take a ferry back.


Eat your heart out

Olive oil, lemon juice, vegetables, and herbs, grains and bread, wine, cheese, fish, lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork are the main ingredients making Greek cuisine famous all over the world.


A culture of coffee

Lingering, lazy and chat and gossip filled - that is how in Greece you take your coffee, all the while doing some serious people watching.


Glorious beaches

No visit to Greece would be complete without a visit to its beaches.  Whether you like a bustling strip of sand where the jetset bronze their bodies, local beaches where families play with their children, or hidden coves to have all to yourself, Greece has something for everyone.


Find a peaceful spot

Be it on the island of Paros or the hidden gem of Evia, in a forgotten cove, walking an ancient path or in a Byzantine church or Orthodox monastery, Greece has plenty to offer those seeking quietude.





Suggested Tours


Best of Greece


Tour code: GBOG


Why we love this trip: a two-week trip showcasing all the highlights of Greece


Places visited: Athens, Meteora, Delphi, Nafplio, Crete (Chania, Samaria Gorge, Agia Roumeli, Loutro & Irakleion), Santorini


Signature Experiences: walk ancient footpaths, explore the past, cruise a caldera, island hopping, climb to a monastery, hike a gorge, eat your heart out, a culture of coffee, glorious beaches, find a peaceful spot


Length: 15 days


Accommodation: Hotels (13 nts), overnight ferry (1 nt, 4-berth mixed-sex cabins)


Included meals: 13 breakfasts, 1 lunch


Transport: ferry, public bus, taxi, private van, train


Departures: Set small-group dates and daily private departures between May and September


Customizable? Yes, price on request


Price: Small group departures priced from $2124

Walking the Greek Isles


Tour code: EWGI


Why we love this trip: an easy-going discovery on foot of the best Greek Islands


Places visited: Athens, Paros, Santorini, Naxos


Signature Experiences: walk ancient footpaths, explore the past, cruise a caldera, island hopping, eat your heart out, a culture of coffee, glorious beaches, find a peaceful spot


Length: 8 days


Accommodation: 7 nights 2 & 3 star hotels with en suite rooms.


Included meals: all breakfasts


Transport: foot, ferry


Departures: Set small-group dates between March and October


Customizable? No


Price: Small group departures priced from $1325

Hidden Evia


Tour code: EHEV


Why we love this trip: discover a walker's paradise little known outside of Greece


Places visited: Evia


Signature Experiences: walk ancient footpaths, explore the past, eat your heart out, a culture of coffee, glorious beaches, find a peaceful spot


Length: 8 days


Accommodation: 7 nights 2-star hotel with en suite rooms and views of the Aegean Sea


Included meals: all breakfasts, 4 picnic lunches, 5 dinners


Transport: on foot, van


Departures: set small-group dates between March and December


Customizable? No


Price: Small group departures priced from $1105

Jewels of Turkey & Greek Islands


Tour code: PJTG


Why we love this trip: all the highlights of Turkey and the Greek Islands in one 3-week tour!


Places visited: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Konya, Antalya, Turquoise Coast & cruise, Kekova, Fethiye, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Troy, Gallipoli, Athens, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Delos


Signature Experiences: hot air balloon over fairy chimneys, whirling Dervishes, Bosphorus boat ride, call to prayer, tea for two, sunset at Pamukkale, shop the souq, hamam experience, step back in time, hit the beach, cruise the Turquoise Coast, sail over ruins, eat your heart out, walk ancient footpaths, cruise a caldera, hike a gorge, island hopping, a culture of coffee, find a peaceful spot


Length: 21 days


Accommodation: Comfortable hotel


Included meals: 19 breakfasts, 2 dinners


Transport: Aircon bus, Boat, Ferry, Plane, Private vehicle


Departures: set small-group dates between end of May and beginning of October


Customizable? yes - price on request


Price: Small group departures priced from US$6030