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small ship cruises

Say goodbye to the Castles of the Seas, the ships with casinos, theatres, a dozen restaurants and 5000 of your closest friends all in the pool together.  

Say hello to small-ship cruising.  

Combine the real-life experiences of our popular small-group tours with the added comfort of a well-appointed leisure cruise. 

Our small ships vary in size from 16 passengers in Galapagos to a maximum of around 200 on our luxury yacht cruises.  Because of the ship's size we can get you to ports and anchorages larger ships cannot.  It means access to more landing sites and a more intimate experience with the people in destination, the natural world and your fellow voyagers.

Whether you cruise the Danube, take a bike-and-barge trip in France, stop on an adventure cruise for a home-cooked meal at a small port in Croatia, snorkel the Galapagos or take an expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula to see penguins, small-ship cruises are made for you.

Discover a different world with small-ship cruising.

We want to thank you for planning the most amazing trip [to Galapagos]!  You took care of the big details and the small ones too.  We saw such beautiful sites and wildlife.  We were able to enjoy each other's company and everything turned out perfectly.  I can't say enough good things about your work.  You are so good at what you do.  Thank you again for creating a wonderful itinerary and beautiful experiences that will last forever in our memories.

Nina & family, Mississauga ON

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