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Imagine a country so remote you may feel at times like you are the only person on earth in it. Add the stunning scenery of rolling grasslands, snow-capped mountains, ice-blue lakes and giant sand dunes. Now take that feeling of remoteness and amplify it by going into the furthest corners of this remote land. That is what this trip is designed to do. Then there are the nomadic people who have a natural affinity with travelers and who will invite you into their gers for a meal and an overnight. Join Kazakh eagle hunters at their celebrations and uncover the true spirit of Mongolia.

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Moderate / Challenging


Private vehicle, Plane, Russian 4WD


Tourist Ger Camp (4 nights), Family/Guest Ger Camp (4 nights), Hotel (6 nights). Ger camps are multi-share and genders may mix.

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DAY 1 Arrive Ulaanbaatar
DAY 2 Explore Ulaanbaatar
DAY 3 Fly Uliastai, to Ereen Lake, Camel ride
DAY 4 Via Soljir petroglyphs to Dörgön Lake
DAY 5 To Chandmani, Khöömii (throat singing)
DAY 6 To Tsagaan Sair Valley, hike
DAY 7 Hike Tsaagan Sair Valley
DAY 8 Via Khoid Tsenkher Cave to Khar Us Lake
DAY 9 Bird watching at Khar Us Lake, to Khovd
DAY 10 Tsamgarav Mountain hike, to Olgii
DAY 11 Sagsai eagle hunting festival
DAY 12 To Olgii, Kazakh folklore performance
DAY 13 Fly Ulaanbaatar, free time
DAY 14 Free day in Ulaanbaatar
DAY 15 End Ulaanbaatar


14 breakfasts, 10 lunches, 10 dinners
Ulaanbaatar - Gandan Khiid Monastery
Ulaanbaatar - Zaisan Hill Memorial
Ulaanbaatar - National Museum
Ereen Lake - Camel ride
Dörgön Lake - Hiking & petroglyph site visit
Chandmani - Khöömii (throat singing)
Tsagaan Sair Valley - Hiking
Khar Us Lake - Khoit Tsenkher Cave
Khar Us Lake - Bird watching
Tsamgarav Mountain - Hiking
Sagsai - Berkutchi festival
Ölgii - Falconry school visit
Ölgii - Kazakh folklore performance

Sample tour.  Itinerary, accommodation, transportation, inclusions and prices are correct at the time of publication but may change without prior notice.  Please inquire.

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