Poland and the Baltics Discovered

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This tour through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia gives you a unique insight into often overlooked European historical dramas. From the restored old towns of Warsaw and Gdansk to the crusader castle at Malbork, Hitler's Wolf`s Lair and the Soviet occupation, the region brims with historical relevance. But there is much more of course. Beautiful Krakow, a cruise on the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Masurian Lakes, forgotten Saaremaa island and of course the capitals of the Baltic Republics: Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. This adventure tour is a wonderful discovery of a quiet but beautiful corner of Europe.

Activity / Theme



Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Comfort Level

Physical Rating


Leisurely / Moderate


Train, Private vehicle, Boat, Ferry, Public bus, Taxi


Comfortable hotel (16 nights), Farm stay (1 night)

Months of Operation



DAY 1 Start Krakow
DAY 2 Krakow - Nowa Huta Neighbourhood Tour
DAY 3 Free day in Krakow
DAY 4 Train to Warsaw, Food & Vodka Tasting Tour
DAY 5 Free day in Warsaw
DAY 6 Train to Gdansk
DAY 7 Gdansk - History Themed Walking Tour
DAY 8 Free day in Gdansk
DAY 9 Gdansk - Westerplatte and Gdansk Shipyards Boat Cruise
DAY 10 Malbork Castle, Wolf's Lair, to Masurian Lakes
DAY 11 Boat Tour on Niegocin Lake
DAY 12 To Vilnius, Walking Tour
DAY 13 Free day in Vilnius
DAY 14 To Riga, Foodie Walk & Central Market
DAY 15 Free day in Riga
DAY 16 To Saaremaa Island for farm stay and Home-Cooked Dinner
DAY 17 Free time on Saaremaa Island, to Tallinn
DAY 18 End Tallinn


17 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners
Krakow - Nowa Huta Neighbourhood Tour with Local Guide
Warsaw - Food & Vodka Tasting Tour
Gdansk - History Themed Walking Tour with Local Guide
Gdansk - Kashubian Cuisine Dinner
Gdansk - Westerplatte and Gdansk Shipyards Boat Cruise
Malbork - Castle Visit
Wolf's Lair - Walking Tour with Local Guide
Wolf's Lair - Entrance
Masurian Lakes - Boat Tour on Niegocin Lake
Vilnius - Walking Tour with Local Guide
Riga - Foodie Walk with your Leader
Riga - Central Market Visit
Saaremaa Island - Home-Cooked Dinner

Sample tour.  Itinerary, accommodation, transportation, inclusions and prices are correct at the time of publication but may change without prior notice.  Please inquire.

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