Ultimate Antarctica - Expedition to the Ross Sea

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This semi-corcumnavigation of Antarctica from New Zealand to South America (or v.v.) is the ultimate adventure expedition cruise. Explore little visited islands such as Macquarie, Campbell and Peter I Island and their attended flora and fauna, relive the lives of polar explorers such as Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen as you visit their huts at Cape Evans, take a helicoper ride into the Dry Valleys near McMurdo Sound and marvel at the height of the Ross Ice Shelf. All the while you encounter several species of albatross, petrel, skua, seal, whale and penguin - this truly is a journey to the edge of the world and an expedition which will be etched in your memory for ever.

Activity / Theme


Expedition Cruise, Nature & Wildlife, Canoe / kayak, Hiking, Mixed-Activity, Snow


Comfort Level

Physical Rating


Leisurely / Moderate


Comfortable ice-strengthened small expedition cruise vessel


Twin, triple or quadruple cabins with private shower & toilet

Months of Operation

January, February, March

Adventure Coordinators Insider Tip:

This expedition cruise only takes place once every two or three years.  It books out quickly so you need to book early


(Itinerary runs in both directions)
DAY 1 Embark in Ushuaia
DAYS 2 – 3 Crossing the Drake Passage
DAY 4 Through the Pendleton Strait, Renaud Island Adélie penguins & icebergs
DAYS 5 – 6 Sailing the Bellingshausen Sea to Peter I Island. 
DAY 7 Peter I Island helicopter landing
DAYS 8 – 14 Amundsen Sea - Emperor penguins, seals, orca and minke whales
DAYS 15 – 17 Ross Ice Shelf - helicopter landing
DAYS 18 – 20 Ross Sea - Mount Erebus, Shackleton’s & Scotts cabins, McMurdo Station, Scott Base, Dry Valleys
DAYS 21 – 22 Terra Nova Bay, Inexpressible Island Adélie penguin rookery
DAY 23 Cape Adare - Borchgrevink hut & world's largest Adélie rookery
DAY 24 To the Southern Ocean and Balleny Islands
DAY 25 Balleny Islands, cross the Antarctic Circle. 
DAYS 26 – 28 Southern Ocean sailing
DAY 29 Macquarie Island - colonies of king, gentoo, royal and southern rockhopper penguins
DAY 30 To Campbell Island
DAY 31 Campbell Island’s birdlife - several albatross & penguin species, elephant seal, fur seal, sea lion  
DAY 32 Southern Ocean sailing
DAY 33 Disembark Bluff, in New Zealand


Voyage aboard expedition cruise vessel
All meals aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea
All shore excursions and activities by Zodiac
Program of lectures by noted naturalists
Leadership by experienced expedition staff
Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes
Ship-to-shore helicopter transfers
Ship to hotel transfers on either end of the cruise
All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the programme
Comprehensive pre-departure material

Sample tour.  Itinerary, accommodation, transportation, inclusions and prices are correct at the time of publication but may change without prior notice.  Please inquire.

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