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When is the best time to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar or Borneo?

If you want to experience the temples and lush landscapes of South East Asia, try the wonderful food or relax on the beaches, there are certain times of the year you will want to go. So what is the best time to visit Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia? In general, Southeast Asia has a wet and dry season caused by seasonal shift in winds or monsoon. While rain can fall at any time of the year, the bulk of it falls during the monsoon season. Overall, the best time to travel is November through February, when temperatures are lower and it rains the least. March through May is hot and are best spent in the hills and mountains, or on the beach. Regional differences do exist and if you plan to visit a specific country or area, read on. The best time to visit most of Thailand is between November and February, because it rains the least and it is not too hot. March to May is the hot season but you could use those months to visit the northern provinces, which are at higher elevation and therefore cooler, or to lounge at the beaches in the south. June to October is the wet season, when temperature are lower again and landscapes lush and green. October tends to be the wettest month. One exception to the wet season is the east coast of the peninsula and the islands there - October through December sees the heaviest rains here. The best months to visit Cambodia are December, January and February. After this, until April, the temperatures rise to very high levels. The rains fall from May to October, when landscapes are green and the moats around Angkor are filled with water. For Laos, the best time to visit is November through February. March to May are good months to visit the highlands, when the rest of the country is too hot. The rains come around May and last into November in most of the country. The climate in Vietnam is very diverse but November through March are probably the best times. Between November and March, relatively cool winters reign north of Nha Trang whereas July through October are hot and humid with the occasional typhoon. November through March are dry and warm in the south of Vietnam, whereas May to October, are hot and humid here. The mountains in the north of Laos and Vietnam can get cold in December and January, when temperatures can fall to just above freezing. In Malaysia rain falls fairly evenly throughout the year and travel is fine at any time. The exception is the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, which sees heavy rain from November to mid-February. Malaysian Borneo receives the heaviest rainfall from October to March. The best time to visit Myanmar (Burma) is between November and February, when it rains the least and temperatures are lower. March to May are hot and if you are in the country then, make for the hills of Shan State. June through October sees the rains, peaking in July to September.

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During the monsoon and for a while after it, the moats of Angkor Wat are filled with water.

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