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What are the best countries to travel to for adventure in 2019

We love this time of year - we get to look back at the past year and look at trends and possibilities for the upcoming year. One of the things we do is look at the ten best countries for adventure travel, a mix of destinations that have garnered a lot of interest of late as well as countries we feel are about to become popular.

Here is our line-up for the best countries to travel to for adventure in 2019


History is writ large in Portugal. From its maritime past which fuelled the wealth of Lisbon and Porto, to the walled towns situated on dramatic hills guarding its borders, to its traditional values living strong in a country that has also embraced the future.Visitors are struck by the friendliness of its people and the affordable food and wine but above all by the sheer diversity of this small nation. Sublime sandy beaches, lush river valleys, rugged mountains and steeply terraced vineyards; pretty stone-built mountain-top villages, cobble-stoned streets, palaces and castles; touring wine estates to walking and cycling: you find it all in Portugal.

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Romania is a country with a huge diversity of wildlife and cultures and a way of life that seemingly has change little since the Middle Ages. Transylvania's castles balance precariously on stony outcrops lording it over picturesque Saxon villages with fortified churches. Hiking trails lead through meadows and forests teeming with wildlife and over hills to isolated hamlets and beautiful monasteries. The marshes of the Danube Delta provide sanctuary to numerous bird and fish species while elsewhere a host of medieval towns sport cobbled walkways and chic cafes. Romania is enigmatic to say the least, Europe's undiscovered jewel. Take me to Romania


There aren't many countries in the world where you can travel from sea to snow-capped summit in a matter of hours. Yet undiscovered Albania is one of them. Only recently emerged from its decennia of slumber behind the Iron Curtain, the golden beaches, high mountains, fortress towns and ancient culture are waiting to be discovered. Ancient Greek and Roman sites that were almost forgotten, crumbling castles, traditional folklore and remote regions where farm-life has not changed in centuries, along with a pristine, rugged and wild landscape, make Albania truly a hidden gem. As us about the best trips in Albania


Turkey, the crossroads of culture and history, You experience it in the bazaars of Istanbul, the city founded by the Romans, cultivated by the Byzantines, conquered by the Ottomans and made cosmopolitan in the modern era. You feel it in the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the Armenian churches in the east and the medieval fortresses along the south coast. You taste it in the olive oil–lathered Aegean vegetables and the spicy Anatolian kebabs. Turkey truly is the place where East meets West and it is making a definite come-back.

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As you walk through the Siq to the Treasury at Petra, you cannot help but be in awe. Hand-hewn red sandstone buildings rise up into the clear desert skies, remembering ancient caravans of spice traders travelling far and wide to sell their wares. In the Roman ruins at Jerash and in the crusader castles and Byzantine mosaics along the King’s Highway, history is everywhere in this beautiful land. Travel through canyons and oases, stay with locals among the rock formations of Wadi Rum, and begin to understand why T.E. Lawrence loved this land. Take me to Jordan


Could this be the friendliest country on earth? This country which has seen the likes of Darius the Great, Alexander and Genghis Khan? This land of ancient civilizations, aesthetic beauty and exquisite architecture; where mosques, palaces and mansions stand proud; where history gazes down upon you in the ruins of Persepolis, the bazaars of Shiraz and the palaces of Esfahan; where poetry lives in the gardens of Kashan... Sit down for tea or share a meal in someone's home and let Iran embrace you. Take me to Iran