Here are our favourite adventure holidays in asia for the fall season

Asia is welcoming adventure travellers once again and what better time to go than fall!

Here are over twenty of our favourite adventure holidays you can do in fall.

Walking Turkey: The Lycian Way

Hike the famed Lycian Way, along Turkey's Turquoise Coast, a great way to discover a way of life that hasn't changed for centuries. Walk along spectacularly scenic trails, discover abandoned Greek villages and hamlets forgotten by time and explore ancient ruins dating back to the Romans and Byzantines. Along the route you will stay mostly in hotels but also in rural village guest houses where you enjoy home-cooked meals.

Walk the Lycian Way with us and find out why it is acclaimed as one of the world's top-10 long-distance walks.

Turkey Adventure

Turkey, crossroads of culture and history. You experience it in the bazaars of Istanbul, the city founded by the Romans, cultivated by the Byzantines, conquered by the Ottomans and made cosmopolitan in the modern era. You feel it in the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the call to prayer five times a day and the medieval fortresses along the south coast. You taste it in the olive oil–lathered Aegean vegetables and the spicy Anatolian kebabs. Turkey truly is the place where East meets West and this adventure tour will let you get under the skin of the country, engage with its people and discover many of its gems.

Jordan Highlights

See all the highlights of Jordan, the country made famous by Lawrence of Arabia. Visit the Roman ruins at Jerash, the mosaics at Madaba and the crusader castle at Kerak. Undisputed highlight of your holiday in Jordan will be your explorations of the rose-red city of Petra. But even after Petra there are more surprises: explore Wadi Rum's desert and camp out under the stars, before relaxing with a swim in both the Red and the Dead Sea.

Journey through Jordan and the Holy Land

This tour of Jordan and Israel will show you the highlights of each, including Jordan's Wadi Rum, the lost city of Petra, the Dead Sea and Jerash. Then it is off to Israel, the Holy Land, a country like no other. Explore Jerusalem, the clifftop fortress of Masada, Galilee and worldly Tel Aviv and many places in between.

Best of Oman

Oman is a hidden gem in the Middle East, affected by neither instability nor oil wealth. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage, a fabulous past, traditional charms, and Bedouin values. This one-week tour of Oman shows you all the highlights. From Muscat's Grand Mosque to the dunes at the Wahiba Sands and from spectacular views of the Grand Canyon of Arabia to the cattle market and fort in Nizwa, this holiday will take you deep into the deserts. Drink coffee with a Bedouin family, sail a traditional dhow along the coast and enjoy a swim in the beautiful turquoise pools of the desert oasis of Wadi Bani Khalid.

Adventures in Iran

Iran must be one of the friendliest countries on earth. This nation which has seen the likes of Darius the Great, Alexander and Genghis Khan? This land of ancient civilizations, aesthetic beauty and exquisite architecture; where mosques, palaces and mansions stand proud; where history gazes down upon you in the ruins of Persepolis, the bazaars of Shiraz and the palaces of Esfahan; where poetry lives in the gardens of Kashan... Sit down for tea or share a meal in someone's home and let Iran and its wonderful people embrace you. This adventurous tour of Iran has you travel through all the highlights and is sure to change your perceptions of this wonderful country.

Uzbekistan Explored

The ancient Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva conjure up images of unimaginably wealthy oases linked by caravans, of imperial politics and incredible architecture. Beautiful turquoise domes and towering minarets grace the skyline while down below everyday life goes on in markets and cafes from years gone by. This 11-day tour of Uzbekistan takes you to the cities of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva as well as to some more remote areas like the desert castles on the arid plains of Khorezm, a yurt camp near Aidarkul Lake and the ancient town of Nurata.

Trails of the Annapurna Dhaulagiri Ranges

This trek through the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges will take you through villages, rice paddies and moss-covered Rhododendron forests, to Kopra Ridge with glorious views of Dhaulagiri and Kali Gandaki, the world's deepest gorge. From here ancient pilgrim trails lead to the sacred Khayer Lake, high up in the mountains. This trek takes you away from the crowds on little-hiked trails.

Trekking Nepal - Everest Basecamp

Nepal's Everest Base Camp has captivated the minds of trekkers around the world ever since the 1920's and the multi-day hike to basecamp offers some of the most breathtaking scenery you will see anywhere in the Himalaya. In addition, the fascinating culture and a personal sense of achievement will make this a once-in-a-lifetime trek.

Bhutan Explored

In a land where the Buddhist tradition ensures a respect and reverence for nature, you will find soaring Himalayan peaks rising above deep ravines cloaked in untouched forest. Throughout the land you can visit fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, witness traditional dance festivals and meet the engaging people. Bhutan may not be 'Shangri La', but it's as close as it gets. This two-week cultural journey of Bhutan will take you from the capital Paro and its famous Taktsang 'Tiger's Nest' Monastery across high mountain passes to the Gangtey Valley. You will also travel and walk through the picturesque Haa Valley and the Bumthang and Punakaha regions.

North India Discovery

Few are not moved to tears when they set foot inside the grounds of the Taj Mahal. Add to that the holy city of Varanasi on the Sacred Ganges, the palaces and fortresses of Jaipur and bustling Delhi and you have a tour not to be missed.

Explore Rajasthan

The moment you set eyes on the Taj Mahal, you know you are seeing an edifice unlike any other. India is like that - it stirs the soul, it challenges your conceptions, it changes you. It is a spectacular mix of people, traditions and landscapes and nowhere will you feel it more than in Rajasthan. It is a land of deserts and rivers, of palaces and forts, of wonderful food and incredible festivals. This tour will show you the highlights and take you behind the scenes. From bustling Delhi to the timeless Taj Mahal and the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri, from the three must-see cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur to the desert fortress of Jaisalmer, you will remember your journey through this fascinating region long after you've left.

Cycling in India - Backroads of Kerala

Between the hills of the Western Ghats and its rich wildlife, the backroads of Kerala with its serene countryside and the Indian Ocean coast with its splendid beaches, southern India is a wonderful place to explore by bicycle. Join us for the bike ride of a lifetime enjoying the region's wonderful food and exploring tranquil villages, elaborately decorated temples and the wildlife sanctuaries of India's deep south.

Northern Thailand Explorer

Lush rice paddies, tropical forests and ancient villages; hazy mountains with cascading waterfalls; craggy limestone cliffs rising from the land; gleaming temples and golden Buddhas; bustling cities and markets packed with people and produce. Welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles. This tour of Northern Thailand will show you all the highlights, including the capital Bangkok with tis Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Visit the Bridge on the River Kwai and the beautiful Erawan Waterfalls, followed by the ancient capitals of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai. Up north, spend some time at the Hmong Hilltribe Lodge before experiencing the markets and temples of Chiang Mai.