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In the summer of 2025, embark with me on an expedition cruise in the wake of the Vikings

As a young boy I had a fascination with the Vikings - books aimed at youth glossed over the atrocities they perpetrated but the stories of derring do, heroic fights and discovery of remote lands had me spellbound. As a result I have always wanted to see the Viking settlements at l'Anse aux Meadows and in Greenland.

In the summer of 2025, a lifelong dream of mine will come true. I will embark on an expedition cruise in the wake of the Vikings, from Iceland's capital Reykjavik to Greenland's Norse settlements and beyond.

And you are invited to sail along!

It will be a fascinating 13-day Arctic adventure as we set sail across the Denmark Strait, following the Viking route, with on-board learning programs preparing you for Greenland's archaeology, history, culture, and wildlife.

fjord in greenland

East Greenland

After the crossing we reach East Greenland, where we'll explore fjords, see icebergs, and encounter Arctic wildlife. Ikerasassuaq (Prince Christian Sound) is a breathtaking waterway surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

The Viking Settlements

In South Greenland we'll visit the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site, experiencing the intersection of Norse settlement history and contemporary Greenlandic life. The site bears witness to the cultural histories of the Norse farmer-hunters who started arriving from Iceland in the 10th century. Enjoy Greenland's only heated outdoor spa with views of icebergs - legend has it Leif Eirikson swam here before he journeyed into the unknown.

Hvalsey norse ruins in Greenland

Next we explore Hvalsey, a major Norse centre. Hvalsey Church stands as Greenland's best-preserved Norse ruin, with the final documented event from the original Norse colony being a wedding held here in September 1408!

Captivating Brattahlíð, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and reconstructed Norse settlement, lies in Greenland's lushest region. We wander through a reconstructed Norse church and Viking longhouse, fully engaging in the historical experience. This site was the residence of Viking explorer Erik the Red and his descendants until the 1400s. Presently, Greenlandic Inuit manage the sheep farms that were initially cultivated by Norse settlers.

Modern Greenland

Leaving the Norse settlements behind, birdwatching and Zodiac cruising amid stunning landscapes are the order of the day. We visit modern-day Greenland in Nuuk, the country's capital, where museums, shops, and cafés await.

Next, we explore Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord, a vast waterway with calving glaciers, bird cliffs, and a sublime glacial landscape. Finally, we cross the Arctic Circle in Kangerlussuaq, concluding the journey.

Dates and Rates

Travel dates are July 12 to July 24, 2025 and prices range from US$5,395 to US$13,695 per person based on double occupancy.

We currently offer 25% off the berth price. Repeat travellers with Adventure Canada receive an additional 5-10% discount. This promotion is combinable with Adventure Canada's Free Single Supplement. Not combinable with any other offers or incentives. Terms and conditions apply.

Interested in joining me? Contact me for details.

Image of East Greenland courtesy of Adventure Canada / Jessie Brinkman Evans

Bottom image courtesy of Adventure Canada / Dennis-Minty


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