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Some of my favourite recipes I picked up while travelling around the world

If there is one ingredient that spices up our travels, it must be the food we eat while on an adventure holiday. And having been to over 100 countries I have come across some amazing meals. Just on my last few trips I indulged in 5-course meals in my hotel in the Dolomites, enjoyed tasty pierogis in Ukraine and loved the seafood in Ireland.

When I get home I like to try and recreate some of these meals and now that we all have more time on our hands I thought I'd share some of my favourite recipes.

From Morocco - Marrakesh Vegetable Curry

Inspired by the incredible flavours of Morocco, one of my favourite meals is a Marrakesh Vegetable Curry. It is a wonderful mixture of spices and herbs which is both vegetarian and vegan.

Served on rice it is a favourite with all our guests.

Download Recipe - Marrakesh Vegetable Cu
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From Ireland - soda bread

It was on a rainy day in Connemara that I stumbled upon a pub in a seaside village. It looked inviting, what with a peat fire in the hearth and trad music playing. So I sat down and scoured the menu. The clam chowder came recommended, so I ordered it. It was served with freshly churned butter and the most tasty bread ever. It is how I discovered soda bread.