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The problem few talk about - making your travels more sustainable

On my last trip to Europe I had three people ask my if I wasn't ashamed. Ashamed of flying to Europe, ashamed of my profession as a travel agent.

Let me be clear. I am not. I love to travel and flight shaming doesn't work for me.

But the point was taken - travel does contribute to global warming and something needs to be done.

We challenge each and every traveller that books a tour with us to add 1% of the tour cost to their invoice. We donate that 1% to the Bruce trail Conservancy, a not-for-profit, who will use it to fund their tree planting programme. Your donation, tax-deductible for Canadians, is then matched by Adventure Coordinators, doubling your impact. *

Not only will your contribution offset your flight's carbon emissions and help mitigate climate change, it will also provide important habitat for wildlife and enhance Niagara Escarpment biodiversity.

Are you ready to join the challenge? Start by finding yourself a fantastic trip!


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