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You adopted and want to travel to vietnam to learn more about the country of your child's birth

Street vendor in Hanoi
Street vendor in Hanoi

"Good morning from Vietnam! Today is our last day on our amazing trip of Vietnam, and we want to send you a big thank you for arranging such a remarkable, rememberable and beautiful trip."

Thus started the email by Stephanie and her family who travelled to Vietnam to introduce their daughters to the country of their birth.

In 2010 my wife and I were lucky enough to adopt our beautiful daughter from Vietnam. Through the process we made a lot of friends, including Stephanie and her family, who adopted children from Vietnam as well. Many of them have expressed a desire to return to Vietnam, to learn more about the culture, history, geography and food of the country, and to introduce their children to the country of their birth.

If you want to travel to Vietnam to learn more about the country of your child's birth, we should talk.

In Hoi An, Vietnam
In Hoi An, Vietnam

We have specifically designed an itinerary for adoptive families to allow you and your children to get an in-depth insight into the country. We can tailor this trip fully to your liking, changing the level of comfort to your needs and even arrange for homestays and overnight trains should you wish. We can make the trip as long or as short as you like, although 7 days is the minimum recommended stay, while 14 days would give you a good overview.

Our 14 day itinerary includes an in-depth exploration of the commercial hub Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon), a day trip to the Mekong Delta, an outing to the Cu Chi Tunnels, visits to markets, a cooking class, walking tours, temple visits, meet-ups with local families, time out on a beautiful beach with perhaps some time for self-care and of course a cruise on gorgeous Ha Long Bay. The trip ends in Hanoi where we explore the old town and attend a show at a water puppet theatre.

Street cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam
Street cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

Our trip can run year-round but with such a varied geography and the country spanning such a great distance, there is a wide variety of climatic zones in Vietnam. The south as far as Hue has a distinct dry season between December and April and a wet season from May to November when rain falls in quick heavy showers with bright sunshine in between. Hanoi is cool in fall and can get chilly in winter. Overall November to March are the best months to visit Vietnam.

You can find more about this trip, including prices and our suggested itinerary, on our website.

Taking a break overlooking the rice paddies in Sapa, northern Vietnam
Taking a break in Sapa, northern Vietnam


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