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Toronto, ON, Canada


There are many ways to enjoy travel.  Most trips on our site can be had as a small-group tour on which you join like-minded people from all over the world, or the trip can be tailored just for you.  You may prefer the camaraderie and affordable price of a small-group tour.  Or perhaps you are the kind of traveller who prefers to have a trip custom-made, giving you full control over your itinerary, comfort level and inclusions.

Join a Small Group

Or have it Tailored for You

Small-group adventure tours are predesigned itineraries which run on set dates and on which individuals, friends and couples from all over the world travel together, enjoying a memorable holiday. 

There are thousands of small-group tours offered to just about every country in the world by a myriad of tour operators.  At Adventure Coordinators we will use our unmatched travel experience and industry connections to find the perfect trip for you.



Small group tours are perfect if you:


● travel alone

● enjoy travelling with people from around the world

● are price-conscious

At Adventure Coordinators we use our worldwide travel experience and industry connections to tailor the perfect vacation for you, custom-made to suit your personal wishes. 

Privately-guided tours anywhere in the world, family trips in far-flung destinations, tailored trips for you, your friends, colleagues or loved-ones, are but some of the possibilities we offer.



Tailor-made holidays are perfect if:


● you want a unique itinerary

● you want a trip tailored to your interests

● you want to travel with people you know

● comfort is more important than price *

● you have specific dates


* While tailor-made vacations do not have to break the bank, they do cost more than small-group holidays.  We suggest price-conscious travellers join a small-group tour.

No matter how you travel, with Adventure Coordinators you will have an unforgettable holiday.

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