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10 Stunning hiking holidays in Europe you can only do in summer

While spring and fall are great time to be in Europe, there are some trips you can only do in summer. Higher elevations and higher latitudes make for shorter travel seasons.

Here are 10 hiking holidays in Europe you can only do in summer.

Trails of Iceland - Laugavegur from Thórsmörk to Skogar

Small Group Holiday

7 days from CA$4290

East of Iceland's capital Reykjavik, glaciers, mountains in every colour of the rainbow and ancient forests overlook swirling rivers, soothing hot springs, incredible lava flows and deep gorges. Fantastical rock formations rise up out of carpets of Arctic flowers and brilliantly coloured moss. The Laugavegurinn hiking trail connects Þórsmörk with Landmannalaugar and this trip adds a hike to the famous waterfall at Skogar.

Trails of the Norwegian Fjords

Small Group Holiday

8 days from CA$5249

Northwest of the Norwegian capital of Oslo, sheer rock walls rise a kilometre up into the sky, farms hang onto impossibly narrow strips of land, while waterfalls tumble down its cliffs. This is Norway's heartland, where Nigardsbreen glacier, the mountains of Jotunheim, lush valleys and three national parks are all within easy striking distance. Explore this spectacular area on foot, allowing you to discover tranquil spots and incredible viewpoints, away from the crowds.

Trails of the Azores

Small Group Holiday

8 days from CA$3749

The remote archipelago of the Azores, part of Portugal but situated in the middle of the Atlantic, is a wonderful playground of volcanic origin. Crater lakes, caverns and thermal springs dot the islands, while the craggy coastline hides picturesque fishing villages. Adventure activities such as hiking and canyoning are the order of the day. Whales are numerous in the many marine reserves while on land a network of natural parks and biospheres protects the unspoiled environment. This tour has you discover 4 of the most interesting islands on foot.

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