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One Ocean Expeditions release 2017 Arctic & Maritimes cruise rates & dates

Famed expedition cruise operator One Ocean Expeditions today released their 2017 rates and dates for the Canadian Arctic- and the line-up of trips is impressive! Below find a quick overview of the different programs.

A full description of the cruises can be downloaded here, while rates and dates can be found here.

Canada's East Coast Fins and Fiddles - this quintessential expedition cruise explores three provinces, four national parks and two countries. All guided activities are included in the price from kayaking and biking to stand up paddle-boarding. Also featuring special activities for families along with family pricing. Labrador & Torngat Explorer - NEW Itinerary - Labrador has never been so accessible. Wilderness stops along the wild coastline, as well as two full days in the majestic fjords of Torngat Mountains National Park with opportunities to see black bears and polar bears in the same geographical area. Baffin Island - Jewel of the High Arctic - Baffin Island is one of the last great wilderness regions on the planet with deep fjords, national parks, soaring mountains and immense glacial systems. Combined with opportunities to connect with indigenous community leaders and Inuit artists in northern communities such as Iqaluit, Pangnirtung and Pond Inlet. Baffin Island & West Greenland - sail from Iqaluit on the east coast of Baffin Island to the west coast of Greenland through a spectacular wilderness of glaciers, mountains, fjords and breathtaking icebergs. Along the way the Inuit settlements of both Canada and Greenland will open eyes to the rich and unique cultures that have survived in this harsh landscape for centuries. High Arctic Explorer - by starting this expedition at the top of the world (Resolute) exploration of the High Arctic is immediate. Twenty-four (24) hour daylight provides ample opportunities to see polar bear, beluga, bowhead and narwhal. Story-telling Inuit guides will enhance expedition stops such as Beechey Island, where the graves marking the end of the infamous Franklin expedition are found. Pathways to Franklin A Voyage of History, Canada 150 - NEW Itinerary - a modern day expedition with all the comforts, following in the footsteps of intrepid early explorers. Sailing in and out of Resolute, this iconic voyage will celebrate Canada's sovereignty in a region experienced by few, yet treasured by many. Classic Northwest Passage West Greenland & Canada, 150 years - wildlife is a major feature of this expedition as we sail through the home of polar bear, musk ox and caribou, as well as walrus, narwhal and bowhead. Whilst the historic interest, especially the stories of the ill-fated expedition of Sir John Franklin more than 150 years ago, will also be central to the journey.

A full description of the cruises can be downloaded here, while rates and dates can be found here.

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