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Should I buy carbon offsets for my flights?

At Adventure Coordinators, travel is our passion. But we realize it is also a privilege future generations should be able to enjoy. Air travel is one of the fastest growing contributors to global carbon emissions. A single trip can easily match 50% of a typical household's greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions for an entire year, making it a major contributor to climate change. Unlike for other forms of travel, we do not have good environmentally sustainable flight options (yet). But by doing something now, the travel we love will be possible for our children too. What can you do about it? The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere by your flight can be calculated based on flight distance and routing to produce a per seat emission number. By contributing a small portion of your total trip cost to projects that will prevent an equal amount of greenhouse gases to enter the atmosphere, you can mitigate the climate impact of your flight. This is called Carbon Offsetting. Where will the money go? Your money will be used in a variety of North American and international projects which will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Without your investment these projects would not have occurred. Why Offsetters? We chose to partner with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon offset provider. All of Offsetters' projects are verified by third parties as generating real, additional and permanent reductions in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere. So what will it cost? Offsetting your emissions is easy and achievable. It forms a small portion of your total holiday cost:

Feel Good $37 Latin America & Europe $61

Middle East & Asia $85

Africa & Australia $99

Polar Regions $199 Note prices may vary slightly by jurisdiction.

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