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Loved Galapagos? Try this!

If you enjoyed the free-spirited approach of a Galapagos adventure cruise, not knowing just what discoveries lay around the corner and with each day even better than the next, then perhaps expedition cruising is the right fit for you.

Antarctica and the Arctic are obvious choices for this type of trip. But have you ever thought of adventure cruising in other corners of the world? Enter International Expeditions and Zegrahm.

International Expeditions has been operating and refining their ecotourism expeditions since 1980. Some of the accolades they have won are:

- included in best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth by the editors of National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine.

- included on Travel + Leisure magazine’s list of “World’s Best” tour operators and safari outfitters for seven consecutive years.

- 2014 Best Cruise Line for Adventure by the editors of Cruise Critic.

International Expeditions is the “world leader in nature travel” for one reason above all others — the superb, English-speaking naturalists and historians who guide you om small groups. Some of the best expedition cruises they offer are:

When you travel with Zegrahm, you are treated to an all-inclusive adventure. Each day you can choose from lots of included activities, like zodiac excursions, nature walks or cultural tours. Each adventure is guided by a dream team of expert guides, which may include marine biologists, geologists, historians, archaeologists or dive masters. Zegrahm's guides are world-renowned and many of them are published authors and photographers. All have a few things in common - they are passionate about travel and the world around them and they are engaging, personable and caring.

Here are some of Zegrahm's expedition cruises that make our pulse quicken:

Both Zegrahm and International Expeditions are well known for land-based trips as well. Ask us for details.

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