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G-Adventures Limited Edition Tours

Renowned adventure tour operator G-Adventures continues to set the standard for the adventure travel industry. Announcements at their World Tourism Celebration included a mention of Limited Edition Tours, adventure holidays so unique that they only run a few departures each year.

Here is a selection of the most intriguing Limited Edition Tours by G-Adventures.

Belgian Beer Tour

This 8-day trip takes you to Belgium home of the classic Trappist beer, one of the world's finest brews. We pay visits to six breweries, all located in monasteries, discover Brussels and Bruges, and feast on frites, mussels, waffles, and chocolate. This is not a tour for weight-watchers!

Inti Raymi Festival and Machu Picchu

In one week do three bucket list items: celebrate at Inti Raymi, the largest Peruvian festival, hike old Inca trails along the Lares route and visit the famous citadel at Machu Picchu.

Kailash Saga Dawa Festival

Discover all that Tibet has to offer - Lhasa, Everest, Buddhist monasteries and cultural treasures on this journey into Tibet. Then join pilgrims on a rigurous trek around Mount Kailash, Asia's most sacred mountain, and join them at the incredible Saga Dawa Festival.

Mexico Monarch Butterfly Trail

This ten day trip captures the culture, history and nature of Mexico. Explore colonial towns national parks and beautiful countryside, culminating in the reserves where they spend the winter.

Winter in Italy with Venice Carnival

Winter is a great time to be in Italy - the crowds of summer are gone and temperatures are down. Explore Rome and Florence and experience the famous Venice Carnival in this city of canals, islands, bridges and basilicas.

Halloween in Transylvania

Halloween in the homeland of Dracula? Bring it on! Romania is one of Europe's least explored countries, despite it stunning Gothic architecture, expansive forests, and wonderful people. Join in for a costume party in an authentic castle when the clock strikes midnight on the eve of All Saints. Think you’re not afraid of the dark? Think again.

Semana Santa: Easter in Guatemala

The week leading up to Easter is a time for celebration in much of Central America. In Antigua, Guatemala, you will witness cobblestone streets covered in beautiful works of art made from flower petals. Visit the bustling market at Chichicastenango and Mayan villagers amidst the volcanic scenery of Lake Atitlán.

Mexico's Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

The lives of ancestors are celebrated in in Oaxaca with street dances and painted faces and maybe a margarita or two. Combine it with incredible ruins, picturesque landscapes, and delicious cuisine, and you have a trip that is hard to beat.