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Ten of my favourite adventure tours

adventure traveller taking a break in turkey

As you may know, Adventure Coordinators operates as a booking agent for some of the best adventure tour companies in the world. In addition to having access to well over 5000 tours through me, I will also share my personal travel experience from over 100 countries with you. It means I will find the tour that is best suited to you and you will get an excellent vacation.

On my website I list a select number of all the available tours. I handpicked these tours and know them to be the best tours in each destination. Here are ten of my favourite adventure tours, along with an explanation why I chose them.

traveller on hanging bridge in costa rica

Perhaps it was inevitable, what with Costa Rica being this close, that we are accustomed to one-week trips showing the classical highlights like Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio. All great places to visit, but spend a little longer and you get to really delve into this stunningly beautiful country. Especially the deep south, parts of which National Geographic called 'the most biologically intense place on earth', is an area often overlooked by tour operators. This tour, Rainforest of Costa Rica, takes you there. In addition it will take you to Tortuguero National Park, a pristine wilderness of waterways teeming with wildlife, the Savegre Valley, known for its pristine cloud forest habitat and rare bird species and the picturesque Copey valley for a glimpse into local agricultural life.

view of sugar loaf mountain, rio de janeiro, brazil

There are many tours that will take you from Rio to Buenos Aires, or visit the Amazon or the Pantanal, but there are few tours that visit all the highlights of Brazil. And that's why this tour of Brazil, certainly one of the most underrated destinations in the world, is one of my favourite tours. After looking around colonial Salvador we fly to Manaus from where we travel in to the Amazon jungle for a stay at an Amazon Eco Lodge. Here you can fish for Piranha, visit the local Caboclo community or take one of the guided walks into the jungle. Next is another paradise for birds and wildlife, the Pantanal, where you explore on foot and in small boats and are likely to spot armadillo, tapir, capibara and caiman. Another highlight of the trip is your visit to Iguazu Falls, where you will have time to visit both the Brazilian and Argentine side of these amazing waterfalls. Finally, fly to Rio de Janeiro, where you will enjoy amazing views from Corcovado, the hill topped by the immense statue of Christ the Redeemer. You will also visit the funky neighbourhood of Santa Teresa and take a spectacular cable car ride up to Sugar Loaf Mountain.

dishes for sale in morocco

There are numerous tours to Morocco but few delve as deep into the culture of the country as this tour. In addition, you get to stay in some unique and comfortable properties, another reason why our Premium line of trips has been such a hit with our travellers.

This tour of Morocco will take you from the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca through all the highlights. The imperial cities of Fez, Marrakesh and Meknes all feature on this in-depth tour. But we also take you beyond, to the "blue city" or Chefchaouen, into the Sahara for a desert safari, and to the kasbahs, valleys and gorges of the Atlas mountains and beyond. This is a wonderful cultural discovery of Morocco, punctuated with some delightful stopovers. If you have time, be sure to add Essaouira, a seaside town with fortified walls, winding alleys, white-washed houses with blue shutters, street-side cafes and art galleries.

namiba desert

Consistently scoring high with experienced travellers, our Namibia Lodge Safari stands out for its price, the quality of the accommodation, the knowledgeable guides and the comprehensive itinerary.

Tucked away in the south-western corner of Africa, Namibia has some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa - driving the lone roads it is the amazing arid rock formations and desert sands that will stay with you forever. The Fish River Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of Africa, the red sands of some of the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei; the salt pans at Etosha; it is hard to know where to begin. Add to those the unique wildlife like desert rhino, elephants and oryx and you have a destination that is hard to beat. This tour shows you all the highlights as it takes you from Cape Town through the west of South Africa and Namibia to Victoria Falls, even stopping in Botswana's Chobe as well.


Craggy peaks towering up to the sky, where wooden farmhouses dot the orchard-clad valleys, where hiking trails lead you from mountain huts to spa resorts to glorious vistas. These are the Dolomites, part Austrian, part Italian, with a culture all its own.

It's one thing hiking through spectacular mountains all day long but it is another thing altogether staying each night in a wonderful hotel where you can treat yourself to a sauna, massage or steam bath, and enjoy some amazing food to boot. Hiking the Dolomites gives you all that and more.

fjord in greenland

I struggled with picking which tour of Greenland I like best. My first thought was Greenland by land, sea and air - I like the idea of being able to get to places few other humans have been and the helicopters available on this ship will do just that.

But I had some reservations about the noise pollution of said helicopters, so in the end I chose The Saga of Erik the Red as my favourite tour of Greenland. 982 AD Erik the Red was banished from Iceland and sailed to Greenland to start the Norse settlements there. This expedition cruise follows in his wake, sailing from Reykjavik to Greenland's east coast, where you will explore the fjords and get your first encounters with Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, seals, and humpback whales.

Rounding Cape Farewell you sail through beautiful still waters fed by calving glaciers and lined by craggy peaks, before discovering south Greenland and finding it much like Erik did: fertile green farmland rich in pasture against a backdrop of snowy peaks. Visit the Norse and Inuit settlements at Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as Hvalsey, where the church is the best preserved Norse ruin in Greenland. Further up the coast, Brattahlíð welcomes you with its reconstructed Norse church and Viking longhouse.

Travelling north we reach the lush Sermersooq region with its stunning peaks, glaciers, and fjords. During zodiac cruises we keep an eye out for myriad birds and marine mammals before dropping in on Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Finally, before disembarking in Kangerlussuaq, we explore Kangerlussuatsiaq, the fjord of eternity, by zodiac, ship or kayak.

I like this itinerary so much, I booked it for myself in 2025 - consider this your invitation to come along!

halong bay vietnam

One of the most popular destinations in 2023, Vietnam made a roaring come-back after the pandemic. Many of our clients chose to travel with their own small group of friends and family. And judging by the feedback we are getting, our tailor-made culturally immersive itinerary is a hit: "Today is our last day on our amazing trip of Vietnam, and we want to send you a big thank you for arranging such a remarkable, rememberable and beautiful trip." And that was only the beginning of a long email!

You can find the full feedback and tour itinerary here.

geishas in kyoto, japan

Japan is a study in contrasts between traditional and modern. Large bustling cities like Tokyo are only a short journey from traditional villages. Pop culture exists next to the grace of a geisha, bullet trains next to the spare beauty of a Zen rock garden. There is temple-rich Kyoto, beautified by cherry blossoms and fall colours.

This tour stands out from its peers as it shows you the Land of the Rising Sun in all its contrasts. Walks will take you through gorgeous countryside, along a stone-flagged twisting, craggy post road lined with tea houses and plaster and wooden buildings. Walk up through a bamboo grove to your ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. Indulge in the fabulous food and explore bustling cities, temples and markets, chatting and posing for photos with local people. This is Japan at its best.

glamping tent on safari in botswana

Imagine a safari only explorers of a bygone era would have experienced. Sleep in a proper bed, under canvas, with washroom facilities all your own. Guided by an expert safari guide you will travel in a group of no more than six guests through the Botswana wilderness, exploring such gems as Chobe, Savute, Moremi and the Okavango Delta. Witness the largest concentration of elephants in Africa, enjoy a boat ride on the Chobe River, see predators such as lion, African wild dog, leopard and spotted hyena and game such as kudu, lechwe, hippo and giraffe. This is a safari Hemingway would be jealous of.

lofoten norway

When seasoned traveller Edith returned from Norway she wrote me "The Norway trip was fantastic!". Perhaps not surprisingly as this independent journey shows you the best of Norway from south to north. From Oslo travel by train to Lillehammer and on to Lom and its 12th century Stave Church. From here you travel over the mountains to take a boat trip on the spectacular Geirangerfjord before enjoying a free day in the spectacular mountain and fjord country around Aurland.

Next, board the famous Flåm Railway, with its many scenic views of fjords and mountains before taking an express ferry along Sognefjord, to Bergen. After a free day in this lively coastal city, board the coastal ferry system for a 5-day cruise along the stunning west coast. Navigating past islands and through channels and fjords, we visit such highlights as Ålesund, with its art nouveau architecture and the Royal City of Trondheim. Cross the Arctic Circle to reach the stunning Lofoten archipelago, enjoy some hiking and kayaking and reach the North Cape, the northernmost point on the European continent. End your trip in Kirkenes, a town close to the Russian border.

woman looking at giraffe on safari in africa


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