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Exodus Iceland Northern Lights - a trip review

Grade - leisurely to moderate: You are reasonably fit, enjoy the outdoors and are looking for some exercise. Some previous experience is preferable for activity based trips.

Duration - 5 days

Price - from $2845

Best time to go: mid-November to mid-March Accommodation: good clean comfortable Scandinavian-style hotels; the Reykjavik hotel is a bit busy; Hotel Laki in Kirkjubæjarklaustur a great base Trip link: Exodus Iceland Northern Lights

Operator description

The ephemeral Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis have fascinated people for centuries. During this tour there is a visit to some of the most impressive sights in the south including the Glacial Lagoon, Thingvellir N.P and a number of mighty waterfalls. Underpinning this will be the efforts to experience the world's best natural lightshow, as the forecast are monitored to maximise the chance of success.

Our opinion

I came for the Northern Lights but never saw them. Yet I had one of the best trips ever. Exodus understates the incredible beauty of Iceland in winter and the activities it offers.

From glacier walks and crawling through lava caves to the indescribable beauty of Jökulsárlón ice lagoon at sunset, this trip offers amazing scenery and activities.

Who will it appeal to

Exodus Iceland Northern Lights will appeal to people who like to see a countryside not often seen in brochures, those who enjoy being in the outdoors in winter, travellers who like the journey as much as the destination, those who like some moderate activity and hearty, healthy, fresh food.

Who will it not appeal to

Exodus Iceland Northern Lights will not appeal to those who do not like long travel days. People who do not like cold raw weather should not travel to Iceland in winter. While the success rate of spotting the Aurora Borealis is 80% on this trip, you are not guaranteed to see them.

Our rating

Adventure Coordinators rates Exodus Iceland Northern Lights 9 out of 10.

The author travelled with Exodus in November of 2016. Exodus did not review this article.

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