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What are the best cycling trips in Europe

Cycling enhances your senses, slows the world down and brings it into focus. And with an infrastructure geared to cyclists, Europe is the perfect continent to travel around on two wheels. But what are the best cycling trips in Europe? Read on to find out.

Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania: Treasures of the Baltic by bike

11 days from $2349

Rated introductory to moderate, 4 out of 10

While Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia share the same Baltic coastline, the contrasting unique characters of these three countries will become evident as you follow this incredibly scenic cycling route from Vilnius to Tallinn. From the three capitals - Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn - to the many small villages that have changed little over time, this guided cycling experience along low traffic roads and dedicated cycle paths will showcase the diverse cultures, World Heritage sites and landscapes that make travelling in this region so different to anywhere else in Europe. View trip

Ireland: Hike and Bike 8 days from $2959

Rated moderate, 5 out of 10

County Kerry in the south western corner of Ireland, is one of the most spectacular counties in all of Ireland. Ancient mountains reaching into the Atlantic Ocean on two terrific peninsulas are divided by deep-sea inlets. The Ring of Kerry offers stunning views across Dingle Bay on its northern shores, with the beautiful Kenmare Bay to the south.The Dingle Peninsula is steeped in history, mythology and traditional Irish culture. The tip of the peninsula, west of Dingle town, is a stronghold of the Irish language and many traditions and customs have been preserved here along with the language. View trip

Netherlands & Belgium: Amsterdam to Bruges Bike & Barge

8 days from $2049 Rated introductory, 3 out of 10 Experience the great cities of Holland and western Belgium on this classic barge and bike trip between Amsterdam and Bruges. Wind your way by bike along the Vecht river with its impressive mansions and country houses, visit a cheese farm and the 19 windmills in Kinderdijk. Via Dordrecht and the Kreekrak lock, the barge cruises through the 'delta' province of Zeeland to Belgium. Cycling with the group and guide or on your own with a set of maps and directions - the choice is yours. In the evenings, relax on board your comfortable barge or explore the towns on foot. View trip

France: Bike and Barge to Paris

8 days from $1690 Rated introductory to moderate, 4 out of 10

This cycling journey takes you along quiet roads that follow the course of the Seine and Oise rivers. You'll travel by both bike and barge through royal forests and beautiful villages that so inspired the painters Van Gogh and Sisley. Arriving into Paris through the canals to witness some of her most famous landmarks from the comfort of your own barge is one of the many highlights of the week. View trip

Portugal: Wine and Castles Guided Cycle

8 days from $2990

Rated moderate, 5 out of 10

The Alentejo area in southern Portugal will appeal to those looking for a balanced mix of great cycling, excellent food and engaging history. Following quiet backroads, you will take in the great ancient city of Évora, a World Heritage Site, many small fortified hamlets and Neolithic constructions. Gourmet picnis, tastings of the local wines and liqueurs and a visit to a cheese farm further enhance this trip. View trip

Spain: Cycling in La Rioja

8 days from $2035

Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

La Rioja is a broad valley of undulating vineyards and craggy hills, where walled hilltop towns reflect the turbulent times of earlier centuries. Surrounded by vineyards, you cycle across the gentle rolling countryside seeking out the tastiest tapas and juiciest grapes as you make your way between ancient monasteries and world renowned wineries before finally ending our tour in the beautiful city of Bilbao. View trip

Italy: Tuscany Cycle Siena & Chianti

8 days from $1895 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

The Tuscan landscape is one of the most evocative and romantic in Europe with cypress trees lining the roads, olive groves, vineyards, ancient hill-top towns and, of course, classic Renaissance cities. This group cycling tour is carefully planned to take in the best of Tuscany without feeling rushed or over-cultural: part of the joy of the Italian lifestyle is sitting and watching the world go by with a glass of Chianti in your hand! Following quiet roads, we mix point-to-point and circular rides to make a perfect cycle tour of this region, without the need to transfer at the beginning of each day. View trip

Italy: Cycling in Sicily 8 days from $2055 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

Sicily has to be one of the most fascinating islands in Europe. There is an incredibly diverse history, thanks to almost every civilisation leaving their mark, including the Phoenecians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish. On this exciting cycle through the south-eastern part of the island, you will enjoy varied scenery of high plateaux of lava and limestone, a number of impressive gorges and beautiful sandy beaches along the stunning coastline. View trip

Croatia: Cycling the Dalmatian Coast

8 days from $1575

Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

Known to have the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, and packed with historic and cultural interest, the Dalmatian Coast is one of the true wonders of Europe. Follow some of the best cycling routes the area has to offer with much of the tour taking place on the long and beautiful islands of Hvar and Korcula, travelling by ferry between the islands. The scenery alternates between seaside villages, tiny mediaeval towns and lovely pebble bays. End your journey in the fascinating UNESCO protected city of Dubrovnik. View trip

Albania: Cycling in Albania

8 days from $1635

Rated moderate to challenging, 4 out of 10

Some say that visiting Albania is as close as you'll get to travelling back in time. It wasn't until the collapse of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania in 1991 that the world got its first glimpse of the country within. Huge snow-capped mountains, inviting beaches, pretty rural villages, a genuine subsistence culture and an exceptionally friendly welcome is what you will find here. View trip

Central Europe: Prague to Budapest Ride 11 days from $3225

Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

Central and Eastern Europe offers a vast range of landscapes, languages, cultures and cuisines. Once part of the Austro Hungarian Empire, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary boast a rich history, nowhere better demonstrated than in their capital cities. Outside these historic urban centres lie winding rivers, vast forests and numerous castles and rural towns and villages. View trip

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