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Introducing Undiscovered Destinations

"We are an adventure travel company dedicated to providing authentic experiences". You heard that before, right? Now add "award winning", "groundbreaking" and "in some of the world’s most exciting regions" and you have Undiscovered Destinations, a company that will take you to parts of the world most mainstream tour operators only dream of. (Well, with the exception of Native Eye Travel perhaps). Think Algeria, Cameroon, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Reunion, São Tomé & Príncipe, Somaliland, Sudan, Iraq, Bangladesh, East Timor, Pacific Islands, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Bolivia, Guyana, Haiti, Suriname and a whole lot more.

Here are some of the most eye-catching small-group adventure trips by Undiscovered Destinations.

Algeria - Desert and History 12 days from GBP2,699 Explore the history and culture of Algeria, with French charm and influences ranging from the Romans and the Turkish, through to the older, indigenous culture of the Berbers. On this tour we visit the desert oasis of Taghit, the urban delights of Oran with its Spanish air and fascinating Constantine with its bridges and medina. The undisputed highlights of this small group tour though, are the Roman remains, Ottoman palaces, stunning desert and beautiful scenery. View tour Undiscovered Indian Ocean - Reunion, Comoros and Mayotte 16 days from GBP4,099 Be the centre of attention in the Comoros, a delightful set of tropical islands which define the very essence of off the beaten track – with very few other tourists. Flying between the three islands of Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli you visit local villages, explore the capital, relax on gorgeous beaches and for the energetic, climb the volcano of Mt Karthala. View tour Equatorial Guinea - Encompassed 10 days from GBP3,499 Equatorial Guinea is spread across a number of Atlantic islands and a coastal strip of mainland territory. You will be following in the footsteps of intrepid explorers such as Richard Burton and Mary Kingsley. This tiny nation, with less than a million inhabitants, features a stunning variety of landscapes, sights and peoples. Here you will find the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic fused with the bio-diverse jungles of Central Africa and the cultures and flavours of Europe and the Americas. View tour Eritrea Discovery 10 days from GBP1,899 Travel through Africa’s newest nation on a surprising journey. On our unique small group tour we explore the amazing Art Deco architecture of Asmara, one of the most charming cities on the African continent as well as visiting the highland town of Keren and its famous camel market and British War Cemetery before reaching the Red Sea and evocative Massawa with its Ottoman heritage. View tour Trans-Africa 28 days from GBP6,399 For the true Africa enthusiast this is the ultimate group journey. Starting from the spectacular Bijagos Archipelago travelling through West Africa and into the true Sahara and finally over the High Atlas to Marrakech, this is 28 days full of ground-breaking travel experiences. Join us on this truly undiscovered and pioneering expedition. View tour Sudan – Nile Valley and Western Desert 15 days from GBP3,295 The history of Sudan stretches back thousands of years, to a time when they rivalled Pharaonic Egypt as a powerful civilisation. On this small group adventure, we explore some the highlights of Sudan’s little known ancient monuments on this tour, visiting collections of pyramids that few people even know exist and old temples lying in the desert sands. This trip takes in some of the most beautiful areas of Sudan, from its deserts to the mighty Nile, lifeblood of the country, and by camping in this amazing landscape we gain a real sense of the overwhelming power of nature. View tour Highlights of Kurdistan 8 days from GBP2,999 This is an introduction to the 'other Iraq' - the northern region of Kurdistan. On our small group tour you will discover a world of picturesque villages, ancient cities and welcoming people, imbued with a strong sense of history and unique culture which has defied all attempts to eradicate it. View tour Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan - Along the Pamir Highway 16 days from GBP2,295 Travel through the mountainous heart of Central Asia, along the legendary Pamir Highway between Dushanbe and Bishkek. Explore ancient Silk Road forts and stay as guests in some of the most remote communities on our planet. Hike amidst stunning scenery, rub shoulders with local traders at village bazaars and cross high mountain passes with views that will take your breath away. Drive along the Wakhan Corridor, explore ancient Osh and see the vast lake of Issyk Kul. This is a tour in a wild and untamed land that will find its way into your soul and never leave. View tour Turkmenistan Encompassed 15 days from GBP2,499 A comprehensive group trip through Central Asia's least known country. Starting from the futuristic capital Ashgabat, travel through remote deserts visiting ancient ruins, camp overnight near a flaming gas crater, and stay as guests of local communities. We explore the magnificent scenery of Yangikala, spend a night on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and of course visit the archaeological site of Merv. A true journey of discovery and diversity through a hidden land. View tour Belarus - Forgotten Europe 10 days from GBP1,799 Belarus is the last bastion of Communism in Europe and an intriguing country to explore. On this small group tour, you will take in its superb fortresses such as Mir and Brest, the historic towns of Minsk, Vitebsk and Polotsk, and learn about its tragic history at Khatyn. The highlight will be the homestay in Disna - a great way to meet local people and gain an insight into their daily lives. View tour Eastern Europe Overland Experience 32 days from GBP5,995 For lovers of European history and culture this is the ultimate group journey. From the UNESCO old town of Krakow, to the fortresses of Belarus, the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine, the breakaway republic of Transdniestr and the wineries of Moldova, ending with Transylvania and the Painted Monasteries in Romania, this is 32 days full of ground breaking travel experiences. Join us on this truly undiscovered journey through some of the least known countries of mainland Europe. View tour Moldova Discovery 6 days from GBP1,195 Join us as we visit vast underground wine cellars and explore dramatic cave monasteries as well as taking a trip into the breakaway republic of Transdniestr, one of Europe’s most intriguing corners. View tour Ukraine - Land of the Cossacks 14 days from GBP1,895 Ukraine offers a chance to discover parts of old Eastern Europe and to witness the spectacular architecture of towns such as Kiev and Lviv, alive with a rich and varied history. Our small group tour, heads into the Carpathian Mountains, home to the unique Hutsul people to experience traditional mountain hospitality in a village farmstead and we explore the revolutionary history of Odessa and visit one of the oldest towns in the world! View tour Bolivia - From the Lowlands to the High Andes 15 days from GBP2,299 Travelling from the lowlands towards the high Andes for better acclimatisation, visit charming mission towns with the country’s loveliest examples of Jesuit architecture. Explore the colonial architecture of cities such as Sucre and Potosi, packed full of fascinating history and delve into Bolivia’s ancient past at Tiwanaku. Spend time with a local community to experience rural life and take a trip to the high Andes through barren landscapes of such haunting beauty they are guaranteed to make your jaw drop. View tour Guyana Nature Experience 14 days from GBP4,659 The small South American country of Guyana rarely features on most people’s travel plans, but discerning travellers are coming to recognise it as one of the premier wildlife destinations on our planet. Experience the very best of the country with our small group tours – look for Jaguar at Iwokrama, meet Amerindian villagers and see the Giant Otters at Karanambu. A truly unforgettable trip that no serious nature lover should miss. View tour

The Guianas Experience 15 days from GBP4799 A fascinating journey into the least known part of South America. Our small group tour takes you in to the jungle to look for incredible wildlife such as Jaguar, Giant Anteater and Caiman and experience traditional Guyanese hospitality at Karanambu. Meet the Makushi people of Surama and experience the rainforest from Iwokrama's capoy walkway. In Suriname look for freshwater dolphins, explore the country's colonial history and experience the culture of the Maroon people. This is a corner of the continent like no other. View tour Haiti - Caribbean Treasure 10 days from GBP2175 Haiti doesn’t even feature on the radar of most, which is why we’re so excited about offering a truly unique journey to this charming and resilient nation. On this small group tour we experience the world’s first black republic, with the magnificent Citadelle Henri Christophe and the Palais Sans Souci, charming colonial style architecture in Jacmel, as well as stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and welcoming people. View tour Jamaica Discovery Tour 12 days from GBP2199 From the coffee factories rich with the scent of Arabica beans to the rum distilleries and rainforests, there's far more to discover in Jamaica than just beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Jamaica is world renowned for its musical culture and the influence of reggae, Bob Marley and the more modern dance hall can be heard and felt everywhere. Add to this background beat a splash of the local rum, an intriguing history, wild and beautiful mountains and rainforests plus a culture that has spread its influence around the world, and you have a truly intoxicating mix. Jamaica may well be on the ‘tourist trail’ but how many have ventured beyond the trail and discovered the ‘real’ Jamaica? View tour Best of Nicaragua 13 days from GBP2499 Visitors to Nicaragua are increasingly drawn to its wonderfully unspoilt landscapes, where the bucolic tranquillity of countryside little changed over the centuries has as its counterpoint seething volcanoes and the legacy of earthquakes in times gone by. Some of the continent’s finest Spanish colonial cities, Granada and Léon, feature a real historical atmosphere, with lovely old mansions, baroque churches and cobbled lanes. Visit the Selva Negra Cloudforest and the quiet island of Ometepe, whose isolation has protected it from the political upheavals of the past, and held back modern development. Finally, the trip ends with a relaxing stay at San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast. View tour

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