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Ten destinations for adventure trips this fall

Fall is the perfect time to travel: extend the summer for just a little longer and recharge the batteries before the dark days of winter.

Here are our picks for destinations this fall.

Italy's deep South

While the north of Italy is starting to get damp and cool, the southern half sees wonderful weather - clear sunny days and spring-like temperatures. The Amalfi Coast features steep mountains rising from the turquoise Mediterranean with white-washed villages lining deep valleys. Sicily is the classical meeting point between East and West, Africa and Europe, Islam and Christendom. And Puglia is known for its whitewashed hill towns, traditional farmland, fine cuisine and sweeping Mediterranean coastline - Italy’s southern heel and, until recently, its best kept secret.

Greek Islands

Miles of turquoise coastline, sun-bleached ancient ruins, great food and a passionate people. Experience Greece, from the sheer cliffs of Santorini to beautiful Naxos in a relaxed week of gentle walks through picturesque villages, lush valleys and sandy beaches. Or take a small-ship cruise through the Greek Islands’ classic highlights but also visit out-of-the-way ports that big cruise ships can’t reach. High on my list is a hike through the stunning mountains of the north. And the delightful island of Evia is a real hidden treasure, with old stone paths connecting quaint villages tucked away in the mountains.


Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Barcelona, of exploring the white villages of Andalucia or discovering the Alhambra in Granada. Land of fiestas, siesta and Flamenco, of architecture and art, Spain is as diverse as it is beautiful. Walk the villages of the Sierra Nevada, get active in the Aitana region, Find a passion for fine food, for wild landscapes and indeed for life itself.


Often overlooked for other South American destinations such as Ecuador and Peru, Brazil has a surprising variety of natural sights. The Pantanal is the world's biggest wetland region with a stunning array of wildlife. The Amazon needs no further introduction but there is only one trip that travels its length from Belem to Manaus. Meanwhile in the north east of the country Bahia is home to vibrant colonial cities, fantastic scenery, great hiking and stunning beaches.

South Georgia

Stunning mountainous South Georgia has abundant wildlife and is a destination all in its own right. Get up close to nesting albatross and witness massive rookeries of king penguins (by the hundreds of thousands). Late October marks the beginning of the breeding cycle for many species and you may see male elephant seals battling for control of the beaches and harems. Visit it on our South Georgia In Depth.