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The best new cultural and discovery trips for 2018

2018 Is nearly here and it is time to plan your next holiday. Perhaps a cultural discovery is in order, exploring new lands, cities and places. Getting adventurous without working up a sweat. And there are lots of new trips to choose from. At Adventure Coordinators we have used our expertise to find the best new cultural and discovery trips for 2018.

Russia Explorer 14 days from CA$4300 Physical rating 2 out of 5 I love this tour and nearly booked myself on it, but alas, the dates conflicted with a wedding. It’s the multi-faceted culture Russia has to offer that makes it so appealing. Places like St. Petersburg or the cities of the Golden Ring boast so much in art and culture that it would take near decades to even loosely acquaint yourself with what they have to offer, yet the frosty reaches to the north tell different tales of old castles, derelict towns, prison camps and time-lost labyrinths. This trip takes you across a land shrouded in both magnificence and secrets as you explore the bustling architectural glory of Vyborg, Yaroslavl and Moscow and right up to the Arctic treasures of Murmansk and the Solovetsky Islands. Email to ask about this trip

Moldova, Ukraine & Romania Explorer 13 days from $2,995

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Welcome to Bessarabia, a land so remote that tourism is yet to get a foothold. Escape the tourist crowds on this unique trip to Eastern Romania, Moldova and the Black Sea Coast of Ukraine. From the breakaway republic of Transnistria – where Soviet values persist – to the eerie wastelands of Chernobyl, the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, this itinerary showcases some of the least visited sights in Europe. Get ready for an adventure. Email to ask about this trip

Romania: Secrets of Romania

11 days from $3,435 Physical rating 2 out of 5

No place on Earth conjures images of gothic horror quite like Transylvania. Beyond Bram Stoker’s famous Count Dracula and Ceausescu’s equally horrifying reign of terror exists a land of surprising natural beauty, remarkably preserved medieval villages and a very modern capital city. From Bran Castle in Brasov and the pristine forests outside Viscri, to the shabby chic of Bucharest, this tour delivers the real, resplendent Romania. Email to ask about this trip

Italy: Grand tour of Sicily

15 days from $4,045 Rated leisurely to moderate, 2 out of 10 The variety and richness of Sicily's heritage is unparalleled - nowhere else have the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and Italians left such an indelible historical legacy. On this incredible journey we sample the island's best UNESCO heritage sites, impressive archaeological treasures, quaint villages and its diverse landscape. With so much to see and do, a two week itinerary is ideal for those who want to cover the whole of the island at a reasonable pace. With sufficient time on our hands, we can also venture inland into the heart of Sicily, for a visit to the world famous UNESCO mosaics of Piazza Armerina. Email to ask about this trip

France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary: Europe by Rail with the Glacier Express

12 days from $3,349 Physical rating 2 out of 5

Europe is full of magnificent train rides, so why not come with us and hop aboard as many of them as you can? Over 12 days, you’ll go from Paris to Switzerland on the TGV while admiring picturesque scenery zooming by. Take in the alpine sights by way of the famous Glacier Express, and disembark in Germany to fill up on beer and bratwurst in Munich. With additional train rides to Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest, this is your one-stop – okay, multiple-stop – shop for seeing Europe by rail. Email to ask about this trip

UK: Scottish Highland Games - Limited Edition

14 days from $6,155 Physical rating 2 out of 5

With jagged mountains, tranquil lochs and rolling greenery throughout its national parks, the Scottish Highlands are a place of enduring charm. Yet this endurance doesn’t simply end there – it’s a part of the Scottish spirit. Traditions such as the Highland Games have lasted before recorded history even began and have gone on to influence on a global scale – even playing a part in the revival of the Olympics. The kilt, a distinctive part of Scottish culture, returned as a bastion of clan and highland culture after 35 years of oppression by British law. Highland dancing, bagpipe performances and tests of strength all feature heavily on this adventure, showing the undying fortitude of the Scottish spirit as you experience the Highland Games and the culture surrounding it. Email to ask about this trip

Morocco: World Sacred Music Festival in Fes - Limited Edition

18 days from $3,325 Physical rating 2 out of 5

The location of Fes was chosen by Moulay Idriss based on the abundance of springs, which serves as the perfect metaphor for the river of culture that has since flowed from Morocco’s first capital. This culture now pools into a single event, the UNESCO recognised Fes Festival of World Sacred Music which serves as the heartbeat to Morocco’s artistic body. From Casablanca through to Marrakech with a stop at this world class festival, experience a rare insight into both Moroccan and world culture on this enlightening adventure.

USA: Hawaii Islands Adventure

10 days from $5,125 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

One of the most varied of America's 50 states, Hawaii is a tropical paradise. This active island-hopping adventure takes in the very best from hiking, snorkelling, biking and Hawaiian culture, allowing you to dig beneath the surface of three Hawaiian Islands - Oahu, Big Island and Maui. Visit Pearl Harbor for fascinating history, board Zodiacs for a snorkelling adventure beneath the sea, spend the day cycling on Maui, hike endless trails and visit Pu'uhonua O Honaunau for a dose of culture, with enough time to wind down on the beach. Email to ask about this trip

Ecuador Encompassed

17 days from $2,149 Physical rating, 3 out of 5

If you don’t want to leave Ecuador without seeing as much as you can but with some time to chill, we don’t blame you ­– where better to get centred than the lateral centre of Earth? With nearly three weeks to explore, you’ll have plenty of time to do it all. Learn about traditional Quichua culture in the Amazon, wander the streets of cities like Quito and Cuenca, then enjoy the chill vibes in the surf town of Montañita. Email to ask about this trip

Japan: food lovers Japan

13 days from $6,466 Rated introdictory, 3 out of 10

Beginning in Tokyo and finishing in Osaka, this special Food Lover's journey will explore the incredible art of Japanese cuisine. Experience how the simple produce of the land and sea can be created into gastronomic masterpieces. The guided day walks combine the incredible Japanese landscapes with numerous opportunities for tastings of local products and wines, delicious food as well as the intriguing history of the Kumano pilgrimage walk. Email to ask about this trip

Mongolia: Discover Mongolia

14 days from $5,599 Physical rating, 3 out of 5

Discover one of Asia's most under-explored regions on a two-week adventure through Mongolia. Walk through the remote and mysterious Erdene Zhu monastery with a Lama Buddhist monk; visit the dramatic Flaming Cliffs, a world-renowned paleontology site famous for its amount of dinosaur eggs and bones; and drop by the home of a welcoming camel-herding family for an afternoon you'll always remember. Embrace your inner nomad in this timeless place. Email to ask about this trip

Tibet: The Tagong Horse Festival of Ancient Kham

18 days from $4,850

Trip pace: full on

The south-eastern part of the Tibetan Plateau, known as Kham in ancient times, is a region of stunning high mountain scenery and fascinating people. Travelling through this incredible part of the world, we'll discover immense monasteries and settlements devoted to Tibetan Buddhism, and journey to the Tagong grasslands for the annual Horse Festival. Here, nomads demonstrate their amazing equestrian skills with races and challenges, and celebrate their culture with singing, dancing and nomadic sports. They'll welcome us with the hospitality that they are famous for as we join people from all over the region to watch the spectacle. Email to ask about this trip

Indonesia: Undiscovered Borneo

16 days from $4,190

Trip pace: full on

Kalimantan occupies nearly three-quarters of the island of Borneo, and plays host to some of the oldest rainforests in the world. The steaming jungles of Tanjung Puting are a haven to Orang-utans, proboscis monkeys and an array of incredible wildlife, and the tribal Dayak people live in sync with this nature, as they have done for hundreds of years. But Kalimantan is not just about the rainforest, there are bustling markets to be explored, rivers to be rafted, delicious local food to be sampled, and island reefs to be discovered. Email to ask about this trip

Indonesia: Discover Sulawesi 13 days from $3,240 Trip pace: moderate This adventurous trip takes us well off the tourist trail as we visit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes. Sulawesi lies in the heart of the Indonesian Archipelago and is steeped in tradition and mysticism, perhaps encapsulated best by the Toraja highlanders. The Toraja people have a rich and traditional heritage along with their elaborate funeral celebrations that can last for several days. As well as a deep and ancient culture, we discover thick rainforest, rare wildlife and drive along scenic mountain roads in this little-visited part of Indonesia. Email to ask about this trip

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