What happened to and where is Adventure Center, Westcan Treks, Trek Holidays and Trek Escapes?

Many adventure travellers are wondering what happened to Adventure Center, Westcan Treks, Trek Holidays and Trek Escapes or where Adventure Center, Westcan Treks, Trek Holidays and Trek Escapes offices are located.

For more than forty years, Adventure Center (which did business out West as Westcan Treks, Trek Escapes and Trek Holidays) was Canada's undisputed leader in adventure travel to Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica and the Arctic.

But as with so many small businesses, Adventure Center was bought out by a big international travel conglomerate and a few years later shut down.

That does not mean the travel expertise of the former Adventure Center team has disappeared though.

Tom Gehrels, for much of the time the lead travel agent at Adventure Center in Toronto now heads Adventure Coordinators. Tom Gehrels has travelled to over 100 countries and all continents and with this wealth of personal experience he looks forward to helping all those who miss the expertise and personal service formerly on offer at Adventure Center.

You dream of travel, we make it happen. Our mission is to give you, the adventurous traveller, stellar service & unbiased advice Using our personal experience we make planning and booking your dream vacation a breeze. We will ensure you get the holiday of a lifetime. Every time.

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