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Feedback from the Silk Road and why you should book now

Silk Road images courtesy of Exodus and Pixabay

The region that saw the largest upswing in bookings in 2019 was Central Asia, an area colloquially known as The Five Stans, after the countries it covers: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

And this attention is bound to continue - the first two departures in the summer of 2020 of our most popular trip are already sold out.

Here is some feedback this summer's travellers on The Five Stans of the Silk Road have shared with us.

Magnificent, people greatest asset...

The sites, history, landscapes, food, mountains, rivers & lakes were all magnificent but their people were the lands greatest asset. With Kathy we would smile and try to communicate even with sign language complementing them on how beautiful their children or their costumes were and they would smile back and even were eager to have their picture taken with us. To them tourism is a new concept and we were welcomed everywhere. At a museum visit, I was even interviewed for their tv news in Uzbekistan and a day later while resting in the shade from the sun, I was again approached by a group of about 16 teenagers studying and wanting to practice their English who had scripted questions & taped me with their phones ... it was an awesome experience. Among the highlights: Ashgabat - the city of white marble; Samarkand - the city of most colourfull madrassas; Darvaza - Door to Hell; Iskanderkul Lake - a lovely break from touring; Fann Mountains beauty; fields of cotton, potatoes, corn, wild flowers, etc.; Tien Shan mountains magnificent drive up to Son Kul Lake and the yurt camp ... and so much more. I must say, that the tour, exception for Turkmenistan & part of Uzbekistan who make numerous references to it, falls short on the 'Silk Road' narrative but it is an adventure that will remain among the highlights of my life.

Aida - Calgary AB - July 2019

Wonderful trip, fantastic guide

In Uzbekistan, a wonderful trip so far in spite of the fact that Yahoo etc etc blocked in Turkmenistan. Fantastic local guide in Turkmenistan, good group and our Exodus guide is experienced and organized.

Felicity - Toronto, ON - June 2019

Rich and varied, a very enjoyable time

The trip coordinator was Suxie Grant, a charming, fit, and very experienced leader, who has done this trip many times.. The local guides were excellent to good. Two local guides in particular were outstanding: Elaina in Turkmenistan and Alex (Sasha) in Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan. The itinerary was rich and varied. The facilities were fair to outstanding, depending on location and altitude. I enjoyed the trip because of the previous sentences, plus the members of the group gelled as a group, sharing jokes, life stories, and experiences. A very enjoyable time was had by all. Plus, we got to see the western end of the Silk Road, completing a journey begun in 1994, when we entered China at Beijing and exited in western China over the Kunjerab Pass and down into Pakistan.

Kay - Atkinson, NH - July 2019

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