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Adventure travel specialist Tom Gehrels awarded as one of the best travel agents in Canada

Tom Gehrels, adventure travel specialist at Adventure Coordinators

This July, adventure travel specialist and owner of Adventure Coordinators, Tom Gehrels, was awarded as one of the best travel agents in Canada

"It was a wonderful thing to have happen at this time in my career", says Tom. "Having guided so many people through the pandemic succesfully, getting this award now is such a rewarding experience".

From a young age Tom knew he was meant to travel. "I remember in third grade excelling in geography and being spellbound by photos of Victoria Falls and my father's stories about his time in Irian Jaya (now Indonesia) and Australia".

His parents took him all over Europe. "I have great memories of hiking in Austria, swimming in Norwegian fjords, camping in the UK and experiencing the mountains and beaches of France", recollects Tom. "As soon as I could, I set out on my own, hitchhiking to Istanbul and Northern Norway and cycling in many European locales."

It wasn't long before he got a job in the travel industry. And after brief stints as outdoor instructor in Sweden, safari guide in Southern Africa and in the hospitality industry in Holland, he found his calling as a travel consultant in 1993 and moved to Canada.

"I love what I do - I love giving adventurous travellers my personal advice and making sure they get the best holiday ever!" says Tom.

With the award comes a trip - a rivercruise with AmaWaterways from Nuremberg to Amsterdam, along the Main and Rhine rivers. Having cycled parts of the route in the past it will be quite a different perspective for Tom. "The history of the area is fascinating, what with the Romans, Charlemagne and the many castles and cathedrals. And the cruise ship has bikes on board and offers hiking excursions, so I will be out there actively exploring!", says Tom.


Congratulations Tom!

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