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All the information you need to walk the Camino de Santiago

I created a series of blogposts with handy information for anyone wishing to walk the Camino de Santiago. Click on the links below to access them.

All Camino routes and how to get there Brief descriptions, length and duration of each route, along with ideas on how to get to the start point.

Tips and tricks to make your Camino a success

When to go, handy links to transportation options, preparation and packing tips, do's and don'ts

Walking the Camino during the pandemic

Required documents and precautions you should take

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and travel

Is it dangerous to fly, which countries accept mixed vaccines, insurance, travel restrictions and more

A handy checklist for air travel during the pandemic

How to get ready for your flight to the Camino and back to Canada

Research travel restrictions

Find out what restrictions apply to your destination and what forms and apps you need based on your vaccination status and nationality.

Camino Packlist

Keep your luggage compact and light. Download it by clicking below (opens pdf)

Camino Packlist
Download PDF • 54KB